North Lebanon Township Police confirmed Friday that there is an active and ongoing investigation into a series of rifle rounds that struck houses in the area of Grace Avenue on December 30 and December 31.

The incident was first shared on Facebook this past Monday, New Year’s Eve, by resident Lauren Reinbold.

In the post, Reinbold identified the bullets as 7.62mm rifle rounds. She said that the bullets struck the house around 3:45pm on Sunday December 30 and early in the morning on Monday December 31. “This person was firing at homes on 2 separate days now and needs to know they’re putting lives in danger,” she said.

Reached this morning, Reinbold noted that there’s a school bus in front of her house, which is not that far from Ebenezer Elementary School, underscoring the public safety threat represented by the stray bullets. (This paragraph added at 8:30am after initial publication.)

North Lebanon Township Police would not comment as to the possible veracity of Facebook posts linking the shooting to the area known as the “smutzie”, formerly a tailing pond for Bethlehem Steel and more recently a privately owned game preserve.

This morning LebTown spoke to George Christianson who owns the property and he indicated he was also concerned and searching for answers.

“I spoke to the police and I’m as concerned as everyone else, and I will fully cooperate,” he said this morning in a phone interview.

Christianson has gone so far as to give a key to the police so they can access the property at any time.

Christianson and police indicated uncertainty regarding whether the geography of this part of Lebanon could account for a bullet traveling from the smutzie to the houses struck on December 30.

If you have more information on this incident, please first contact North Lebanon Township Police, but also feel free to send us your info too at


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  1. Pauline, that must have been very scary and I’m sorry to hear you went through it. Thank you for these details.

  2. I was out in the yard at the time of the shooting. The first round I counted 21 shots in a row.Figured it was an AK.Second round was 3 to 4 shots and then the rapid fire again.The shots were NW from my house.