Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

59 Union Crest Drive
Peggy Madenford to Peggy Madenford for $1.

120 North Railroad Street
Bonnie L. Kane to Eric L. Brightbill for $110,000.

443 East Maple Street
David J. and Rhonnda L. Bentz to Rebecca S. Leitz for $138,000.

300 South White Oak Street
Jeremy M. and Amelia Martin to Caitrin Cosgrove for $205,000.

403 West Queen Street
Ivan J. and Rachel R. Gorichky to Integrity First Home Buyers for $74,000.

Bethel Township

23 Township Line Drive Lot 32
Gary and Christine A. Pecorello to Anthony W. Royal, Kelly Fiorentino for $259,900.

1328 Mountain Drive
Michael S. and Leanne S. Martin to Leanne S. Martin for $1.

City of Lebanon

315 Weidman Street
Timothy A. and Eleanor L. Krall to MRI Properties for $44,000.

945 Cornwall Road
Margaret O. Walters to CR Property Group for $66,500.

911 Guilford Street
Guiseppe and Giovanna Canale to Integrity First Home Buyers for $57,000.

830 Hazel Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to John E. Long for $70,000.

1223 Church Street
Jose C. G. Cruz, Doris A. A. Rodriguez to Kenneth W. Bruce Jr. for $61,900.

829 Scull Street
Carolyn G. Okine to Jay J. Romero, Washington Guanopatin for $16,000.

317 Park Avenue
Aleah J. Shay to Lindsey Montano for $115,000.

1026 Guilford Street
Michael Umberger, Scott M. Patrick to Starrwar Properties for $33,000.

120 North Fourth Street
Karen K. Ramos to Darius Ramos for $1.

1524 Elm Street
Harry W. and Ruth A. Fenton to Sarnai Davaadagva, Joshua B. Miller for $215,000.

1102 Willow Street
Jonathan and Judy A. Fake to Yan Y. Chen for $89,000.

1255 Willow Street
Andrea M. and Colin Doyle to Bruno V. Irizarry, Keithleen Montalvo for $70,000.

345, 346, and 347 North 8th Street, 349, 350, and 351 North 8th Street, 353, 354, and 355 North
Larry G. and Stacy N. Wolfe Jr. to Emanuel G. Fisher for $390,000.

732 Reinoehl Street
Julia L. Pasker to Beny R. Ceballo for $128,900.

1327 Lehman Street
Ramon F. Ballester Estate, Maryann Ballester to Maryann Ballester for $1.

428 North Fourteenth Street
Ramon F. Ballester Estate, Maryann Ballester to Carlos Ballester for $1.

1406 Oak Street Lot 2
Covenant United Methodist Church, Church Covenant United Methodist Church to Andrea N. and Benjamin T. Reigle for $187,000.

422 North 10th Street
Iqbal and Esmyrna Lall to Julio C.Ortiz, Angela M. Guerrero for $51,000.

313 Lehman Street
Amos L. Zook to Stephen Stoltzfus for $102,000.

1129 Church Street Lot 4
Jorje Negron to Yeury F. and Yuberquis M. Charleston for $92,000.

823 Chestnut Street
Jeffery D. Lutgen to Thomas P. Roarabaugh for $179,900.

734 North Ninth Street
Roy D. and Beverly A. Shirk to JAL Investments for $45,000.

1121 Walton Street
Roy D. and Beverly A. Shirk to JAL Investments for $35,000.

549 Weidman Street
Annette Rios to Sheila L. Kelley for $44,675.

538 North 9th Street
George Hanna to Thomas D. and Brenda K. Shuey III for $78,000.

126 Pershing Avenue
Andrew T. and Chelsie Spotts to Jesus O. S. Ocana, Sheila M. Gonzalez for $146,000.

Cleona Borough

3752 Hill Church Road
Dale E. and Dawn M. Ebersole to Dale E. and Dawn M. Ebersole for $1.

36 East Penn Avenue Part of Lot 41 and Part of Lot 42
Frederick L. and Dixi J. Weaver to Francisco I. and Katherine A. Victa III for $154,000.

207 Locust Street
Robert L. Zimmerman Estate, Charles E. Moyer to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $115,000.

25 South Washington Street
Leonard Shoemaker to Danielle M. Dubbs for $150,000.

Cornwall Borough

317 Rexmont Road
Tealia M. Hutter, Avery Wiesman to Tealia M. Hutter, Avery Wiesman for $1.

1229 Mosaic Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Timothy C. and Connie M. Sheaffer for $341,063.

1205 Mosaic Drive Unit 404
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Charles D. and Susan B. Rabinovitz for $405,829.

