Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

352 West Queen Street
Jonathan D. and Suzanne G. Wentling to Allison H. and Scott L. Johnson for $129,900.

48 North Chestnut Street
Patrick E. and Melanie A. German to Austyn N. and Michael C. Swisher for $140,000.

Bethel Township

17 Elizabeth Run Drive
James F. and Misty C. Zechman to John P. and Lauren E. Spotts for $285,000.

651 Greble Road
Joanna C. Crane to Bernard and Karen Showers for $74,000.

28 Fairway Drive Lot 83
Guy K. and Christy L. Miller to Casey M. Moore for $267,000.

1 Pine Avenue Lot 23
Gordon and Dori Strauss to Paul P. Stoltz for $48,000.

268 Fredericksburg Road Lot 3
Stephen D. and Gretel M. Laughery to Lloyd W. and Susan Longenecker for $275,500.

119 North Mechanic Street
Ryan and Gretchen M. Gavin to Katheryn G. Foster for $150,000.

City of Lebanon

235 Weidman Street
Donald Young to Jameel Evans for $18,000.

747 North Hanover Street Lot 11 Etc.
Garret D. Brungart to Kaitlyn Eggert for $119,900.

23 Guilford Street
James E. and Greta D. Rank to Michael D. and Debra M. Young for $35,000.

345 Oaklyn Road Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2
Colleen T. and Joseph G. Shay to Raul Pacheco for $208,900.

118 Pershing Avenue
Joshua J. Purcell to Starrwar Properties for $75,000.

427 South 14th Street
Amy E. Koehler to Stacey Morales for $147,000.

1128 Buttonwood Street
Scott C. and Georganna M. Lerch to Agustin T. Barbosa for $57,000.

127 Lehman Street
Andrew Levendis Estate, James Levendis to Luis O. Serrano for $100,000.

129 Lehman Street
James M. Levendis to Keith and Amy J. Donnachie for $45,000.

531 North Ninth Street
Singh Sukhwinder, Maitika Singh to Julio C. Ortiz, Angela M. Guerrero for $65,000.

322 Chestnut Street Etc.
Immanuel Hsu to Christian P E. and Autumn Krouse for $200,000.

30 North 7th Street and 32 North 7th Street
JCAS1 LLC to Elmer B. Beiler for $255,000.

522 Locust Street
Elvin Irizarry, Annet Torres to Janice Rodriguez for $129,990.

Corrective Deed 429 North Gannon Street
Angel L. Bermudez to U. S. Bank National Association for $2,024.

831 Walnut Street
Kay F. Holman to Dennis R. and Nan Milhoan for $85,000.

121 South Tenth Street
Charissa T. Godwin to Anthony M. Rosario, Luisa M. Perez for $113,500.

751 North Hanover Street Lot 13 and Part of Lots 29, 30, 31, Etc.
Cody A. Smith Jr. to Scott D. Crawford for $125,000.

426 North 9th Street
Jeffrey R. and Debora L. Shewmaker to Samuel L. Stoltzfus for $290,000.

108 Pershing Avenue
Travis P. Smetana to Heather S. Bechtel for $109,000.

110 East Pershing Avenue Lot 2
Claudia S. Lawrence to Joseph B. and Amy Elizabeth Cooper for $175,000.

114 North 12th Street
Howard F. Wood to Rufino B. Vasquez for $79,900.

825 East Guilford Street Lot 5
Douglas J. Meyer to Lonny L. Rolinski, Linda A. Kendig for $123,000.

239 Lehman Street
Daniel J. and Stephanie A. Frattaroli to Thomas P. Roarabaugh for $52,000.

809 Cornwall Road
Filiberto C. Gonzalez, Diana I. Ramirez to Carlos M. M. Medina, Madeline D. Sanchez for $159,900.

405 North 5th Street
Terry R. Lerch to Burkholder J. R. LLC for $48,500.

537 Union Street
Susan A. Eckert to Alan D. Mamozic for $10,000.

42, 43, and 44 North Fifth Street
Capobianco Michael Family Trust, Capobianco Elaine Family Trust, Elaine Capobianco to Michael L. and Melanie A. Myer for $205,000.

18, 24, 26, 30, 32, 28, and 34 North 16th Street
Kevin S. and Carla A. Brown to KDW Real Estate LLC for $1,000,000.

233 South Lincoln Avenue
Ricardo A. Rodriguez, Ramona M. Tavarez to Juan L. A. Romero, Amalia D. M. D. Aquino for $95,000.

