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People Above Politics

Protecting Children, Serving Families, Securing Justice, Managing Emergencies, & Safeguarding Elections

We’re in the last week of the 2019 campaign season. As I continue to go door-to-door, I wanted to pause to say thank you to everyone who was so gracious, warm, and supportive as I visited your community. On hot days, you offered me water. On rainy days, you expressed concern that I am dry and comfortable. When I tripped on a rise crossing the road, you stopped to see if I was ok. Your questions and conversation where positive, expressing support for the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail, farmland preservation, the Bordner Cabin, and more. People, voters in Lebanon County, are the best. Really. You are kind and caring and compassionate. I can’t thank you enough.

Then there are the small businesses and libraries that open their doors in generous hospitality when I’m hungry or need to use the facilities. I will share some great locally owned spots that you can try:

  • In Palmyra, The Filling Station. The chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, oh my. Apparently, everyone in the restaurant, except me, knew what was coming. They were looking and smiling until the cake came out, and then they really laughed. So did I. I couldn’t eat the whole thing, and took one-half along home.
  • In Annville, the Batdorf. I enjoyed sitting if the fresh air on the covered deck. All of their food is outstanding. Also, I indulged in an apple fritter at Fresh Doughnuts. True to its name, it was fresh.
  • In Cleona, Schwalm’s. Their fresh fish sandwich is amazing. So is their vegetable soup.
  • In Ebenezer, Heisey’s Diner. Crabcakes are homemade, and I always enjoy their pineapple sundaes.
  • In Jonestown, Swatara Coffee. Love their hot chocolate and friendly conversation with the owners, John and Joanna Noll. They go out of their way to purchase and serve fresh local products.
  • In Fredericksburg, Esther’s Diner. They always have a seasonally-appropriate baked oatmeal that is phenomenal. It might be pumpkin spice in October, or very berry in the summer. I also enjoy their egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant.
  • In the City of Lebanon, both Deraco’s with their open face tuna melt; and the Farmer’s Market where I can purchase fresh hand rolled sushi, or a hot meal from Keener’s Poultry. You get to pick if you want fried chicken, nuggets, chicken livers wrapped in bacon… and two sides like cranberry relish and chow chow.
  • In Quentin, Quentin Tavern and the Quentin House Family Restaurant. QT has this unique breaded haddock dish called the Governor Dick. It was so interesting that I took a picture, and posted it to my Facebook page. I was able to share the history and a drone video to educate people about the Tower. The Quentin House is very down home with homemade everything. It’s like having mom cook for you.
  • In Myerstown, Toscos has delicious hand-breaded shrimp. They were so good.
  • In Richland, Robert’s had the most tasty cheese steak in a wrap. The waitress recommended it, and she was right on.
  • In Newmanstown, Justino’s where I tried the fresh grilled chicken salad.  It really hit the spot.

Curious, one lady in Cleona did ask how I had time to campaign in the middle of the day. I explained that I have some days where meetings start at 7am, and some days where meetings end at 10pm. Whenever possible, I take two hours in a morning or afternoon to campaign. The routine is good to keep in touch with voters, and the exercise is beneficial too. Sitting in so many meetings is not healthy without a balance of exercise.

Admittedly, door-to-door will slow as we head into budget season for the County. With over 55,000 homes, I may not be able to make it to your door, but please know that I visited homes throughout the County, and serve all corners of Lebanon County as I put People Above Politics. We have many new faces settling in Lebanon County, and are among the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania.

Please visit my website or ”Like” my interactive Facebook Page where I also Livestream video on Thursday morning meetings starting at 9:30am the first and third Thursday monthly. Visit my page to learn more and ask questions.

You can sign up for Meeting Highlights by emailing a request to Emails are delivered to you Inbox two times per month to keep you informed on County business.

If you prefer to watch the meetings, visit my YouTube channel (closed captioning optional).

In closing, on November 5, I respectfully ask for your vote for County Commissioner. Re-elect Jo Ellen Litz to keep me doing the People’s business.

Polls are open 7am – 8pm.