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When we meet with a grieving family immediately after the loss of a loved one, we always focus on the inevitable question of What do I do next? Topics like religious or non-religious; cremation or traditional; timing issues and more always surface.

The one given in these situations is our commitment to making the decision meaningful. At its core, the ceremony is a personal celebration of the life of the deceased. And that perspective drives the key decisions. We take our responsibility seriously and are able to apply our years of experience when we discuss the many options for families. It is a true team effort. The result should always be a meaningful ceremony that is remembered with pride and fondness.

Cindy Neilly-Spence, chair of the Celebrant Funeral Network, in an article in an industry trade publication, points out that funeral directors have the responsibility to make sure families are aware that:

  • There are no laws or rules that govern the ceremony format,
  • They can choose between a traditional religious ceremony and a contemporary-designed ceremony.
  • There are a range of available options. 

Key point – Your goal as a family is the creation of the well-deserved Perfect Farewell for your loved one. Your funeral director is prepared and qualified to guide you through the process.

Always make it meaningful.

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