Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

401 West New Street
New Street Property LLC to Bernadette McHenry, Robert Kendig for $160,000.

109 Woodside Court
Daniel E. Jacobs to Alan J. and Brenda Hopperstead for $181,000.

34 North Railroad Street Quit Claim Deed
Kosmela Family Trust, Edward J. and Mary L. Kosmela to Edward J. Kosmela Jr. for $10.

201 South Long Street Lot 27
Gerald M. and Beth A. Mcateer to Christian and Rachel Eisenhour for $250,400.

243 East Main Street
Sarah W. Porche to Sarah W. and David J. Porche Sr. for $1.

305 South White Oak Street
James E. and Beverly J. Miller to John J. Miller for $255,000.

Bethel Township

(UPI #19-2329589-407282-0000) Lot 3
Miller and Spangler Inc. to Hennick Construction Inc. for $50,000.

2673 State Route 22
Fredericksburg Speedway Inc. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

433 School Drive Lot 5
Gertrude M. Wike Family Trust, Gertrude M. Wike to Andrea K. Dice for $175,000.

267 West Main Street Lots 41, 42, and 43
Earl L. and Marlene D. Zellers Jr. to Amy L. Binkley for $218,000.

109 Elk Drive
David W. Anderson to David W. Anderson for $1.

City of Lebanon

213 East High Street Lots 230 and 231
Jeffrey R. and Mary S. Imboden to Christopher M. and Pier H. Graf for $286,000.

302 East Chestnut Street
Arion M. and Khourtney Neyrinck to Dikxy E. and Francisco Ocasio for $182,000.

137 South 8th Street
Rhonda L. and Brian M. Ward to Align Life Ministries Inc. for $140,000.

8 East Chestnut Street
Pier N. Hess to Sadie M. Eisenhour, David L. Martel Sr. for $182,500.

361 South 3rd Avenue Lots 540, 541, 542, and 543
Anne G. Means, Horace M. Ehrgood to Brian M. and Rhonda L. Ward for $189,900.

1333 Oak Street
Philip A. Deufel, Annie E. Arguin to Justin C. Henninghan, Julia N. Ansel for $227,500.

1213 Church Street
Abdias J. and Elizabeth Ayala to Angela M. Hoskavich for $92,000.

650 Walnut Street
Edwin R. N. Acosta to Edwin R. N. Acosta for $1.

701 South 7th Street
Renew Homes LLC to David Sharkey, Jamie Matuszkiewicz for $1.

955 Cornwall Road
Ronald L. and Brenda D. Elliott to Ronald L. and Brenda D. Elliott for $1.

924, 925, and 926 Mifflin Street
Mifflin Street Lebanon to Francis Y. H. Santos for $110,000.

533 South 7th Street
Luisa and Julio Torres to Alexander I. Cruz for $111,000.

311 Park Avenue
Scott C. and Sherri L. Laicha to Juan L. Rosa for $120,000.

315 North 9th Avenue
Regal Cast Inc. to Casa Cola LLC for $78,000.

720 East Lehman Street Lot 1
Janis Herschkowitz to PRL Inc. for $210,000.

355 North Hanover Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Jose A. Gonzalez for $89,000.

1265 Colebrook Road
Charles A. and Tina M. Gordon to Michael B. and Andrea M. Fister for $192,000.

535 Maple Street
Fannie Mae, New Penn Financial, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $1.

115 Lehman Street
David Baal to Starr War Properties LLC for $60,000.

922 Mifflin Street
Mifflin Street Lebanon to Rosa A. Minyety for $63,000.

639 Walnut Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertelli to Rodolfo M. Castillo, Maria C. Reyes for $45,000.

379, 380, and 381 North Eighth Street
Henryk Niedzwiedz to Krystyna Sarno for $1.

147 South 8th Street and 809 Walnut Street
Richard D. Schreiber Estate, Susan S. and Theodore E. Fisher III, Isabel S. Eckman, Sara K. S. Platz, George W. Schreiber to Isabel S. Eckman for $1.

1105 Poplar Street
James D. Rutter to Benjamin and Morgan Vaughn for $130,000.

Cleona Borough

203 West Chestnut Street Lot 84A and Part of Lot 84
William and Mollie Bering Jr. to Morgan and Kim S. Phillips for $225,100.

