Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

469 East Main Street
John J. Miller, J. Brian Krall to Blake J. and Bree Kelsey for $165,000.

35 West Main Street
Levi S. and Faydeen M. Gerhart Jr. to Vito Mannino for $240,000.

1065 East Main Street Lot 10 and Part of Lot 9
Rozelle M. and Tara R. Ensminger to Carl J. and Tara R. E. Stumpf Jr. for $175,000.

53 West Sheridan Avenue
Judith L. Horst to Iron Clad Rei for $228,000.

78 West High Street Lot 5
Benjamin R. Wenger to Benjamin R. and Lindsey Wenger for $1.

223 East Main Street
Union Hose Company of Annville Incorporated to Steven M. Franzone for $190,000.

113 North Lancaster Street
Marcia A. Eckhart to JVM Real Estate for $130,000.

Bethel Township

945 Frystown Road Lot 1
Samuel J. Forry Jr. to Delmar R. Zimmerman Revocable Trust for $230,000.

425 Freeport Road Lot 3
Robert B. and Susan R. Walborn to Casey L. and Lauren M. Walborn for $260,000.

1570 Mount Zion Road
Kimberly Dunbar to Kimberly and Greg A. Dunbar for $1.

241 Freeport Road
David W. and Carol L. Brubaker, Linford R. and Audrey S. Snyder to David W. and Carol L. Brubaker for $325,000.

125 Johns Way Drive Lot 20
Larry E. and Gay N. Kreiser Jr. to Nathan C. and Bethany D. Weaver for $265,000.

124 Elk Drive
Rama Investment Properties to Rebecca L. Rodriguez for $220,000.

260 Golf Road
Barbara M. Harding to Laura M. and Bruce R. Heilinger for $1.

286 Camp Strause Road
Jeannette M. Wagner to Clair E. Seibert for $169,900.

109 Sunrise Drive
Michele L. and Andrew G. Wagner to Jacquelynne B. McKinney for $195,000.

City of Lebanon

306 North Third Avenue
Thomas E. Kline to Oliver Q. Woelfling for $71,000.

1316 Brandywine Street
Dorothy Wise Estate, Lisa Majka to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $31,500.

25 Tiffany Lane Lot 13
SWH Properties to Kelly M. Cevallos for $138,000.

1008 Laurel Street Lot 72 Etc.
Bruce E. Daub to Bruce E. and Eileen K. Daub for $1.

24 Mifflin Street
Mary E. and Paul L. Steiner to RMRR Properties, Rick L. and Monica L. Clay for $115,000.

722 North Hanover Street
Christopher R. Martin to Otoniel E. D. D. Campusano for $124,900.

1103 Walnut Street
Haydee Rivera to Enid S. R. Lajara, Frederick R. E. Vasquez for $120,000.

133 South Sixth Street
Thomas E. Kline to Julia C. L. Paredes for $90,000.

943 East Scull Street
Integrity First Home Buyers to Alexander M. Olson for $115,000.

213 Canal Street Lot 213
Adam D. Wagner Estate, Adam Wagner Estate, Judy M. Wagner to Dalinet O. Suarez for $130,000.

347 North 5th Street
EH Company LLC to Alexander B. Garcia for $190,000.

1310 Poplar Street
Paul T. Sattazahn to Hector D. V. Cabrera, Luana P. Burgos for $180,000.

370 North 9th Street
Christopher Samuel to Seasosand Thach for $56,000.

939 and 941 Cumberland Street
D & D Real Estate Holding to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $58,000.

411 North 5th Street
Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties to Jacob D. Moore, Irica D. Marquez for $95,300.

305 Lehman Street Quit Claim Deed
CE Smith Investments LLC, Smith CE Investments LLC to Michael D. and Cynthia L. Fertig for $5,000.

