Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

120 South Spruce Street
Aman Soin to Michael A. and Deborah A. Frattaroli for $259,900.

117 West Sheridan Avenue
PLM Investments Inc. to Edward A. Isaac for $172,500.

23 South Lancaster Street
Ronald M. and Linda B. Bashore to Frederick A. and Debra A. Hess for $135,000.

216 West Sheridan Avenue
Kristen E. and Jerome R. Simon Jr. to Rachel L. Flanagan, Kevin Leibich for $139,900.

750 East Main Street
Speedway LLC, Hess Realty LLC to Joes Kwik Marts LLC, Joe’s Kwik Marts LLC for $960,000.

723 Maple Street A.K.A. 723 East Maple Street Lots 68 and 69
Cody L. and Megan E. Dodson to Cody L. and Megan E. Dodson for $1.

216, 226, and 228 East Main Street
Annville Free Library Association to Annville Free Library Association for $1.

145 South Cherry Street
Rhiannon R. Heller to Cynthia A. Dinger for $205,000.

Bethel Township

46 Horizon Drive Lot 91
Henry Klassen to Jared M. Klassen for $1.

14 Horizon Drive Lot 99
Douglas L. Zook to Aaron T. Weindel for $209,900.

NS Chestnut Hill Road
Dale E. Bieber Estate, Dale Earnest Bieber Estate, Carla M. Nester to Kirsten E. Reinford, Benjamin C. B. Bieber for $1.

City of Lebanon

421 North Partridge Street
Ronald W. and Nancy L. Zimmerman to Premier Home Solutions for $65,000.

537 Weidman Street
Chris L. and Sharon S. Iceman to Premier Home Solutions for $50,000.

541 Canal Street
Angela Guerrero, Julio C. O. Ventura to Omar A. and Dargelys Gonzalez for $118,000.

140 South 4th Avenue Lot 162 and Part of Lot 163
Elizabeth M. Hortopan to Nathalie K. Owens for $145,000.

308 North 3rd Avenue
Thomas E. Kline, Richard Stutzman to Kurtz Investprops LLC for $78,500.

364 Harrison Street
Christopher Martin to Dionis M. and Cruz M. C. D. Gomez for $37,000.

518 Light Street
EStreet Properties to Pedro Solorio for $82,500.

925 Willow Street
Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ, Church Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ to Assembly of Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Inc., Church Assembly of Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Inc. for $150,000.

530 North 3rd Street
Sabrina F. Hanna to Monadnock Properties LLC for $115,000.

916 Elizabeth Street
Ronald and Camisha Harris to Lady Whistle Town for $81,500.

530 Maple Street
David M. Young to Amariany Sabino, Bryan Saez for $115,000.

909 Chestnut Street
Richard J. Stutzman, Thomas E. Kline to Terry D. Lewis for $114,700.

1132 Lehman Street
Carlos E. P. and April L. Cruz to Jose L. and Iris E. Lopez for $57,500.

524 Maple Street
Reo Trust 2017 RPL1, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Felix A. Guzman for $65,000.

252 East Maple Street
Mason W. Yost to Jason E. and Roxanne Geib for $162,000.

930 Spring Street
Jason M., Beth A., Nicole L., Bradley T., and Anne I. Allwein Sr. to Lydia House for $15,000.

374 Summit Court
John R. and Janet D. Lohman to David and Wanda A. Lopez Jr. for $273,000.

834 Locust Street
Julie J. Royer to Meck Property Management LLC for $70,000.

24 Mifflin Street
Rick L. and Monica L. Clay, RMRR Properties to Hurst Holdings LLC for $135,000.

752 North Hanover Street Lot 8
Eric A. T. Laracuente to James Paul for $152,000.

1125 Chestnut Street
Harvey F. Rittle Estate, Robert L. Rittle to Mohamed and El M. Boudriss for $70,000.

429 and 431 North 11th Street
Tina E. Detweiler Estate, Jennifer Roof to Reputable Streamline Properties for $52,000.