248 South Center Street Lot 116
Austin J. Waters to Amber M. Dumond for $130,000.

41 East Walnut Street Lot 247, Part of Lot 246
David A. and Janet L. Keener to Christi Graham, Shawn Malvin for $264,000.

7 South Christian Street Lot 73 and Part of Lot 72
Giovanna Canale, Maria Manzella, Domenica Martorana, Nunzio Barreca to Luis D. S. Torres, Casmille I. R. Rodriguez for $165,000.

Cornwall Borough

1023 Riverstone Circle Unit 421
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to John L. and Janice F. Gerstner for $298,745.

217 Boyd Street
Patricia A. and Janis L. Herschkowitz to PRL Industries Inc. for $290,000.

74 Norway Lane
Randall J. and Suzanne H. K. Morgan to Nicole J. and Michael L. Boland for $450,000.

1008 Northgate Drive Unit 3
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Bruce A. Kurtz for $367,605.

East Hanover Township

23 Sherks Church Road
Jay M. and Michelle E. Lloyd to William Schwenk for $548,000.

600 Dairy Lane
Faye S. Harman Estate, Stanley and Dennis Harman Jr. to Stanley Harman Jr. for $1.

766 Ono Road
Arnold C. Smith to Arnold C. Smith Irrevocable Grantor Trust for $1.

Heidelberg Township

231 South Market Street
Ryan W. and Kristen N. Lehman to Nathan M. Weaver for $185,000.

241 South Market Street
Jesse L. Cummings to Nathaniel Frey, Samantha J. Fairchild for $180,000.

304 South Market Street
Carl J. and Linda M. Meyer to Amanda N. Bashore for $50,000.

225 South Lancaster Avenue
Steven J. Martel Estate, William F. Martel Jr. to William F. Martel Sr. for $1.

120 Mountain Road
Eric H. and Kristen R. Fetter to Nunzio Cracchiolo, Caitlin Cressman for $153,000.

101 South Market Street
David H. Horst to Wayne D. Hand for $425,000.

1160 Heidelberg Avenue Part of Lot 87
Zachary W. and Emily G. Miller to Collin D. Loboda for $219,900.

Jackson Township

4 Homestead Circle
Amanda M. and Jeremy M. Klopp to Kimberly and Michael Falen for $445,000.

210 West McKinley Avenue Lot 120 and Part of Lot 118
Donna M. Fisher to Brian S. Fisher for $169,200.

4 Jonathan Drive Lot 10
E. David and Denise S. Weidman to Juganpreet S. Sidhu for $265,000.

215 West McKinley Avenue Lot 113
Marcia J. Hacker to Sally M. and Inaam Letaif for $225,000.

63 Gable Drive Lot 25
David M. and Suzanne M. Herb to Michael A. Herb, Emily R. Boyer for $162,500.

517 Stracks Dam Road Lot 3
Catherine M. Schott Estate, Lori A. Ceresini, Raymond L. Schott Revocable Living Trust, Catherine M. Schott Revocable Living Trust, Lori A. Ceresini to Mason T. Musser for $180,000.

428 Royers Road
Raymond K. and Martha J. Martin to Mark W. and Kathryn M. Hurst for $275,000.

520 East Lincoln Avenue
Doreen M. Clentimack to David P. and Doreen M. McGuire for $1.

Jonestown Borough

186 Twin Creeks Drive Lot G-26
Jordan D. and Selina J. Long to Jose Cruz, Alice M. Portalatin for $225,000.

135 East Chestnut Street
Donald S. Boyer Estate, Shirley A. Boyer to David S. and Michael R. Boyer for $1.

31 South Broad Street Lot 58
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan Sr. to Kristin R. Witherson for $186,000.

