LebTown is featuring a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week’s pet is Abbott, owned by Kelly Shutter.

Abbott is a nearly one and a half year old domestic shorthair cat. Abbott and his brother—you guessed it—Costello were adopted from a rescue in Tennessee where they were set to be euthanized due to their disability, a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia.

Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) affected the cats’ coordination since birth, with neither being able to walk properly and taking a so-called “drunken sailors” gait. Adopted by Shutter at just four months old, the boys were very underweight and sadly Costello passed not long after being adopted. Thanks to a skilled vet and Abbott’s grit, he came through and was able to join the Shutters on their mission to advocate for disabled animals.

Abbott, along with paralyzed kitty sister Mariah, now goes on outings to help promote the cause, visiting places like Knoebel’s, the Farm Show, and the Boy Scout Expo at the Lebanon Valley Mall. Abobott has even been in the Lebanon Holiday Parade!

Shutter noted that last October, Abbott was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis, but thanks to an experimental treatment and a last-minute crowdfunding campaign, Abbott was able to receive the medication he needed to survive.

“Today, Abbott is a fully healthy, eight pound, silly ball of fur,” said Shutter. “He will never walk, but he flops quite fast to get his toys!”

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Looking for a pet? Check out available adoptions at the Humane Society of Lebanon County.


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