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As people learn about the unhealthy and damaging side effects of traditional pain treatments, more and more individuals are seeking natural and healthier alternatives to relieve pain and improve their quality of life. At Brennan Chiropractic in Annville, we provide an excellent alternative treatment for pain and inflammation through state-of-the-art MLS Laser Therapy. This treatment works quickly, is painless, and has no negative side effects. We can treat a variety of areas such as: knees, hips, feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, low back, and neck injuries. It is appropriate for sports/work injuries and chronic pain.

Take the opportunity to learn more about what hundreds of people around Lebanon County are using to successfully treat their pain! Join us for a free laser therapy presentation at Brennan Chiropractic on Tuesday, February 18 at 7 p.m.

To reserve your spot please call (717) 867-4000, or sign up on our website. Limited seating availability, treatment discount given to those who attend the seminar!