This post is paid advertising by Alisher Aminov for Lebanon City Council.

If you have been around Lebanon City over the past few months, chances are you have seen Alisher Aminov walking the city streets, visiting local businesses, and talking with the people who live here. Aminov is running for the 2-year position on Lebanon City Council in the November 2 general election.

If elected, Aminov pledges to be actively engaged in the community. “I plan to spend time in the community connecting with people on their terms instead of expecting people to approach me. I want to host regular community forums and continue connecting with local business owners. Just as my picture is on all of my campaign signs, I want people to know who I am. I want to be the type of person who people feel comfortable coming up to on the street and sharing their ideas and concerns.” Aminov says that his connection with people through personal outreach and social media will not end.

“I have canvased in all 15 of our wards. I have spoken with a diversity of community members and have listened as folks talked about the issues they struggle with daily.”

Aminov says people are unhappy about many things, but some recurring concerns that Aminov sees as entirely addressable revolve around consistency. Landlords report difficulties working with the City Public Works Dept. Many other community members state they are upset over inconsistencies with the law. For business owners, the permit process is long and difficult to obtain. Many feel ordinances and permit requests are up for interpretation rather than straightforward and simple to understand.

“I have been shocked to discover very few people understand how our city government works or the importance of local government in our daily lives. A surprising number of people do not know the name of our mayor. Even fewer can name a single council member. You cannot understand the needs of your city by limiting your interactions to the 2nd, 8th, and 10th wards. Only by venturing in and engaging with the rest of the community can you begin to understand.”

Alisher Aminov is hoping to win your confidence and vote at the polls on November 2. In addition to his bold, interpersonal approach to governance, Aminov will bring his unique perspective and years of experience working within the city to the job.

“I respect the dedicated work of our current City Council. I am not questioning our elected officials’ integrity, intellect, or dedication, but I am questioning our current approach. We need a representative that has the energy and dedication to spend time learning from our community and being involved, and I believe that is me!”

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