This post is paid advertising by Bill Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner.

President Trump’s reelection chances in 2020 will improve if voters maintain a Republican majority in the county courthouse, says Bill Ames, GOP candidate for county commissioner.

“Donald Trump carried Lebanon County to pull out a 2016 electoral victory in Pennsylvania,” said Ames. “Electing two Republicans to the three-person commissioners office in the Nov. 5 general election will enable the GOP to unify around our administration to support the president’s reelection next year.”

Ames sees parallels between what the Republican commissioners have done over the last eight years and what President Trump is attempting to do in Washington, D.C.

“We made some really difficult decisions to restore fiscal integrity and good government to the county, not unlike some of the tough, sometimes unpopular actions Trump is taking to streamline the federal government and ‘drain the swamp,’” said Ames.

“I was an early supporter of Mr. Trump because I saw him as a courageous disrupter of the status quo who could improve the federal government over time,” said Ames. “I am looking forward to supporting him next year as I serve the county.”