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Of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth, 50 are controlled by Republicans with a majority of elected officials registered Republican. They have a Board of Elections that is appointed by Republicans. All elections in the Commonwealth are certified at the county level by the Board of Elections prior to being sent to the state for final certification.

In the 2020 election, no county reported significant evidence of voter fraud and all counties certified election results. In March, an audit, performed by the Department of State, confirmed again the validity of the certified election. The lack of any evidence of any irregularities or problems with the 2020 election has been echoed throughout the country by numerous officials including the US Attorney General Bill Barr and dozens of Judges, many appointed by Republicans and a few even appointed by Donald Trump. They all agree, there was no fraud. Trump lost. Case closed.

Reportedly yesterday, Senator and Gubernatorial hopeful Doug Mastriano traveled to Arizona and is now pushing an Arizona style partisan review of the Pennsylvania 2020 election results. This brings up several questions: Who paid for the trip? Who would pay for the audit? What evidence is there to suggest an audit is needed? And, is this really just a diversion to distract from the revelation that Mastriano apparently did not leave the Capitol, as he stated, on January 6th and which video now proves he was there during the Capitol attack and insurrection?

The simple truth is Trump lost the election and most Republicans know this and are done with this nonsense called “the big lie.” Truly patriotic Americans and our way of elections is to concede defeat once the election is certified and bring the country together. The continued rehash of 2020 is neither the American Standard nor is it an example of the qualities of leadership. The 2020 election was certified six months ago in the electoral college. Any attempt to relitigate those results stands in opposition to our Constitution. Suggesting that steps can be taken to change this outcome, by voiding the constitutional process, is a betrayal of our principle of governance and the oath of office Mr. Mastriano took when elected. Inflammatory rhetoric that could incite more violence is irresponsible.

Mr. Mastriano, leave your partisan politics out of Pennsylvania. We want to get on with the serious issues that confront our state. We are loyal Americans, patriots and love our country, and it is time we work together to protect our way of life and rebuild our country.