360 South Sixteenth Street Etc.
Jane E. Markert to Ivan S. and Rosene G. Martin for $100,000.

203 South 2nd Street
Nicole M. Price to Nicole M. Albin for $1.

1561 Elm Street
Nichole M. and Shane M. Reichard to Wilmington Savings Dund Society, Christiana Trust for $3,718.

450 South 3rd Street
Jeffrey W. and Heidi J. Griffith to Maria T. E. Rodriguez for $235,000.

525 Canal Street
Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel to Andy B. M. Torres for $146,000.

313 South 2nd Street
Miranda L. Hollinger to Walter T. Gundrum Jr. for $119,900.

(UPI #04-2341456-371016-0000) Lot 16
Axis Columbia Storage LLC, Axis 64th Garages LLC to Second Sail Development for $260,000.

222 South 8th Street
Premier Home Solutions LLC to Yoe Co Real Estate for $125,000.

417 North 6th Street
Jonas and Barbie L. Lapp to Daniel S. and Fannie K. King for $105,000.

320 and 322 North Gannon Street
Teresa M. A. and Michael N. Sherk to City Construction Services Inc. for $10,000.

1024 Elm Street
David Wolfe to David and Sarah E. Wolfe for $1.

537 North 7th Street
Aurora Mendez to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $80,000.

114 North 4th Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Davis J. Arnold for $140,000.

471 North 6th Street
Benancio E. and Luisa A. Acevedo to Kareem R. Senises for $138,000.

821 South Broad Street
Madeline E. Weise, Andrea M. Moody to Edward C. and Lisa M. Moncrief for $96,400.

433 Lehman Street
Marlin R. Martin Jr. to Terry R. Lerch for $80,000.

Cleona Borough

35 South Mill Street
Patrick E. and Melanie A. German to Tarek Abdelwahed, Mohamed Aly for $175,000.

Cornwall Borough

1238 Mosaic Drive Unit 419
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Michael D. and Brenda S. Campbell for $535,169.

1047 English Drive Unit 364
Rebecca S. Einwechter to Moderno Rossi for $230,000.

1201 Mosaic Drive Unit 406
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Pamela B. Hall for $330,435.

216 Rex Street
Anita F. Swearingen Estate, Ray A. Swearingen to Ray A. Swearingen for $1.

7 Lynch Drive Lot 36
William J. Rhine, Dolly N. Tapias to William J. and Dolly N. Rhine for $1.

1018 English Drive Unit 334
Jean R. Foelker to David S. and Patricia Nyeki for $255,000.

East Hanover Township

72 Sherks Church Road Lot 8
Byler Management to Christopher J. Kernick, Angela L. Stewart for $135,000.

660 Pine Road Lot 12
Kenneth D. Burridge to James and Tace Popp Jr. for $10,000.

1029 Gravel Hill Road
Bette J. Taraschi Estate, Sheri Koberlein to Daniel Flowers, Whitney Hughes for $225,000.

833 Ono Road
Jack F. Hurley III, Jill L. Linette to Jill L. Linette for $1.

10477 Jonestown Road
Brian S., Laura J., and Bradley J. Herr to Brian S. and Laura J. Herr for $1.

Heidelberg Township

449 Sheep Hill Road
Rodney S. and Jerrita L. Burkholder to Roman S. and Anna R. Lapp for $220,000.

2210 Stiegel Pike Lot 1
Clarence Z. and Erla M. Zimmerman to Clarence Z. Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust, Erla M. Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust, Clarence Z. and Erla M. Zimmerman for $1.

2409 Prescott Road Lot 5
John E. and Elizabeth M. Zimmerman to Michael R. Shewmaker for $255,000.

9 Frederick Lane
Janet L. Wharton to Verna Geesaman for $1.

Jackson Township

3 Scenic Drive Lot 254
Margot C. and Robert S. McKain to Sandra Garrison, Shirley A. Harvst for $180,000.

155 Gable Drive Lot 69
Eileen J. Hoffa to Nicholas McClosky, Rachel Stellhorn for $182,000.

205 West McKinley Avenue Lot 123 and Part of Lot 121
John F. and Jacqueline A. Schlegel Jr. to Lewis P. and Joise M. D. Frank Jr. for $225,000.