31 Williamsburg Drive Lot G-37
Christopher L. and Stacey A. Small to Arthur R. Stahlmann for $205,000.

25 North Fisher Street
Michael Ginder to Chelsea L. and Austin L. Carpenter for $195,000.

Millcreek Township

13 Evergreen Way Lot 325
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Annamarie and Rita A. Fleck for $205,000.

165 Chapel Road
David J. and Mary K. Peachey to Samuel L. and Elsie M. Peachy for $1.

154 North Sheridan Road Lot 1
Lowell D. Hartzell to Adam W. and Julie A. Saul for $415,000.

128 East Main Street
Evelyn M. Good to Justin R. and Kiri B. Arndt for $179,900.

30 Meadow Drive Lot 458
Paul J. and Suzanne K. Newiadomy to Newiadomy Family Trust, Paul J. and Suzanne K. Newiadomy for $1.

228 East Main Street
Jon G. Shanfelder to Ethan Miller for $94,900.

320 West Main Street
Stephanie B. Sheidy to Stephanie B. Sheidy, Stacy L. Sloat for $1.

67 South Mountain Road Lot 7
Irwin J. and Connie J. Ulrich to William G. and Alysha L. Quillen for $159,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

114 Temple Avenue Lot 27
Marianne Thompson to Yulia and George Davydovitch for $315,000.

213 Stevens Avenue Lots 173 and 174
Lowell B. and Daphne Fry to Joshua E. and Colbee A. Vanatta for $295,000.

Myerstown Borough

152 West Main Avenue
Flippers and Keepers LLC to Giovanni and Isabella LLC for $115,000.

216 South Cherry Street
Jillian Dundore to Darryl L. Sheidy Jr. for $121,000.

125 South Locust Street
Joseph C. and Kristin M. Zimmerman to Denyel Trumbore, Daniel Beever for $245,000.

119 West Lincoln Avenue Lot 2 Etc.
Primax Properties to NS Retail Holdings for $1,820,539.

299 West Park Avenue
Carol A. Fullmer to Gregory A. and Wanda A. Strock for $130,000.

17 North College Street
Gary L. and Kelly D. Althouse Jr. to Loretta Livinghouse for $210,000.

306 East Main Avenue Lot 12
Brian J. and Kim L. Weidman to William D. and Nichole H. Baldwin for $142,000.

345 West Main Avenue
Rock A. Nelson, Terri Miller to Missy M. Walmer for $160,000.

North Annville Township

899 Palmyra Bellgrove Road
Richard E. Bowman Sr. Estate, David E. Bowman to Aaron R. and Alice M. Miller III for $130,000.

401 North State Route 934
Thomas W. and Elaine S. Maurer Jr. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

1175 Thompson Avenue
Raymond M. and Ellen B. Weaver to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

5004 School Creek Lane
Jason R. and Kendra M. Eby to Jason R. and Kendra M. Eby for $0.

North Cornwall Township

707 Brookside Lane Lot 158
Larry D., Brenda, and Kimberlee R. Bowman to Adam J. and Wendy L. Albert for $237,000.

(UPI #26-2340336-357225-0000) Lots 2 and 6
Springwood Development Partners to Byler Real Estate Holdings for $877,500.

719 Farmwood Lane Unit 70
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Brian and Samantha L. Frisby for $195,710.

1004 Glenwood Lane Lot 243
Ricardo A. and Christina D. Ramos to Matthew J. and Emma C. Lebo for $485,000.

80 Cart Way Lot 53
Rhian E. Davies to Judie L. Flear, Nicole L. Dunkelberger for $410,000.

233 Troon Way
Randy E. and Lynn A. Hoffman to Angela Stewart, Robert L. Thomas III for $460,000.

153 South 21st Street Lot 158
Jeffrey B. Deamer to Felicia A. and Ahmed M. Khalifa for $149,900.

707 Farmwood Lane Unit 64
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Elmer K. and Ruth K. Fisher for $173,060.

709 Farmwood Lane Unit 65
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Elmer K. and Ruth K. Fisher for $173,060.

2240 West Cumberland Street
Rosemary J. Kreisher to Kurt M. Yordy for $20,000.

713 Farmwood Lane Unit 67
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Moises J. E. Lopez, Elivelisse P. Gutierrez for $195,810.