1019 English Drive Unit 350
Leslie S. Zackey to Anthony J. and Donna M. Stewart for $235,000.

335 Pamela Lane Lot 94
Nichole M. and Kyle N. Brandt to Axel N. and Vanessa T. Ruiz for $160,000.

203 Karinch Street
Janea M. and Brian R. Davis to Nathan C. and Deanna R. Tyson for $230,000.

114 Anthracite Road Lot 3
Kevin P. and Paula J. Miller to Lucas Koser Jr. for $138,000.

(UPI #12-2340032-335765-0000) Lot 145
Jordan A. and Trista A. Gardner to Leroy C. Hower, Lara A. Strickler for $105,000.

1007 Great Hall Drive Unit 262
Cynthia J. Conti, Sally A. Seinwill to Cynthia J. Conti, Sally A. Seinwill for $1.

70 Valley View Drive Lot 58
Gregory S. and Allison M. Lesher to John and Ulrike Cotter for $735,000.

Heidelberg Township

112 South Market Street
Wendell D. and Marie D. Hess to Josiah Zimmerman for $146,000.

1373 Heidelberg Avenue Etc.
Joe F. Edwards Sr. to Wayne D. Hand for $545,000.

1 Sportsman Lane
Jerry A. and Sandra L. Davis to David H. and Rhoda J. Martin for $20,000.

128 Mastle Road
Richard B. and Lydia H. Martin to Paul S. and Janice M. Zimmerman Jr. for $1,000,000.

331 North Carpenter Street
Morgan A. Balsbaugh to Benjamin and Morgan A. Landis for $1.

117 Michters Road
Dale M. and Marchelle S. Burkholder to Eli S. and Elizabeth G. Stoltzfus for $386,000.

Jackson Township

505 King Street Lot 2
Sharon K. Dosch to Joshua K. High for $204,000.

9 Arbor Drive Lot 5
Lucy A. Pietsch Estate, David A. Dinunzio to Claudia S. Lawrence for $129,900.

390 Golf Road Lot 6
Shannon A. and Janet S. Smith to Abimael, Katherine R., and Abigail Lorenzo for $445,000.

203 West McKinley Avenue Lot 125
Ralph A. and Susan M. Barr Jr. to Donald R. and Elizabeth S. Sands Jr. for $150,000.

49 Eisenhauer Road
Douglas E. Gunden to Shannon E. Nolt for $265,000.

231 Limestone Drive Lot 211
Helen B. Godshall to Helen B. Godshall, Nancy B. Shulley for $1.

(UPI #23-2359669-397386-0000) Lot 2
Gregory A. and Debra J. Bishop to Amos D. and Bena F. Stoltzfus for $100,000.

17 Laurel Drive
Ronald E. Stohler to Scott T. Witmer for $138,700.

Jonestown Borough

219 Rose Lane
Lindsay M. and Richie L. Deibert to Bradley M. and Ashlie N. McClain for $210,000.

318 West Market Street
Brock J. and Janice L. Arnold, Nicholas A. Becker to Nicholas A. Becker for $0.

309 Swatara Creek Drive Lot 185
Irving and Luz P. Rivera to Travis L. Smith for $220,000.

204, 205, and 206 West Market Street
Andrew M. and Michelle M. Stokrp to Rockin G. Property Group LLC for $180,000.

Millcreek Township

101 Sweetwater Lane Lot 420
Andrey and Oksana Demidovich to Amanda M. Yoh for $250,000.

438 Race Street Lot 2
Grace R. Dubble to Jay H. Dubble for $1.

16 Overlook Lane Lot 504
Sandrine M. Longenecker to Ryan and Sandrine Patches for $1.

114 Edgemont Lane
Nathan K. and Rebecca Weaber to Zachary and Ashley Derolf for $262,500.

16 Evergreen Way Lot 306
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to David Demidovich, Ruth V. Sayevskiy for $211,095.

101 East Main Street
Nancy A. Strickler to Solomon Street for $82,000.

18 Evergreen Way Lot 307
Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk to Trenton Weaver for $1.

221 West Main Street Lots 13, 12, and Part of Lot 11
Stephen J. and Sharon McNally to Marcia A. Cristini for $238,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

105 and 103 Chicago Avenue Lots 180, 191, 182, 175
Leane Harrington to James G. and Denise T. Cassel III for $432,000.

