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Ashley Moyer-Gleich has joined the big leagues. After a few years working in lower officiating capacities for the NBA, like preseason and D-league matchups, Moyer-Gleich is now a “non-staff official” working games on a regular basis. If Moyer-Gleich ends up in a staff/full-time position, she would be the league’s fourth full-time female referee hire.

Moyer-Gleich worked her first regular season game on October 22 (Indiana at Minnesota), her second on October 24 (the Knicks at Miami), and her third last night in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center where the Sixers took on Atlanta. Most recently Moyer-Gleich served in the “umpire” position, which “aggressively and accurately calls plays in the primary area of responsibility.” The umpire position is generally considered to be the junior officiating position on the court.

Moyer-Gleich is part of a female referee wave hitting the league after commissioner Adam Silver acted to modernize the hiring process.

Ashley Moyer-Gleich is a 2006 Cedar Crest graduated with 1,375 lifetime points, easily placing her in the top ten of all time Crest WBB scorers. (Other high-scorers you might recall include Alyse Hoover, Aubrie Dellinger, Meghan Phillips, and all-time highest scorer Carla Munnion (2,256 lifetime points). Moyer-Gleich went on to play guard for Millersville as #35. She took on her current name in June 2015 when marrying John Gleich

Moyer-Gleich began officiating games for the Mid-Penn League in 2011, and Jeff Falk of Lebanon Sports Buzz caught up with her in 2014 when she was doing it a few times a week. By 2016-17, she was interning with the NBA working on the D-League, as well as working for the WNBA.

A number of people from the area spotted Moyer-Gleich on their TV’s this week.

There’s no way I can afford Getty, so please enjoy these clearly watermarked images of Moyer-Gleich last night in Philly.

Getty caption: Referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich #75 holds the ball for Robert Covington #33 of the Philadelphia 76ers in the first quarter of the game against the Atlanta Hawks at the Wells Fargo Center on October 29, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers defeated the Hawks 113-92.
Getty caption: Referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich #75 in action during the first quarter of the game between the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center on October 29, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers defeated the Hawks 113-92.

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  1. Officials are told by their coordinators (assigners) to politely decline interviews, especially post game that may question plays or calls. If you reach out to the offices that she works for, I am sure they may be able to permit a feature rather than a post game interview. She’s a great ref but also a great person. Good for her!

  2. After I saw Ashley officiating a Palmyra game a few years ago, I requested an interview and she politely declined. I was always disappointed because I thought speaking to her would make a great story. Apparently she is still taking the same approach, but the offer still stands.