1134 Chestnut Street
William Albert Johnson Estate, Melissa A. Johnson to John R. and Mariam F. Stoltzfus for $65,000.

610 Cornwall Road Lot 6 and Part of Lot 7
Dwayne J. and Stacy C. Frazier to Eber Morris, Carlos A. H. Perez for $130,000.

304 East Chestnut Street
Jonathan D. and Jene M. Hoffa to Kyle and Ayzia Hoyer for $158,000.

415 Cumberland Street
Christopher M. and Bruce L. Hubbs to Downtown Investment Properties for $92,500.

228, 229, and 230 South Quince Street
Wilmer R. and Elaine F. Martin to Reputable Streamline Properties for $47,000.

510 Union Street
Wilmer R. and Elaine F. Martin to Reputable Streamline Properties for $2,500.

512 Union Street
Wilmer R. and Elaine F. Martin to Reputable Streamline Properties for $2,500.

920 Reinoehl Street
Rachel R. Coffen, Sharon L. Swigonski to Rachel R. Coffen, Jessica L. Palevo for $1.

710 Locust Street
Mary A. Shultz, Joan M. Smith to Horace and Marcus Samuels for $64,000.

Corrective Deed 2 East Maple Street and 4 East Maple Street
Pleasant View Properties to Pleasant View Properties for $1.

464 North 5th Street
Katherine Feliciano to Luis Hernandez for $1.

24 South Tenth Street
Stanley K. Horst to Cory S. and Jessica E. Horst for $85,160.

1118 Mifflin Street
Dennys Melendez to Edwin Aviles Jr., Christina M., David J., and Bethany Rodriguez for $42,390.

Cornwall Borough

116 Julia Lane
Louis J. Portas Jr. to Kyle L. Cassel for $155,000.

1012 Riverstone Circle Unit 374
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Linda R. Rohrbach for $298,368.

1102 Cottonwood Drive Lot 113
Vincent P. and Deniese L. W. Pestilli to Michael R. Menke for $500,000.

1011 Great Hall Drive Unit 264
Joan R. Carpenter, Ruth A. Schlegel to Randy L. and Linda S. Vettori for $199,500.

1015 English Drive Unit 348
Perry C. Umlauf to Daniel S. and Gail A. Schull for $275,000.

117 Cedar Street Lot 22
Jeremy D. and Jennifer A. Wagner to Jennifer A. and Jeremy D. Wagner for $1.

645 Aspen Lane Lot 105
Martin S. Rodriguez, Jeffrey W. Kimmel Estate to Christian S. and Mary Beiler Jr. for $197,000.

401 Dogwood Drive Lot 83
Michael T. Ginder to Richard M. and Danielle Stubblebine for $289,900.

106 Store Lane
Millpond Properties LLC to Ronald M. Dechert for $160,000.

1005 Alden Way Unit 3
Teresa A. Luongo, Carole A. Inman to Thomas and Diane M. Dixon for $275,000.

Heidelberg Township

306 North Carpenter Street, ES North Carpenter Street, Lot 2 Etc.
Henry M. Hoover to Justin D. and David C. Ayers, Addison A. and Lisa L. Ayers for $139,000.

379 Michters Road
Rebecca L. Miller to Dustin and Shaina Snyder for $360,000.

104 South Market Street
Ricardo A. Ayala Estate, Ricardo Ayala to Steven L. and Kerry S. Weaver for $220,000.

Jackson Township

917 Tulpehocken Road Lot 2 Etc.
Karley E. and Eryan L. Siegfried to Glen E. and Rachel J. Zehr for $335,000.

528 West Main Avenue
Leroy C. Hower to Garret Brungart for $171,000.

824 Hilltop Road Lot 2
Lester S. and Elva M. Zimmerman to Amos Z. and Catherine S. Esh for $170,000.

54 Scenic Drive Lot 399
Ramon K. and Beverly E. Myers to Arthur M. and Marta L. Schaffer for $149,500.

97 Springhouse Drive Lot 80
John R. and Stephen T. Dabrowski to Linda M. and Gary L. Moyer for $169,900.

870 Tulpehocken Road
Scott D. and Vicki S. Eisenhower to Gabrielle R. Bomberger for $90,000.

24 Hergelrode Drive Lot 1
Ramona Real Estate to Delmar J. and Sheila J. High for $70,000.

492 Houtztown Road Lot 1
Delmer L. and Charlene F. Leinbach to Sergey S. Myltsec for $201,700.

505 Kutztown Road
Michael A. and Beverly A. Kless to J. Richard and Elma M. Newswanger for $135,000.

33 Rosemond Drive Lot 316
Bell Revocable Trust, Herbert A. and Vera F. Bell to Terry O. and Suzanne N. Schott for $185,000.