Myerstown Borough

115 South Cherry Street
John S. Gettle to Ethan R. Gregorzek for $114,900.

133 West Lincoln Avenue
Franco and Rosanna Tarantino to Landis Land for $400,000.

116 Hoover Street
Marion E. Houtz, James A. Knapp to Bryan K. and Kelly A. Miller for $185,600.

North Annville Township

2010 Boltz Lane Lot 1B Etc.
Nancy A. Kreiser to Kevin W. and Christine R. Dobbs for $230,000.

Lots 10 and 11
Michael D., Alysha M., David M., and Carol A. Mumma to Phillip Kreiser for $15,000.

North Cornwall Township

25 Greystone Crossing Lot 107
Narrows Glen Inc. to Alix and Leslie O. Roth, Michael L. Accardi for $318,378.

24 Stoneleigh Drive Lot 20
Glen L. and Elizabeth A. Diehm Jr. to Ryan M. and Catharine J. Weaber for $310,000.

SS Walnut Street
Gerald J. Stiver Jr. to Darlington Buitrago for $35,000.

2303 Nancy Lee Avenue Lot 7
Christine M. Pierce to Kimberlee R., Larry D., and Brenda L. Bowman for $300,000.

1720 Chestnut Street
Carmen M. Leger to Frandia E. C. D. Marrerro for $145,900.

820 South 16th Street Lot 52
Lee Edris to Brittany M. and Kyle E. Alibrando for $299,999.

914 Cross Creek Court
Janet K. and Joseph A. Gundling to Janet A. and Joseph A. Gundling for $1.

711 Farmwood Lane Unit 66
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Luke Moyer for $196,285.

1715 Walnut Street
Tung T. N. Huyny to Rosalba Fernandez for $110,000.

703 Farmwood Lane Unit 62
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Miranda K. Blumberg for $172,185.

North Lebanon Township

418 Orchid Circle Unit 157
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Barbara K. Pope for $357,185.

416 Ebenezer Road
Thomas S. and Cathy A. Clements to Tyle J. Jacobs, Kaitlyn S. Wolfe for $195,000.

814 Grant Street
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Mark D. Webster for $1.

745 North 4th Avenue
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster for $1.

465 North Fourth Avenue Lots 78, 79, 80, and 81
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster for $1.

335 East Maple Street Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster for $1.

339 East Maple Street Etc.
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Michael J., Joann S., Mark D., and Michael R. Webster for $1.

1 Brandthaven Drive
Takeshi Asami to Charles H. Kinloch III for $202,000.

ES North 15th Avenue
GQM New Ventures II to MC Land Holdings for $540,000.

2615 East Cumberland Street
Stanley M. and Rodney M. Martin to Stanley M. Martin for $0.

2027 Mallard Lane Lot 45 Quit Claim Deed
Rodolfo L. Thomas, Gaudy E. Sabino to Gaudy E. Sabino for $1.

413 Orchid Circle Unit 146
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Arthur Mahaffey for $306,500.

1335 Sandhill Road
Ralph B. and Marva L. Rhode to Ethan J. Herb for $79,000.

1386 Jessica Drive Lot 8
John S. Szatkowski Estate, Linda M. Szatkowski to Linda M. Szatkowski for $1.

1010 East Maple Street Lot 2
C. Eugene and Lois J. Fox to Shena C. Curreli for $415,000.

128 West Brookfield Drive Lot 165
Michael J. adn Karen L. Tighe to Dustin W. Noland for $234,900.

1831 Martin Drive
Duain G. Heugel to Brittany S. Knight for $209,900.

1430 Old Hickory Lane Lot 10
Re Create Investments to Iluminada Reyes for $245,900.

1630 West Kercher Avenue Lot 1
Florence W. Faus Estate, Jay D. and Jon D. Faus, A. Grace Hollinger, Elaine F. Martin to Cynthia L. Lapp, Angela D. Hertle for $235,000.

880 Melody Lane Lot 40
Robert L. and Paula J. M. Battle to Tung T. Huynh, Phat T. Vo for $234,900.

817 Shore Landing Drive Lot 34
Darlene J. Landis, Levi H. Stoner to Darlene J. Landis Revocable Living Trust, Darlene J. Landis for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1004 East Walnut Street, SS East Walnut Street Lot 1, 2, and 3, Etc.
Benson and Marylynn K. Harvey Jr. to for $1.