200 West Franklin Avenue Lot 108
Israel A. and Dana M. Miller to Justin M. and Kami J. Ely for $236,500.

9 Bradford Circle Lot 41
Anthony R. Feliciano, Terri L. Campbell to Brenden M. McKeever for $168,000.

611 Mayflower Drive Lot 13
Richard A. Purnell Estate, Susanna W. and Richard W. Purnell to William L. Thompson, Tammy L. Smith for $215,000.

535 West Main Avenue
Kyle C. and Alexis D. Brown to Terry R. Lerch, Richard W. and Elizabeth A. Stoessel for $150,000.

490 Stracks Dam Road
Ruth E. Dundore Estate, Cynthia L. Liskey, Lynnea Pellissier, Susan Dundore to Karlyn E. Wenger, Krista J. Eberly for $220,000.

27 Laurel Drive Lot 27
Lori A. Johnson to Renae M. Boyer for $173,500.

431 North College Street Lot B
Daniel and Kelley Hess to Daniel and Kelley Hess for $1.

2 Grasshopper Court Lot 1
Daniel B. Mancill Sr. to Daniel B. and Arlene L. Mancill Sr. for $1.

299 North Locust Street
Richard L. and Mary G. Brubaker to Dale H. and Jolene R. Zimmerman for $1,099,763.

(UPI #23-2363209-383892-0000)
Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church to Jackson Developers LLC for $675,000.

137 Gable Drive Lot 60
Andrew G. and Tracey L. Hartman to Andrew G. Hartman for $1.

Jonestown Borough

353 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-126
Amanda J. Mullins to Nicholas R. Updegrove, Melinda Dove for $175,000.

115 West Martin Street
Davin K. Haupt to Kurt W. Stegman for $50,000.

308 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-179
Darin J. Kline to Hunter A. Torres, Lauren A. Weise for $245,500.

124 Twin Creeks Drive Quitclaim Deed
Jamie B. Hagans to Eric and Jamie Mulhorn for $1.

Millcreek Township

19 Newburg Drive Lot 55
Carol E. and Wayne B. Barnes to Nevin E., Kerry A., and Donna F. Martin for $250,000.

62 Edgemont Lane Lot 462
Dawn L. Schmehl, Michele Paul to Dawn L. Schmehl, Michele Paul for $1.

203 East Main Street
Betty J. Patches, Teresa Ebling, Kathy L. Sheetz to Elizabeth and Kseniya Geynovich for $225,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

NS Lancaster Avenue Lots 315 and 316
Barbara A. Long to Randolph J. and Miriam K. Durenberger for $55,500.

102 Muhlenberg Avenue Lot 25
James C. and Elaine L. Gibbel to Gibbel Family Vacation Home Trust for $1.

Myerstown Borough

309 South Railroad Street
Mary J. Klick Estate, Michael W. Klick to Joshua King for $95,000.

14 East Muth Avenue
Mary N. Murphy to Dennis R. and Nan Milhoan for $150,000.

12 West Richland Avenue
Matthew D. Heifer to Derek Witmer for $125,000.

316 South Cheery Street
Charles J. Heberling Estate, David C. Heberling to Clinton W. Mast for $165,000.

North Annville Township

547 North State Route 934
Sheila M. Long Estate, Michael C. Long to Michael C. Long, Jessica L. Baker for $1.

35 Horseshoe Boulevard Lot 9
Juan and Libertad Colon to Todd E. Gettle for $250,000.

North Cornwall Township

1708 Center Street
Lisa A. Garman to Mariah A. Escobar for $155,500.

1745 Quentin Road
Seritage KMT Finance LLC to Target Corporation for $5,000,000.

2148 Walnut Street Lot 10
Joseph A. and Lauren A. Crowe to Robin A. Moyer for $160,000.

1012 Glenwood Lane Lot 247
Anthony J. and Margaret J. Lucci to Steven M. and Kristie M. Pepper Jr. for $535,000.

155 Furnace Court Lot 155
Bryan K. and Nina M. E. Pelfrey to Nichole J. Bingaman for $110,000.

1808 Center Street
Nathan R. and Kassandra Kinney to Donna J. and Richard A. Miller Jr. for $119,500.

710 Farmwood Lane Unit 102
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Alex Scott for $180,060.

702 Farmwood Lane Unit 106
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Jeremy and Samantha L. Hibbs for $202,060.

