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We understand the physical and emotional stress that comes with the loss of a loved one.

Grief is the natural byproduct of the experience, but it is also important that you do not neglect your own personal health and well-being during this difficult time. Of course, this is especially challenging during the pandemic.  

Let me share some advice from it begins with holding on to hope for the future, honoring your loved one by living life as he or she would want you to do. It starts with taking care of yourself.

Stay safe – By following CDC guidelines you minimize your chances of contracting the virus.

Establish a routine – In this stressful time in your life, experts recommend a daily routine that can help you take control of your life.

Keep nourished – By focusing on healthy, nutrient-rich foods, and drinking plenty of water.

Exercise – Physical activity, even as simple as a short daily walk, can help your overall health and well-being.

Sleep – a healthy and stable sleep pattern is easier said than done but concentrate on resting both mind and body as best you can under the circumstances.

Breathe deep – Mood changes are common during the loss of a loved one. Practice deep breathing and change your location if you are experiencing heavy stress.

You are not alone – Remember there is support available from trusted friends, support groups and professional counselors. Don’t be shy about reaching out.

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