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As a provider of Prevention Education in Lebanon County, as well as in Lancaster and Chester Counties, Compass Mark strives to offer services that provide education to our communities and schools that promote the health of the whole person. One of the more recent additions to our many school-based services has been a program entitled Supporting Students Exposed to Trauma (SSET).

The SSET program is a trauma-informed group that is designed to help students who have experienced trauma(s) in their life and is having problems in their daily life as a result of this. SSET is a non-clinical or non-therapy based group, unlike the original Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) program it is designed after. Specifically, SSET can be facilitated by a trained staff member rather than a licensed clinician because the groups are focusing on building skills that empower the student rather than on therapy. The skills taught help the children recognize ways they can take back control in their lives and return to doing things they used to enjoy before the trauma and subsequent fear began holding them back.

In Lebanon County Compass Mark has Prevention Specialist trained to offer the SSET group program to the schools that express an interest. The first SSET group in Lebanon County facilitated by Compass Mark was held in the Lebanon School District last year and was well received by the students participating. We look forward to growing this program, especially in these challenging times that have brought so many unusual life experiences to the children in our communities.

The SSET groups are designed to be used with students ranging from late elementary school through early high school (ages 10 – 16). The program is designed to run for 10 weeks with one 45-60 minute long group each week.

Managing the effects of trauma is a key step in prevention, and one that can lead to a lifetime of healthy choices when our children are supported in developing healthy coping skills and a strong sense of self! We encourage schools who are interested to please feel free to contact us for further information.

For more information, please contact:

Michelle R Sweitzer CPS
Lebanon County Prevention Coordinator or 717-299-2831 x239
Regina Koppenhaver
Prevention Specialist or 717-299-2831 x248