723 Farmwood Lane Unit 72
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Brian J. Jaeger for $174,735.

69 Walden Road Lot 45
Diron E. and Kaitlyn B. Wine to Joshua I. and Amber J. Kleinfelter for $337,000.

327 Springwood Drive Unit 56
Builder Services Group Inc. to Adam C. Stieber, Teresa A. Hernandez for $173,585.

139 Northwood Court
Cynthia L. Peffley to Liz R. Nevarez for $131,000.

309 Catherine Court
Letizia J. Babcock to Moh Khuttan, Asha Rani for $349,900.

North Lebanon Township

3201 Tunnel Hill Road
Coleen C. Waybright to Herman and Patricia A. Dundore for $120,000.

1822 Ashton Drive
Benjamin and Gregory Shean to Gregory and Nancy Shean for $1.

909 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 168
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Paul J. and Linda Barron for $329,171.

SS East Maple Street
GQM New Ventures II to Godshalls Lebanon County Enterprises for $1.

944 Miller Street
Kerry M. Keener to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $147,000.

2550 Long Lane
Beverly K. Rittle to Beverly K. Rittle for $1.

948 Snapdragon Court Lot 40
Charles H. Reese to Charles H. Reese, Diane Sirriannia for $1.

811 Willow Lane
Luis A. S. Maldonado, Sara E. Irizarry to Todd M. and Kelly Mease for $187,000.

1820 Ashton Drive Lot 74
Sherry L. and Douglas J. Prough to Cheryl C. and Kenneth D. Smith for $235,000.

812 Maple Lane Lot 812
Cecelia M. Brown to Russell L. Brown, Jacqueline D. Shyda for $1.

632 North 11th Avenue Lot 94
Matthew D. and Danielle A. Kreiser to Justin Raines for $240,000.

81 East Brookfield Drive Lot 37
Joshua J. Herman, Karla M. Ortiz to Joshua J. Herman for $1.

1324 Weavertown Road
Susan J. and Randall R. Kreider to Darwin Peralta for $90,000.

Deed of Consolidation
Godshalls Lebanon County Enterprises to Godshalls Lebanon County Enterprises for $1.

North Londonderry Township

13 Lynnwood Drive Lot 16
David B. and Patricia A. Fahnestock to David B. Fahnestock for $1.

76 Lexington Drive Lot 130
Heath B. and Holly S. Mackley to Sudharshan Luitel, Hari Neupane for $399,900.

571 West Ridge Road Lot 1
Adam R. Zimmerman to Adam R. and Kaitlyn E. Zimmerman for $1.

13 Lynwood Drive Lot 16 Section B
David B. Fahnestock to Wendy J. and Dane A. Fahnestock for $1.

442 Gravel Hill Road
Miriam A. Runkle Estate, Charles E. and Dennis J. Runkle to Roy D. and Beverly A. Shirk for $147,000.

839 Pajabon Drive Lot 4
Ellen L. and Tonikay Green to Tonikay Green for $1.

705 Harvey Avenue
Joshua Kleinfelter to Stephanie N. Rheinheimer for $192,500.

48 Brunswick Lane Lot 76
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Destinee P. Dipalo, Joshua I. Riggs for $265,000.

921 Harnish Street Lot 227
Thy and Meng C. L. Keo to Nar N. and Kamal K. Humagai for $317,000.

200 Plaza Drive
Helen G. Landis Estate, Helen T. Landis Estate, David P. Krosevic, Pamela A. Yuhaniak to Estela R. Paz for $225,000.

