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Christman’s Chronicles are based on topics that our clients and friends have asked us to provide expanded thinking on a variety of funeral related topics

This entry addresses a common problem faced by the family of the deceased – filling your time when the reality of no longer having a loved one in your life creates a void.

We’ve listened to many people in that situation. A common bit of advice I can share is for you to take on a meaningful related project. There are ways you can productively honor your loved one.

Perhaps go over old photos and videos and label them for posterity. Clean out closets and donate clothing to a local charity. You may be pleased to discover that this act of kindness will pay itself back to you in the knowledge that you have helped people in need.

Seek out people who are in your situation. Friendships forged through support groups can be a powerful source of healing. And don’t underestimate the power of prayer.

Do you have an issue that you want addressed? Please share it with me and we’ll do our best to respond. If we don’t have the answer you seek, we have resources to share with you if needed.

We make it our business to be there for our grieving families. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, starting with the most popular first question, “What do I do next?”

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