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Tomorrow is an important day all over the country and especially for our City of Lebanon. Tomorrow you can vote for our next mayor, city council members, school directors, judges and more.

I am Cesar B. Liriano and I’m running to be your next mayor. This is an important decision you must make.

Do we move Lebanon Forward and make positive changes, or do we stay with the status quo? Our city desperately needs changes to move forward in the right direction. Our residents need to feel safe, should have clean neighborhoods, and not have look at so many blighted properties. We need to have a growing downtown with more business and places for people to go. And yes, we need to get rid of those potholes!

I chose to raise my children here, but I’m worried that things are not what they could be and are only getting worse.

Tomorrow you can change that. We can build and grow our community together and we can be Lebanon Proud.

I ask you to vote for me because I have the right experience and I can help bring people together by opening communication channels with all the people. As I walk the streets and knock-on doors, I hear many of your concerns. When elected, I will continue to walk the streets, have meetings in every neighborhood, bring new people to the table, and most of all, I will listen. I do not have any issues with our current mayor, but I think that after 12 years, it is time to elect someone new to lead and bring our communities together and move Lebanon Forward.

Tomorrow you have a choice, your vote will decide the future direction of our city. I humbly ask you to vote for me to be your next mayor and then together we can start to make the changes that are needed to build our community.

Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Go vote and vote for Cesar B. Liriano for Mayor.

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