344 Sweetwater Drive Lot 176
Jesse J. Schlotzhauer to Jesse J. and Maggi A. Schlotzhauer for $1.

56 Shady Lane Building 3 Unit 8
William and Grace Hensinger to Grace A. Hensinger for $1.

142 Wheatstone Drive Lot 218
Graham A. and Lauren R. Zug to Graham A. and Lauren R. Zug for $1.

Palmyra Borough

503 North Railroad Street
Carlton E. and Mary E. Hoke to Michael P. and Diane M. Leonard for $240,000.

723 West Oak Street
Robin L. Dunkle to Louise M. Heere for $164,000.

711 North Railroad Street
Andrew T. and Chrystal Foulk to William C. Pearson for $135,000.

309 West Orchard Drive Lot 3
Mariann Matlick to Jesse M. and Tracey L. Ziegler for $330,000.

111 East Maple Street
George R. and Jenny M. Kulp to Jeanne M. Mangin for $199,900.

323 South Lingle Avenue
Andrea L. Finch to Andrea L. and Joshua M. Loew for $1.

801 West Cherry Street
Matthew Breidenstine to Trey Stern for $145,000.

32 East Poplar Street Lot Unit 9
Kara M. Kintzel to William C. Bray Jr., Michele M. Schmidt for $135,000.

405 South Green Street
Steven Viozzi to Perry Painting Staining and Powerwashing LLC for $118,000.

977 East Maple Street Lot 62 I
Estela R. Paz, Andrew C. Galletti to Joshua D. and Lauren P. Faiola for $172,000.

104 North Franklin Street
Donald J. and Gale A. Gibson to Lloyd Associates for $60,000.

558 North Railroad Street
Kenneth R. and Fay M. Krumbine, Charles C. May Sr., Karen A. Spangler to Cody J. May for $170,000.

946 East Oak Street Lot 34
Gale J. Peters to Patrick and Kelly Lynch for $275,000.

107, 108, and 109 South Forge Road
Lucas A. Hellenthal, Kylie C. Corrigan to Chad L. and Stacy M. Hellenthal for $1.

139 North College Street
PNC Bank to Charter Property Solutions for $63,000.

Richland Borough

409 Oak Street Lot 31
Elaine J. Snyder Estate, James F. Snyder to Juanita and Luis Perez for $203,000.

822 East Linden Street
Ruth M. Sonnen Estate, Malcolm J. Sonnen to Keldon P. and Chris P. Merkel for $139,900.

South Annville Township

706 Nottingham Way Lot 12
Timothy J. and Lauren A. Boblick to Indra Kuikel, Goma Wagley for $405,000.

12 Ironwood Drive Lot 105
Leslie Ceravalo to Estreet Properties LLC for $133,250.

535 Killinger Road
Thomas Lingenfelter, Elizabeth S. Ricker to South Annville Township for $1.

N Of Horseshoe Trail Drive
Parco Inc. to John C. and Heidi A. Tylwalk for $190,000.

South Lebanon Township

609 Charles Street Lot 31
Robert J. and Erika C. Lauson to Sierra M. Conley for $204,900.

621 Progress Avenue Lot 91
Adam W. and Julie A. Saul to Robert J. and Erika C. Lauson for $289,000.

1335 Harding Lane Lot 166
Cecelia R. and Alysha D. Guttendorf to Brandon R. and Brooke S. Myers for $190,000.

35 Falcon Circle Lot 9
Steven M. Wills to Robert B. and Sherry K. Worsham for $390,000.

25 Eastfield Drive Lot 26
Angela E. Stewart to Kathleen L. Cyphers for $295,000.

131 Monticello Drive Lot 72
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to John and Vonda J. Barton for $429,990.

409 Edgewood Drive Lot 41
Craig M. and Marsha K. Messinger to Matthew Fisher, Kiersta L. Jones for $217,000.

1128 South 3rd Street Lot 8
Long Lane Meadows to Barry A. and Vonnie L. Boyle for $297,697.

522 East Cumberland Street
Ruby H. Hupp Estate, Terry L. Hupp to Dwayne Bickelman, Danielle Leeper for $131,000.

612 South Lincoln Avenue
Vonnie L. Montgomery, Vonnie L. Boyle to Christopher L. and Stacey A. Small for $200,000.

148 Linda Way Lot 11
Narrows Glen Inc. to Quynh N. Haas, Chau T. and Hang T. Vo for $105,000.

1608 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Robyn R. Houser for $437,251.

57 Clover Drive Lot 19
Emma C. Lebo to Eric V. and Alice E. W. Breslin for $317,500.

2022 State Drive
Howard F. Wood to Evette Hernandez for $160,000.

South Londonderry Township

5558 Elizabethtown Road
Patrick J. and Laura E. W. Rodack to Jared C. Moyer, Emily R. Bomgardner for $133,500.

(UPI #31-2295427-347862-0000) Unit 170
Springbrook Farms Inc., Brookwood Drive Associates, and E G Stoltzfus Homes to Greg W. and Linda L. Mitchell for $295,000.