810 Rex Avenue Lots 25 and 26
Tracy L. and Timothy M. Lengle to Timothy M. Lengle for $1.

712 Farmwood Lane Unit 101
Builder Services Group Inc. to Roberto H. P. Carreras for $202,060.

1000 Glenwood Lane Lot 241
Clayton C. Kleinfelter III to Clayton C. Kleinfelter, Robert L. Arnold for $1.

439 Millbridge Drive Lot 11
Frank M. and Diane M. Stewart to Frank M. Stewart for $1.

22 Creekside Drive Lot 85
Narrows Glen Inc. to Amy R. and Paul A. Trump for $340,600.

331 Bricker Lane Lot 9
Patrick T. Barry to Richard A. and Nicole E. Enigk for $165,000.

1824 Chestnut Street
Garry V. Light to Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $81,000.

852 and 854 Byler Circle Units 115 and 116
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Trailway Properties for $364,120.

856 Byler Circle Unit 114
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Floyd R. Sensenig Estate, Floyd R. Sensenig Credit Trust for $182,060.

858 Byler Circle Unit 113
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Stephenie A. Layser for $204,060.

North Lebanon Township

1800 Martin Drive Lot 53 Etc.
Sue E. Mills, Julia Organtini to Kris and Lauri A. Kollar for $150,000.

700 North 24th Street
Elizabeth Ketchuck to Lonnie D. and Christy Heilman Jr. for $105,000.

17 Laurel Lane Lot 146 Quit Claim Deed
Christopher C. Eckman IV to Christopher C. and Brianna F. Eckman IV for $10.

1705 Rear East Cumberland Street
William W. and Vicki A. Halsell Jr. to Jed H. Gingrich for $1,250,000.

862 Kimmerlings Road
Ralf Haspert to Ralf and Heather T. Haspert for $1.

837 East Canal Street Lot 35
Rashad Ali to Rashad and Sharifa A. R. Ali for $1.

188 Heffelfinger Road Lot 6
Bonnie L. Willman, Gregory Heist to Carley A. Serrano for $265,000.

809 Poplar Lane
Sarika Soin to Reepal A. and Heena R. Bhavsar for $150,000.

2040 Water Street Lot 61
Kelly A. Boyer to Edwin Z. and Tara M. Z. Figueroa for $259,900.

1118 Garden Avenue Lot 17
Donald E. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Lois F. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Donald E. and Lois F. Smith to Kevin D. Smith for $1.