7 Rosemont Drive Lot 303
Clelia L. and David P. Marciniak to Leonard P. and Carolyn A. Milano for $193,000.

14 Wheatland Drive Lot 9
Gary L. and Linda M. Moyer to Brian S. and Janelle D. Archey for $235,000.

420 East Rosebud Road
Wendy S. Strauser to Jenna E. and Orlando Rivera Jr. for $265,000.

141 Gable Drive Lot 62
Jenna E. and Orlando Rivera Jr. to Hilltop Investment Properties for $165,000.

890 East Lincoln Avenue
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

301 Golf Road
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

820 Stracks Dam Road
Daniel J. and Gloria I. Dower Sr. to Daniel J. Dower Jr. for $1.

Jonestown Borough

140 Creek View Drive Lot 215
Joseph J. and Denise R. Centini to Justin and Renee L. Swingholm for $315,070.

Millcreek Township

50 North Sheridan Road Lots 13 and 14
Home Group LLC to Cody J. Snyder, Coleman J. Wagner for $140,000.

118 West Main Street
Nelson Martin to Flory R. E. & Remodeling for $38,000.

39 Newburg Drive Lot 40
Carol A. Ludwig to Nicholas R. and Nicole A. Grecco for $189,900.

79 East Main Street
Faye C. Ziegler Estate, Kevin R. Ziegler to Dustin and Keith L. Snyder for $70,500.

5 Central Drive Lot 209
Ralph D. Greco Estate, James S. Romanchek to Jason M. and Jamie F. Bahn for $225,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

117 Brown Avenue Lots 176 1/2, 176, and 191
Timothy J. and Mary L. Huber to Patrick J. and Jessica G. St. John for $290,000.

104 Princeton Avenue
Donald J. Showers to David M. and Bonnie L. Harvey for $410,000.

NS Lebanon Avenue Lot 100 and Part of Lots 101 and 99
Richard P. Thorne, Paulette M. Aye to James M. Schaeffer for $72,000.

Myerstown Borough

351 West Carpenter Avenue
Forrest R. and Kay M. Marks Jr. to Forrest R. and Kay M. Marks Jr. for $1.

105 South Broad Street
DAB Associates to Christopher Badolato for $158,900.

19 North Railroad Street
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

38, 39, and 40 East Main Avenue
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

229 West Main Avenue
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

North Annville Township

2612 Long Lane Lot 4
Richard A. and Mardella G. Folmer to Kirsten Clemens for $1.

1679 North State Route 934
Robert A. and Candace L. Snavely to Robert A. Snavely for $1.

North Cornwall Township

178 South 22nd Street Lot 178
Kristen L. Eisenhour to Patricia A. Sowers for $125,000.

527 Waterside Circle Lot 141
Joann L. and Lynette K. Edwards to Emily Simone for $275,000.

75 Creekside Drive Lot 54
Narrows Glen Inc. to Tek B. and Radhika Guragai for $69,000.

1927 Carlton Drive
Anizette M. Rivera to Jovanie R. Luciano for $0.

65 Creekside Drive Lot 49
Narrows Glen Inc. to Katie Kokan, Travis W. Stevens for $308,800.

331 Springwood Drive Unit 58
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Cody A. Smith Jr. for $172,745.

325 Dairy Road
Lilly J. Hershey Estate, Melvin D. Hershey III to Timothy J. and Norma J. Nolt for $460,000.

1810 Carlton Court Unit A
Austin, Michael A., and Vicki L. Deitzler to Austin M. Deitzler for $1.

642 Pondside Lane Lot 121
Loren A. Schrum to Dennis A. and Susan Kochvar for $235,000.

503 Waterside Circle Lot 147
Josephine and Roger P. Marazzo to Damon D. and Jessica A. Mays for $290,000.

230 Troon Way Lot 54
Linda M. Okane to Guillaume F. and Pauline R. Serain for $337,400.

1670 Northfield Drive
Chad J. and Brittany A. Moyer to Chad J. and Brittany A. Moyer for $1.

333 Springwood Drive Unit 59
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Dale L. and Dorina N. Shaak for $172,010.

