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November 2, 2021 is Election Day.

Once again, election season is upon us and this November the marquee contests on the ballot are judicial, municipal, and school board races. Unfortunately, and far too often, these are the elections with the lowest voter turnout.

The pandemic has certainly showed us how much influence these public offices can have on our everyday life. I am hopeful this year we will continue to see the high turnout of the two most recent elections. Just this past May we saw a record number of voters come out, during a traditionally low voter turnout primary cycle, and vote to eliminate the Governor’s Emergency Mandate powers. This is proof that real and tangible change is possible through the ballot box. The importance of the November judicial, municipal and school board races cannot be overstated.

Judges have a crucial role in our system of government. They are the ultimate and final arbiters in a whole range of issues. We will have an open seat on the PA Supreme Court due to Chief Justice Thomas Saylor, a Republican, reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75. There are also several openings on the bench for Commonwealth and Superior court as well. These are all ten-year terms so it is essential the voters make an informed decision.

We need to vote for judges who will rule on the law and not create legislation from the bench. Vote for school board members who place the students and the community at the center of their decisions. Finally, vote for your county officials, mayor, supervisors, or councilman that are dedicated to making our communities a better place.

My office has been overwhelmed by constituents who feel their vote doesn’t count or is irrelevant. It is imperative to tell your family, friends, and neighbors that their vote does matter. It is the only way to alter the current direction of the Commonwealth. November 2 gives the people the opportunity to send the message loud and clear that they want a system based on the Constitution and not on executive mandates and guidance!

It is paramount to get out and vote to make your voice heard on November 2.

State Senator Chris Gebhard (R ) represents the 48th Senatorial District which includes all of Lebanon and parts of Dauphin and York Counties.

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