Cornwall Borough Police detained two individuals earlier this week on outstanding out-of-county charges after the pair was contacted by officers following reports by North Cornwall Road residents regarding the pair’s suspicious behavior.

The duo had been selling meat door-to-door for Capital Meats, a Winchester, VA based company with which the Cornwall Borough Police say they’ve had multiple contacts over the last few years. These individuals never apply for permits, according to the police, who noted that the company has also received a grade of F from the Better Business Bureau.

The pair was located at the intersection of SR 72 and North Cornwall Road on Tuesday afternoon. During that contact, it was determined that neither of the two subjects had been issued a soliciting permit, and both were fugitives: One on drug charges in Missouri, and the other on charges in Cumberland County.

“This incident is an example of how important it is to call the police when you ‘see something’ that just doesn’t seem right,” said Cornwall Borough police in the release.

Police said that in Tuesday’s incident, the food products being sold were sitting in an unplugged freezer, stuffed too full to close with packages marked “KEEP FROZEN.”

An earlier version of this article said the fugitives were “out-of-state” but as we noted, one was wanted for charges stemming from within Pennsylvania. We have updated the post and regret the error.

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