329 Springwood Drive Unit 57
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jack M. Sellers for $172,010.

Units 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, and 82
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $208,192.

1525 Poplar Street
Elaine M. Smart to James E. and Ann L. Gruber for $210,000.

335 Springwood Drive
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Evan C. Fleischer, Kaitlyn M. Kauffman for $195,330.

873 Dawson Street
Richard and Lindsay Gristick to Daniel E. and Betsy E. Melvin for $242,000.

2028 Greystone Drive Lot 142
William R. Werner to Lauren Sobczak for $149,900.

2083 Greystone Drive
Travis W. Stevens, Katie E. Kokan to Eric J. Bollinger for $141,000.

North Lebanon Township

970 Harmony Drive
Darwin F. and Gail A. Bradley to Rodrigo R. Hernandez, Yolanda D. R. Cordero for $187,000.

950 Harmony Hill Drive Lot 86
Allen M. and Cinthya S. Firestine to Allen M. Firestine for $1.

2548 Long Lane
Bruce A. and Sharon L. Wartluft to Jeffrey A. and Julia C. Wartluft for $1.

2070 Weavertown Road
Fidel Martinez to A. Bruce and Kathryn A. Sattazahn for $60,000.

750 North Third Avenue
Joseph S. Gillette to Joseph P. Galebach for $135,000.

1617 Greenwood Drive
Dale T. and Linda M. Kreiser to Shawn M. and Angela M. Philip for $175,500.

1845 Ashton Drive Lot 4
Todd A. and Cynthia Eakin to Brad C. and Tonya S. Stefo for $215,000.

709 North 23rd Street
Judith C. McDonald to Bonnie M. and Zachary M. Daminger for $255,000.

1417 Sandhill Road Lot 10
James L. and Michele L. Murray to Bryce and Hannah Hare for $85,000.

NS Kimmerlings Road
Paul F. Horn to Kevin L. and Cinnomin L. Keener for $7,000.

707 North 22nd Street
Roman and Urszula B. Maleszewski to Ricky and Jennifer Sweinhart Jr. for $160,000.

1208 Horizon Boulevard Lot 9
Gary P. and Arianne Chernich Jr. to James F. and Misty C. Zechman for $300,900.

Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure – 505 Linda Drive Lot 20
Gerald E. Garrison, Terry M. Good to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

416 Orchid Circle Unit 156
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to William R. and Anne M. Matz for $334,900.

1020 Mechanic Street Lot 3
Amanda N. Boyer to Miriam Hernandez for $186,000.

2412 Long Lane
Ronald M. Dechert to Yvonne H. Armstrong for $137,000.

2095 Mallard Lane Lot 30
Leroy and Abigail Ketner to Leroy Ketner for $1.

1223 East Old Cumberland Street
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

803 Marcon Drive
Kevin L. and Cinnomin L. Keener to Kevin L. and Cinnomin L. Keener for $1.

North Londonderry Township

414 Oak Lane Lot 96
David S. Dixon to Khara N. and Rita Neopaney for $340,500.

Corrective Deed 19 Oxford Road Lot 168
Chatham Creek to Lihui Wang, Jing Liu, Robert L. and Quan L. Keck for $1.

108 Spruce Court Unit 4 Building 13
Mark S. Maurer to Mark S. and Paula C. Maurer for $1.

Corrective Deed 26 Pembrooke Lane Lot 104
Michael F. and Odessa M. Ryan to Michael F. and Odessa M. Ryan for $1.

1122 Syner Road
Erin M. and Jacob M. Doan to Brynten G. Coons for $200,000.

470 Campbelltown Road Lot A Etc.
Bernard G. Smith, Bernard G. Smith Sr. to Bernard G. Smith Jr. for $1.

1 North Londonderry Square
Horst Restaurant Properties LP, Markian R. Slobodian to Mahagauri Realty for $950,000.

613 Barrington Court Plot 183
Alcinda E. Flowers to Feng Shui Rental Properties for $1.

1019 East Maple Street Lot 26
Karl W. and Nancy N. Bordner to John T. and Heather R. Bohnert for $195,000.

126 Spruce Court
Heather M. and Zachary P. Teufel to Glen and Dianna R. Orlando for $175,000.

850 South Prince Street Lot 4
Ella M. Eby Estate, Ronald F. Eby to Samantha N. Brown for $185,000.

Lot 86 (UPI #28-2298580-354806-0000)
Peter G. Pavlis, Paula A. Campbell to Rian B. Bell for $330,000.

