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Gregory Vaitl, Owner/Director/Supervisor of Christman’s Funeral Home, Lebanon, PA, announces the addition to Kayla Strunk to the staff as a Funeral Director. 

“Kaya attended a funeral service for a friend of hers at Christman’s Funeral Home and was impressed by the personal attention to family her friend received. Kayla was working for an out-of-town, multi-location, high-volume funeral home, and was impressed by our operation style,” said Director/Supervisor Gregory Vaitl. “Coincidentally we had an opening for the position. Kayla and I talked, and we are pleased to announce that she is now part of our team.”

Ms. Strunk entered the business after graduation from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.

“I had lost my best friend,” Kayla recalls, “and was impressed by the caring spirit of the funeral home that handled her service.”

“It motivated me to pursue the industry for my own career, I am glad I did, and am happy today to be on the Christman’s Funeral Home team. Our style is to listen to families and their stories, respect their space, and to do the best we can to help them celebrate the life of their loved ones.”

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