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On May 18, we will elect a new PA Senator for the 48th District. We invite you to review our recommendations to vote for Dr. Calvin Doc Clements:

“Doc does not accept mediocrity. He sets standards for himself and other around him and will not accept less than what people deserve,“ said former employee Debbi Miller. “He pushes himself and others around him to achieve more than they thought was possible. He helps people grow and expand their skills.”

“He worked to achieve results beyond expectations,” said R. Herrington, a rescue director. “His skills and dedication are sorely missed. I still frequently run cases by him when others are stumped,“ she added, “He willingly adds his perspective and assistance even in retirement. I can’t see him doing anything less as a state Senator”

“We were so excited to see him at our door in Middletown, Pa. Doc was our favorite veterinarian because of his dedication and compassion,“ said Sheryl Cyphert a former client. “I feel he will make an excellent Senator and will work diligently to get the job done”

“In the sixteen years I have known him he has been a strong leader. He made managing seven successful veterinary health care businesses look easy,” said Kyle Kolva a former employee.  “Supervising  55-60 employees is no easy task but he had a unique business plan that empowered his management staff. It was hard to believe that he did this while conducting a full clinical / surgical practice schedule as veterinary medicine was his passion.”

“I feel that voters will benefit greatly from his work ethic and persistence to strive for excellence,“ former employee Debbi Miller added. “Yes, exactly, I agree,” added Kyle Kolva, “Doc will work at a project until the outcome is complete and of high standard.”

“I will never forget his community service,” said Lynn Yates of Second Chance Rescue. “We exist because of his hard work and generous contributions.”

“I will always be grateful  for his selfless donations of his services for our fundraiser for 35 years,“ points out Essie Petrovich of Central Penn Spay and Neuter. “I know first hand that he had 32 organizations that he donated time and labor to year in and year out. He was their lifeblood.“

For more information on Calvin Clements, visit his website at and Vote for Calvin Clements next Tuesday, May 18, 2021.