The Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center (SARCC) is holding a drag show on the HACC campus (735 Cumberland St.) this Friday, October 18, from 8–11pm.

Proceeds of the show will go toward SARCC’s LGBT services and the LGBT Center of Greater Reading.

“Drag and drag performances have long been celebrated as a space of safety, joy, and familial connection for LGBTQ+ identified folks,” said SARCC President Alissa Perrotto. “It is a performance, and often includes elements of gender bending and fluidity.

“In short, drag performances are an important and personal part of LGBTQ Culture. This is not to say that all drag performers identify as LGBTQ. Generally though, performance is in the spirit of love, support, and celebration of LGBTQ Identities.”

Perrotto noted that LGBTQ youth are more likely to experience sexual violence, trafficking, homelessness, and abuse than youth who do not identify as LGBTQ. SARCC received an Upstream Grant from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, and Perrotto said the organization has used those funds to expand outreach for LGBTQ+ community members.

For audience members who have not attended a drag show before, SARCC has posted six tips for attending a drag show to the event’s Facebook page to ensure attendees understand etiquette and treat performers with respect.

“First, we want the community to know that SARCC is a mission-focused organization, and all performers have an understanding of our values,” said Perrotto. “Consent and safety are obviously super important. We want people to have a good time and celebrate this show as an opportunity for self-expression.”

As of now, online tickets to the show are sold out. However, some tickets will be sold at the door.

If you are interested in reserving a ticket, contact SARCC Office Manager Maria Aguero at (717) 270-6972. Aguero may be able to connect you with staff or council members who can issue advance tickets.

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Emily Bixler was born and raised in Lebanon and now reports on local government. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano and going for hikes.


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