219 Scenic Ridge Boulevard
Wade A. Edris, Karen E. Green to Daniel A. and Kelcey M. Bucks for $170,000.

2500 North Brandt Road
Jacob J. and Dorothy M. Brandt to Lights Realty for $150,000.

2628 North Brandt Road
Lights Realty, Lights Realty Holding to Lights Realty for $1.

50 South Village Circle Unit 157
John S. and Vonda J. Barton to Christopher B. and Kay S. S. Widdowson for $280,000.

60 Carriage Road Lot 51
Martin H. and Lee A. Taras to Michael C. and Kristine L. Hazel for $354,000.

(UPI #31-2297049-344783-0000) Lot 10
Mt. Pleasant Ventures to Jeremy B. and Emily A. Miller for $124,900.

2086 South Forge Road Lots 15, 16, Etc.
John L. and Janice F. Gerstner to Samantha K. Pickel for $330,500.

16 Whippoorwill Drive Lot 24 Quit Claim Deed
Daniel W. B. Krill to Daniel W. B. and Kaleigh Krill for $0.

45 North Village Circle Unit 130
Huong H. and Thuy T. Tran to Lisa A. and Thomas J. Brisendine for $185,000.

98 Cobblestone Drive Lot 91
Steven L. and Cassie L. Katzdorn to Justin Osburn, Kyristen Lackey for $355,000.

164 Forest Circle Lot 114
Anthony D. and Jamie I. Berryhill to Robert and Jessica Hennion Jr. for $186,000.

203 Stanley Drive Lot 45
William M. and Grace A. Hensinger to Grace A. Hensinger for $1.

101 Glendon Drive Lot 1
Mt. Pleasant Ventures to Michael A. Otoole for $109,929.

Swatara Township

413 Cindy Drive
Ryan J. Moody, Cortney A. Thompson to Courtney A. Ginter for $155,000.

131 Lighthouse Drive Lot 64
Michael H. and Lori T. Carmel to Kyle D. and Rebekah K. Schaeffer for $165,000.

2195 Kenbrook Road
Shaun E. and Karen E. Buch to Spencer and Cortner A. Bowden for $260,000.

2310 Quarry Road
Thomas E. and Lauri J. Folmer to Jeremy K. Bennett for $172,525.

2221 Quarry Road
Jared Burkholder to Hannah J. R. Bennis for $117,500.

282 Mountain Drive
Karen M. Bressler to Dale T. Kreiser for $1.

58 Sweetbriar Lane Lot 32 and 24
John C. and Lucielle Wiese to John C. and Lucielle Wiese for $1.

Union Township

NS Davids Court Lot 1
Gerald M. and Judith M. Long to Kyle and Paige Wehrman for $115,000.

West Cornwall Township

502 2nd Street Etc. Lots 7 and 8 Etc.
Redtop Property Management to Robert F. and Tamra L. Travitz for $1.

441 Lori Ann Court
Ronald J. Naples 2012 Irrevocable Trust, Marcus, Regen, and Tiffany Naples to Joseph R. Peluso, Tricia Tomaselli for $500,000.

219 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 63
Vito and Maria C. Amato to Peter M. and Ellen C. Morbelli for $307,000.

328 Tree View Lane
Alan K. and Kathleen L. Cyphers to Daniel and Kerri B. Collins for $425,000.

132 Riders Way Lot 17
Phyllis A. Stewart Estate, Constance Essay to Curvin R. and Mary A. Martin for $131,000.

117 Cassadee Court Lot 9
Patricia G. Flynn to Thomas Y. Tsuji, Ashli M. Gamber for $599,000.

207 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 60 Corrective Deed
Hes Family Trust, Dolores R. Smith to Hes Family Trust, Dolores R. Smith for $1.

424 State Route 117
Patricia S. Allen Estate, Stephen J. Allen to Robert A. Deppen, Yolanda L. Smith for $210,000.

(UPI #34-2333432-347699-0000) Lot 74
S. Gerald, Karen M., S. Gerald Builder Musser to James C. and Susan E. Hinkley for $71,900.

200 North Zinns Mill Road Lots 221 and 220
Richard K. and Jaann M. Smith to John J. and Jennifer L. Smith for $1.

West Lebanon Township

1801 Church Street
Todd A. and Tracey L. Geist, Sarah Weber to Integrity First Home Buyers for $160,000.

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