Oxygen true crime series “Killer Couples” focused episode five of its 15th season, released May 27, on an infamous Lebanon county case: that of Palmyra florist Guy Goodman’s 1993 murder.

Photograph of Guy Goodman. “Killer Couples” Season 15 Episode 5, Oxygen Network.

In 1994, Bradley Martin and Carolyn King, the focus of the episode, were found guilty of first degree murder and initially sentenced to death. Eventually, their sentence was reduced to a lifetime in prison.

Mugshots of Bradley Martin and Carolyn King. “Killer Couples” Season 15 Episode 5, Oxygen Network.

“Killer Couples” walks viewers through the crime, its investigation, and how it played out in court.

Various people involved in the case are interviewed—then-District Attorney Bradford Charles, who was the homicide’s primary investigator; Robert Silverman, a friend of Guy Goodman; Les Stewart, Lebanon Daily News reporter who wrote over 80 articles about the case; and more.

“Every single second was a second of premeditation,” says Bradford Charles as he is interviewed by “Killer Couples” producers. “Killer Couples” Season 15 Episode 5, Oxygen Network.

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The documentary-style episode includes reenactments of parts of the investigation by actors, as well as real photographs and videos that were used as evidence.

An actor-reenactment of the initial search of Guy Goodman’s house. “Killer Couples” Season 15 Episode 5, Oxygen Network.

While the homicide itself is not depicted, some scenes of the episode are potentially disturbing for some audiences, including blood and allusions to violence.

To view the episode, visit Oxygen’s website or read Oxygen’s written account of the investigation here.

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