193 Lindbergh Drive
Luther W. Stone Jr. to Melissa J. Stone for $77,000.

512 Elm Street Lot 124
Joann M. Brown to Govin Bhattarai for $305,000.

4 Waterford Lane Lot 119
Deanna L. Ziemba, Carlo Sciulli to Aaron A. and Jennifer O. Harman for $435,000.

190 Spruce Court
Jordan Purcell to Nicklaus R. and Ashley N. Tietje for $180,000.

1332 Cambridge Court
Linda K. Strobel to Strobel Fred W. Revocable Living Trustee, Strobel Linda K. Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel for $1.

73 Lexington Drive Lot 46
Vincent A. and Jeanne T. Falvo to Robert C. and Kathleen M. Bazzel Jr. for $349,900.

Palmyra Borough

832 West Maple Street Lot 22
BD Investment Group to Lebanon Valley Property Management for $155,000.

725 West Oak Street Lots 36 and Part of Lots 37 and 35
BD Investment Group to Lebanon Valley Property Management for $170,000.

61 Cortland Crossing Lot 17
Weaver H. R. Building Systems Inc. to Jason and Anastasia Stancil for $261,063.

338 North Railroad Street
Palmyra Milling Company to Railroad Street Investments for $50,000.

101 East Front Street Etc.
Wilkins Rogers Inc. to Railroad Street Investments for $100,000.

504 North Railroad Street
Joseph S. and Shirley A. Hartzell to Ann C. Copeland, Gary M. Laurent for $81,000.

141 North Prince Street
Michael and Sharon A. Starr to Jesse J. Weaber for $150,000.

650 East Birch Street Part of Lot 332
Bonnie M. and Zachary Daminger to Rebecca L. and Brett W. Koons for $235,000.

404 South Lincoln Street Lot 30
William C. Sinclair to Estrubhar Properties LLC for $227,000.

523 West Cherry Street
Jay L. Eisenhauer to Adam P. Eisenhauer for $275,000.

Richland Borough

300 Poplar Street
Ocello Inc. to Musser Property Management LLC for $1,100,000.

3 West Main Street
Loretta L. A. Noland to Loretta L. Noland for $1.

3 West Main Street
Loretta L. A. Noland to Loretta L. Noland for $1.

South Annville Township

735 South Lancaster Street
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Joseph G. and Colleen Shay for $337,900.

784 Palm Avenue
Kim M. Hott to Jeremy R. Rehm for $215,000.

1043 Mount Wilson Road Lot 2
Brent Shearer to CF Land Holdings LLC for $45,000.

63 Beech Tree Court Lot 17
Seth and Crystal B. Hammons to Derek L. Underkoffler for $231,500.

25 Erinn Lane Lot 36
Kimberly A. Kalis to Kimberly A. and Joseph J. Kalis for $1.

South Lebanon Township

737 Kiner Avenue
Russel B. and Deanne M. Buchter to Jennifer Esquivel for $180,000.

164 Linda Way Lot 7
Narrows Glenn Inc. to Jason M. and Jennifer L. Bodie for $438,800.

1130 East Old Cumberland Street
D & D Investing to Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe for $54,000.

1132 East Old Cumberland Street
D & D Investing to Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe for $54,000.

1004 South First Avenue
Dennis L. Kehler Estate, Kathleen A. Kehler to Kathleen A. Kehler for $1.

707 Smith Avenue
Joseph K. Devitz to Kevin B. Miley for $165,000.

1625 Cambridge Drive Lot 117
Vladimir Carmona, Kaitlin Miller to J. Benjamin and Emily C. Eisenhauer for $514,000.

745 South 3rd Avenue Lot 53
Jordan M. and Megan Mohl to Jordan M. and Megan Mohl for $1.

1901 Leslie Avenue Lots 19, 20, and 1
Michael C. Armstrong, Kassandra E. Ihn to Elias Rivera for $119,900.

357 East Evergreen Road Lot 3
Melanie C. Nelson to Justin and Naomi Albert for $179,900.

40 Norfolk Lane Lot 29
Michael J. Hockley to Kyle P. and Liz I. M. Clark for $295,000.

10 Falcon Circle Lot 34
Liane M. Erb to Todd A. and Cynthia Eakin for $395,000.

630 Meadow Drive Lot 142
Kenneth D. Thompson Estate, Kenneth D. Thompson Jr. Estate, Kyle K. Thompson to Michael J. Moy Jr., Kristen E. Bogash for $180,000.