26 Campbell Town Road
Ryan R. Reitz to Joanne Wren for $165,000.

150 Oxford Road
Thomas R. and Debra A. Clawser to Bhim and Diya Kadariya for $441,000.

121 Kenmar Drive Lot 40
Dean R. Marshall to Sean P. Pisle, Jennifer L. Spiece for $257,500.

1031 Syner Road
Leon S. and Nancy L. Riegel to Leon S. Riegel for $1.

197 Lindbergh Drive
Jean W. Roeting to Tracy G. Roeting for $77,000.

13 Folkstone Lane Lot 72
Cindy Lambert to Randy Lambert, Liane Erb for $170,422.

202 Spruce Court
Nancy J. Moyer to Joshua and Katelyne Holzhauer for $190,000.

1416 Cambridge Court
Stephan F. Evangelista to Katherine Severs for $145,000.

106 Killinger Road
Mark A. Kleinfelter to Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle for $230,000.

636 Pajabon Drive Lot 46
Susan E. Pennington to Stephan Evangelista for $250,000.

1004 East Walnut Street Lot 1
Benson Harvey Jr. to Steven J. Keyton for $355,000.

7 Clark Road Lot 8
Ryan D. and Amanda J. Wampler to Michelle A. Korzeniewski for $230,000.

Palmyra Borough

332 South Railroad Street
Rebekah Batz to Nathan C. Eckert, Brittany L. Hilton for $120,000.

317 North College Street
Sarah W. Nissley to Panda Real Estate for $80,000.

641 North Lincoln Street
Rory F. J. and Autumn Detar to Journey E. L. and Lindsay R. Henderson for $225,000.

31 Bartlett Circle Lot 101
Steven Puterbaugh to Steven Puterbaugh, Fernanda Festa for $1.

350 South Duke Street
Dee A. Garrison, Jennifer G. Ware to Andrew E. and Alicia M. Hall for $205,000.

205 East Broad Street
Sarah M. Ross to Taylor Landis for $186,500.

513 North Lincoln Street
Tracy L. Singletary to Tracy L. Crosson for $0.

430 South Duke Street
Dennis C. Boyd, Jean E. Boyd Estate to Steven N. and Kathleen A. Gingrich for $156,750.

(UPI #16-2290453=358481-0000)
Janet M. Finegan, Kathy S. and Harry J. Sauley to Tina Corcino for $117,333.

625 North Grant Street
Jean M. Kelley to Diana Muzquiz for $390,000.

33, 34, and 35 East Cherry Street
Sarah W. and David Porche Sr. to Kyle and Lisa McCorkel for $180,000.

329 East Cherry Street
Millpond Properties LLC to Seth and Anna Stahl for $145,000.

82 Braeburn Way
Jean L. Taylor to Young S. Song for $232,900.

Richland Borough

12 Poplar Street
Christopher R. Martin to Herman L. Bentley for $115,500.

South Annville Township

7 Ironwood Drive Lots 203 and 209
Brenda R. and Tracy L. Lehman to Brenda R. and Tracy L. Lehman for $0.

12 Glenbrook Court Lot 2
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $216,564.

10 Glenbrook Court Lot 1
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $225,732.

18 Glenbrook Court Unit 5
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $225,732.

417 Fieldstone Drive Lot 27
Howard M. Horst, Debra E. Kauffman to Amy K. and Aaron P. Good for $420,000.

886 Mount Wilson Road
Beverly A. Winsett to Beverly A. Winsett for $1.

27 Finch Drive Quit Claim Deed
Nathan Bevans to Nathan and Maria Bevans for $1.

(UPI #29-2312155-362968-0000) Lot 53
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Wendy Gross for $224,990.

101 Ridge Road Lot 5
Elwood C. and Rebecca K. Meily to Patrick R. Meily for $160,000.

(UPI #29-2315928-343164-0000)
Douglas S. and Ruth L. Eiserman to Jeffrey S. and Shauny L. McCormick for $177,240.

72 Valley Lane Lot 11
Mark and Jennifer L. Ulsh to Anna Kelley for $550,000.

(UPI #29-2313612-362071-0000) Lot 38
Gardel to William and Hilary Sanchez for $102,000.

690 Bricker Lane
Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk to Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk for $10.

692 Bricker Lane
Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk to Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk for $10.

236 Horseshoe Drive Lot 29
Barbara A. Bennett to Barbara A. and WIlliam F. Bennett Jr. for $1.

South Lebanon Township

15 Moravian Street
Harry E. Whisler, Scott M. Patrick to Starrwar Properties for $60,000.

168 Linda Way Lot 6
Narrows Glen Inc. to Gary P. and Arianne Chernich Jr. for $446,687.

132 Linda Way Lot 15
Narrows Glen Inc. to Matthew A. and Heather Tropp for $361,601.

1156 King Street
Dennis S. Bucher to Anthony C. Fesig, Jennifer L. Ward for $65,000.

400 Clays Xing Lot 22 Quit Claim Deed
Susan J. Stubbs to Susan S. and Charles S. Agee for $10.

(UPI #30-2341311-360943-0000)
William J. and Nancy J. Smeltzer Jr. to Garman Builders at Lebanon for $219,000.