1214 Lochwood Drive
Scott B. and Linda L. Artz to Scott B. and Linda L. Artz for $1.

1000 Weavertown Road Lot 8
Margaret A. Trippel, Todd A. Dexter to Javier H. Mejia Sr. for $169,900.

83 East Brookfield Drive Lot 38
Ryan C. and Brooke Haase to Steven P. McQuaid for $265,000.

North Londonderry Township

146 Lewis Road
Mariann Kreiser to Mary Snavely for $165,000.

619 Cambridge Court
Ashley N. Leberfinger to Abby B. Anderson for $190,000.

730 South Harrison Street
James and Michelle Russell to James and Michelle Russell for $1.

865 South Harrison Street
Daniel C. and Dawn M. Kreiser to Jonathan Kreiser for $150,000.

890 South Green Street
Shawn G. and Utashni Gomes to Christopher J. and Michelle L. Keeler for $250,000.

21 Blackberry Lane Lot 104
William S. and Michelle L. Kent to Benjamin S. and Camila A. Horst for $440,000.

840 Victoria Lane Lot 14
Dwayne D. and Lisa Murphy to Lisa M. Murphy for $1.

52 Blackberry Lane Lot 81
Terence D. and Lisa A. Carberry to Prashant B. Mali, Monal I. Shah for $446,000.

39 Red Maple Circle Lot 121
Randall C. and Kathryn L. Kennedy to Jace and Kimberly Felix for $301,000.

43 Fairfax Lane Lot 108
Vivian Gerlach to Susan Quinn for $280,000.

38 Oxford Road Lot 38
Mohoussi N. Aholoukpe to Mahoussi N. Aholoukpe, Bydossessi N. C. V. Bakpete for $1.

Palmyra Borough

407 South Grant Street
Richard and Debra M. Forney to Carol Lehr, Adam and Sarah Rosado for $248,000.

59 Braeburn Way Lot 52
Jacob C. Ogden to Matthew P. Carcella, Mackenzie S. Taylor for $250,000.

58 Braeburn Way Lot 47
Gregg A. and Michelle J. Manjerovic to Aimee K. Reinaker for $304,000.

156 North Railroad Street
Lee M. and Jamy E. Millard to Craig A. and Megan A. Hartman for $265,000.

953 East Walnut Street Lot 36
Ruth A. Wise to Ruth A. Wise for $1.

420 East High Street
Starview Sales Inc. to Trent Properties for $780,000.

741 West Cherry Street
Millpond Properties to Elisabeth E. Kitch, Kenneth M. Alquist for $178,000.

920 East Oak Street
Shirley M. Wilson to Tyler S. Dietrich for $140,000.

30 Cortland Crossing Lot 65
Weaver H R Building Systems Inc., H R Weaver Building Systems Inc. to Shawn G. and Utashni Gomes for $272,350.

204 East Broad Street
Lenson Development Corp to Kotsalos Family Properties for $1,200,000.

235 North College Street
Brian S. and Laura J. Herr to Kirsten N. Leiberher for $130,000.

914 East Cherry Street Lot 93 and Part of Lot 92
Dino and Lori A. Faiola to Nicole M. Bonham for $259,900.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312011-362945-0000) Unit 41 Building 24
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Erin R. Murphy for $222,368.

(UPI #29-2313936-362329-0000) Lot 51
Gardel LLC, Garman Builders at Bachman Run LLC to Nathaniel and Ashley Hemenway for $363,094.

Unit 102 Building 19
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Joshua A. Steinmetz for $275,184.

516 South Lancaster Street Lot 5
Jan T. Behney Revocable Trust, Ann D. Behney Revocable Trust, Jan T. and Ann D. Beheny to Daniel and Rebecca Lebo for $265,000.

668 Fieldstone Drive Lot 78
Nicholas R. and Mara E. Dominici to Michelle and Ryan Flynn for $496,000.

1000 Country View Lane
Thomas E. and Brenda L. Sprecher to Matthew M. and Elizabeth Stern for $595,000.

118 Killinger Road
Gerald M. and Regina K. Musser to Melvin J. and Karen N. Huber for $2,200,000.

(UPI #29-2312054-362965-0000) Unit 39 Building 24
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Christine M. ODonnell for $227,990.

South Lebanon Township

270 Homestead Drive Lot 25
Andrea and Henry Drake to Anthony E. Cechak for $380,000.

1539 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Dennis and Catherine Zimmerman for $468,433.

75 South 13th Avenue Lot 1
Motown Family Irrevocable Trust, Daniel J. Mazaheri, MO Property Services to HPW Properties for $510,000.

415 Edgewood Drive Lot 44
Michael H. Blatt, Susan L. Drain to Ethan J. and Kaley E. Barrett for $250,000.

917 South 3rd Street Lot 10
Hayley N. Pfautz to Melany R. Rodriguez for $179,000.

1350 Fairview Lane Lot 184 Quit Claim Deed
Kevin E. Hostetter to Kevin E. and Lacy Hostetter for $0.

424 Clays Crossing Lot 16
Irwin H. Siegel Estate, Truist Bank, Branch Banking and Trust Company to Gordon A. and Nicole N. Brewer for $425,000.