420 East Evergreen Road
Michael K. and Donna M. Stuckey to Kyle D. Wenger for $132,000.

82 Falcon Circle Lot 24
David R. and Joan M. Hains to Nickolaos D. Siozos for $315,000.

78 Parkside Drive
Patricia A. Koshulski Estate, Catharine I. Roland, Pameula Breneman to Ryan Kirkpatrick for $167,000.

300 Klein Avenue
David M., David M., and Valerie A. Blouch Sr. to David M. and David M. Blouch Sr. for $1.

South Londonderry Township

231 Valley Road Lots 48 and 49
Daniel W. and Patricia A. Hottenstein to Musaddiq N. and Sarah M. Nazeeri for $1.

NS Valley Road
Daniel W. and Patricia A. Hottenstein to Musaddiq N. and Sarah M. Nazeeri for $1.

5623 Elizabethtown Road
Robin E. and Marilyn J. Hess to Steven L. and Katie F. Hess Jr. for $62,000.

312 Coachman Lane Lot 115
John S. Roberts to David C. and Esther L. Zimmerman for $305,000.

131 Barnwell Lane Lot 84
Jeffrey P. and Marjorie L. Beck to Jeffrey P. and Marjorie L. Beck for $1.

312 East Market Street
BD Investment Group to Lebanon Valley Property Management for $155,000.

1944 South Forge Road
Jeffrey A. and Heather L. Moore to David R. and Megan M. Schneff Jr. for $184,000.

E of Lawn Road
Fred E. and Nancy L. Bucher to Eric R. and Jennifer S. Bucher for $1.

114 Schoolhouse Road
RW Marketing Limited Liability Co. to Michael D. Preston for $200,000.

161 Bell Road Lot 1
Joshua D. and Kimberly Dehaan to Joshua D. and Kimberly Dehaan for $1.

232 Lawn Road Lot 4
David L. and Sheryl Sherman to James C. and Nancy J. Fernandez for $379,900.

37 Carriage Road
Randolph E. and Debra J. Kelly to Debra J. Kelly for $1.

284 Schoolhouse Road
John E. Herr Sr. Estate, Steven Derr to Richie L. and Lindsay Deibert for $235,000.

Lot 1 (UPI #31-2297210-338084-0000)
Copenhaver Builders to Kristi M. and Michael J. Stephens for $109,900.

100 Glendon Drive Lot 2
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Musser S. Gerald Builder LLC, to Sean M. Cox, Nicole L. Laverty for $106,900.

Swatara Township

2129 Grace Avenue
A. Wayne and Ruth E. Rudolph to Jason R. and Carolyn H. Rudolph for $1,000,000.

1837 Grace Avenue
Kevin E. Heck to Kevin E. Heck for $1.

1835 Grace Avenue Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 22, 23, 24, 25 Section “S”
Kevin E. Heck to Kevin E. Heck for $1.

2066 State Route 72
Edward J. and Larry H. Arnold, Fernando Vaughn to Elliott V. Houser for $41,000.

47 Wildflower Circle Lot 101
Austin R. and Faith V. Buckingham to Jose P. Otero, Kayla Perez for $252,000.

103 Lighthouse Drive Lot 53
Mark and Jessica Brullo to Christopher Long for $161,100.

964 Thompson Avenue
Rodney S. and Sarah E. Martin to Autumn R. and Gregory M. Lerch for $138,240.

1807 Grace Avenue
Shirley A. Binner Estate, Charles H. Binner III to Cody R. Sanders for $140,000.

Union Township

708 Hemlock Hill Lane
Dennis L. Kehler Estate, Kathleen A. Kehler to Kathleen A. Kehler for $1.

39 Stoney Lane Lot 1
Richard L. Myers Estate, Kenneth L. Myers to Kenneth L. and Vicki L. Myers for $1.

335 Bordnersville Road
Marie Stickler to Jacqueline and Derek R. Vieli for $240,000.

West Cornwall Township

165 Riders Way Lot 53
Gary W. Morinchin to K & K Fairview Properties for $159,000.

81 West Main Street
SPL Restaurants Inc. to Quentin Realty for $900,000.

190 Riders Way Lot 72
Aaron J. and Kayla N. Sweitzer to Aaron J. Sweitzer for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2308 Church Street
Jack W. and Jere A. Putt to Manuel and Martha Diaz for $120,000.

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