159 Linda Way Lot 23
Narrows Glen Inc. to James and Marianne Ament for $386,659.

28 Parkside Drive
Isolde M. F. and Frank T. Wing to Mary J. T. Y. Sih for $192,000.

502, 504, and 506 East Cumberland Street
Troy S. and Tina M. Custer to Windy Mansion Investments LLC for $275,000.

416 Meadowview Drive Lot 8
Joseph A. and Kimberly M. Clabaugh III to Craig L. and Tracy L. Koppenhaver for $280,000.

55 Falcon Circle Lot 14
Thomas M. and Amanda R. Erb to Amanda R. Erb for $1.

2010 Allegheny Avenue Lots 10, 11, Block H
Ricky A. and Angelina L. Kline to FHG 92 for $109,000.

1321 Birch Road
Anna M. R. Light, Phyllis A., Robert L., and Erin L. Stettler Jr. to Jesse M. and Crystal N. Brown for $155,000.

1312 Birch Road
Dianne L. Luciotti Estate, Zachary and Benjamin Luciotti to Lori Wilson for $187,500.

South Londonderry Township

2069 South Forge Road
Joan L. Wentz Estate, Lloyd T. Beers to Lloyd T. Beers for $1.

110 Lawn Road, 147 Woodridge Drive, 2771 Horseshoe Pike
Alger Family Trust, Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin to Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin for $1.

2887 Horseshoe Pike
Roman and Urszula B. Maleszewski to Carlos Lopez for $81,000.

20 North Village Circle Unit 76
Louise M. Heere to Diana Alvarez for $210,000.

165 Schoolhouse Road Lot 66
Ronald F. and Beota Y. Rhoade to Rhoade Family Trust, Ronald F. and Beota Y. Rhoade for $1.

199 Lyndel Drive
Glendon J. and Rebecca Musser to Andrew C. and Rebecca L. Martin for $262,500.

638 Springbrook Drive Unit 38
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Randall L. and Maxine Umberger for $373,322.

5594 Elizabethtown Road
Brandon J. Onufer to Dustin Deamer for $177,000.

36 West Market Street Lots 33 and 34
Lane Schiavoni Partnership to Lonnie D. Mast for $250,000.

627 Saddle Road
Robert M. and Ashley N. Adams to Joshua Bowman for $390,000.

621 Springbrook Drive Unit #60
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Michael A. Riemondy for $341,979.

448 Royal Road Lot 19
Leszek and Joanna I. Rzeszotko to Ram K. and Bimla M. Subedi for $450,000.

Swatara Township

410 Cindy Drive Lot 53
Amber N. Rizzo to Kevin M. Sholly, Amber Stevens for $165,400.

300 East Queen Street
Jacob M. and Michelle Kelliher to Michael J. and Jennifer J. Dengler for $197,000.

306 East Chestnut Street Lot 19
Michael J. and Louise M. Kelliher to Jacob M. Killiher, Michelle L. Kelliher for $275,000.

276 Cindy Drive
Mark P. and Ann M. Formica to Brandon A. Smith for $139,000.

10 Wildflower Circle Lot 86
Jonathan M. Vila, Suzanne L. M. Popson to Jonathan M. and Suzanne L. Vila for $1.

207 Monroe Valley Drive
Tonya L. Getz to Tonya L. McQuate for $1.

337 Cindy Drive Lot 78
Jason S. and Anna R. Gray to Luis A. R. Saldana, Lorein B. Rivera for $155,000.

Union Township

409 Awol Road
Joseph and Janet M. Boyer to Joseph, Janet M., and Joseph R. Boyer for $1.

30 Hill Drive
Charles W. Greenawalt, Charlene S. Moore to Christopher R. Boehler for $85,000.

326 Shepherd Street Lot 107
Dennis M. and Dulcie N. Adams to Richard and Gloria Cohick for $175,000.

West Cornwall Township

202 Weaver Avenue Lots 2 and 4
David M. and Bonnie L. Harvey to Kevin C. and Joann T. Skovira for $178,000.

70 West Main Street
Martin C. and Andrea Maxwell to Juvinaldo Aguillar, Daniel and Jose T. Canton for $125,000.

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