900 Fonderwhite Road
Mary R. Tobias, Debra Lotier to Robert L. and Sandra F. Shay for $330,000.

1053 Horseshoe Circle Lot 62
Peter R. and Amy Kristovensky to Peter R. Kristovensky for $10.

South Londonderry Township

117 Eckert Road
Charles E. McQuate Estate, Jay G. and Joann M. Stohler to Zachery W. and Kirstin Hertzler for $175,000.

354 Timber Lane Lot 112
Carol A. and Melissa Michaels to Jennifer Miller for $405,000.

1909 South Forge Road Lot 52 Etc.
Ronald E. and Jo Ann C. Kreider to Michael S. and Jane S. Galley for $235,000.

72 North Village Circle Unit 84
Troy A. and Tennille M. Phillips to Andrew Brandt for $212,000.

521 Springbrook Drive Unit 6
James P. and Kathleen Civello to Rena A. Arutyunova for $370,000.

112 Lynmar Avenue Lot 20
Alden and Cheryl OBrien to James K. Mong for $205,000.

56 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 20
Michael G. Mueller to Grizbell Partners for $200,000.

116 Eckert Road and 122 Eckert Road
Mario and Teresa Ceresini to Mario and Teresa Ceresini for $1.

500 Jubilee Lane Lot 1
Charlene R. Kreider to Kevin A. and Jodi R. Kreider for $1.

700 Jubilee Lane Lot 2
Charlene R. Kreider to Kevin A. and Jodi R. Kreider for $1.

645 Springbrook Drive Unit 62
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Dianne M. Arnold for $362,402.

233 Mopar Avenue
Ronald E. and Jo Ann C. Kreider to Ervin and Melissa Stoltzfus for $600,000.

20 Roseland Avenue Lots 51 and Lot 53
Roger J. and Andrea L. Schremph to Roger J. Schremph for $1.

1620 Mount Wilson Road
Jennifer N. Brandt to Shawn K. Ginder for $155,000.

Swatara Township

11 Lighthouse Drive Lot 49
James C. and Bethany A. Herr to Shane A. and Heather J. Thompson for $165,000.

518 Darlington Avenue
Huntilar Corporation to Gregory A. and Melissa A. Dorsey for $339,748.

8 Cemetery Road Lot 1
Eric and Deanne L. Gerber to Eric S. Gerber for $0.

Union Township

2405 State Route 72
S & S Enterprises, Steven R. Kreamer, Stephen P. Lum to Jonathan A. and Molly L. Lum for $325,000.

5 Lambs Lane Lot 3
Gordon and Nicole Brewer to Bradley M. Swartz, Brittnee Dishong for $260,000.

582 Jonestown Road Lot 1
Robert W. and Jenny L. Sim to Lester N. and Marlene B. Hurst for $155,000.

220 Fort Swatara Road
Christopher B. and Sherry L. Beitler to Steven R. Barrick, Tracy J. Wampler for $213,750.

198 Campmeeting Road Lot 1
Barbara A. Batula to Michelle L. Fortna for $1.

39 Hoover Drive
Paul S. and Mary K. Kreider to Paul S. Kreider for $1.

West Cornwall Township

50 West Main Street
Carl J. and Tara R. E. Stumpf Jr. to Gerard J. Karli for $249,900.

505 6th Street Lots 50, 51, and Part of Lots 52 and 53
Robert Bernieri, Melanie Fleischmann to Sylvia Hitz for $215,000.

125 Old Mine Road Lot 3 Corrective Deed
Adam Alec, Adam Alec LLC to Mark A. and Michelle M. Fuhrman for $124,000.

309 8th Street
Kelsey S. Lytle, Thomas J. Blackburn to David E. Kuligowski for $179,000.

West Lebanon Township

417 North 22nd Street
Enrico and Armando Malvone to Jose C. Nieves for $102,500.

1903 Scull Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Doris M. Whitt for $67,000.

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