1136 Buttonwood Street
Anthony and Gorgeous D. Velez to Angel T. G. Ortega for $25,000.

1120 Maple Street
Timothy J. Zimmerer to Irwin M. and Martha L. Nolt for $725,000.

434 New Street
Clyde L. Kleinfelter, Kevin M. Richards to Ana Lasanta for $59,400.

1332 Woodland Street Unit 2A
Catherine M. and Thomas K. Albert to Venkateswara R. and Sirisha Kurapati for $92,000.

409 North Partridge Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Starrwar Properties for $1.

504 South 2nd Avenue, 509 South 7th Street, 700, 701, and 702 by South 6th Street, 747 East Mifflin Street
Larry H. Arnold Estate, Edward J. Arnold, Bonnie L. Wallish to Edward J. and Dawn L. Arnold for $1.

536 North 9th Street
MPL Homebuyes LLC to Virgen N. A. Santiago for $113,500.

336 Cumberland Street
Brooks N. and Amy R. Trefsgar to Scott A. and Hilary J. Sumner for $260,000.

206 South 9th Street Lot 2
Orlando Rivera, Omaira Garcia to Liam R. Maguire, Eveira C. G. Domenech for $89,900.

1610 Elm Street Lots 31 and 32
James T. and Terry A. White to Manoucheka Small, Fritzner Merisca for $340,000.

920 Reinoehl Street
Rachel R. Coffen, Jessica L. Palevo to Maritza Ruiz for $130,000.

133 and 135 North 14th Street
Bernice L. Coleman Estate, Bernice Coleman Estate, Phyllis J. Lay to 1431 Willow Lebanon Corp. Inc. for $60,000.

1109 Cumberland Street
Delmar L. Metz Revocable Trust, Gloria F. Metz Revocable Trust, Delmar L. and Gloria F. Metz to Melanie Beck, Thomas F. Geesey for $40,000.

195 Walnut Street
Eldon R. and Jane P. Morey to George F. Kuba Jr. IRA, Equity Trust Company for $86,000.

19 East Elm Street Lot 7
Zachary C. Hepler, Hanna J. Hyypio to Hanna Hyypio for $1.

107 North 12th Street
Donna L. Becker to John R. and Miriam F. Stoltzfus for $90,000.

524 Bollman Street
House Cash LLC to John R. and Miriam F. Stoltzfus for $90,000.

304 South 13th Street
Suzanne Zerbe to Leroy Harris for $119,900.

232 South 10th Street
MWF Ventures LLC to Connor P. Ahnert for $45,000.

320 South 3rd Street
Bonita L. Morrow to Francis D. and Denise Young Sr. for $285,000.

Cleona Borough

103 North Garfield Street Lot 137
Jessica L. Marks to Juan Gonzalez for $175,000.

25 Walnut Mill Lane
Wanda L. Dohner to Wanda L. and Randall Dohner for $0.

232 West Penn Avenue Part of Lots 6 and 7
Lorraine A. Koons, Ronald J. Koch to Lauky Properties for $102,000.

609 East Penn Avenue
Sarah W. Porche to Karen M. and John H. Hopewell for $1.

603 East Penn Avenue Lots C, D, and E
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Sonia G. and Anthony Rodriguez for $250,000.

Cornwall Borough

636 Aspen Lane
Timothy D. and Erin M. Zimmerer to Rena S. and Eric M. Horton for $500,000.

228 Burd Coleman Road Lot 27 Block I
Torri E. Ponessa to Scott P. and Darby N. Landis for $158,000.

1036 Alden Way Unit 22
Sherry N. Courtney, Robert Lewis to Ray E. and Patricia A. Bachman for $290,000.

1265 Ash Lane Lot 274
Keith A. and Joanne H. Shaffer to Senate A. and Trinity R. H. Alexander for $485,000.

1208 Mosaic Drive Unit 410
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Phyllis E. Lenox for $370,718.

1028 English Drive Unit 329
Janet A. Quandel to Bryan J. Howell for $220,000.

(UPI #12-2342870-347307-0000)
Bryant D. Bernhardt, Christopher S. Stahley to Nathan K. Conrad, Megan L. Clauser for $220,000.

616 Aspen Lane Lot 137
Joanne Burg, Rhoda Jacobson to Richard L. and Angelina M. Evans for $260,000.

208 Burd Coleman Road Lot 17 Block I
Heather J. Yeater to Luke R. Doutrich, Joannah K. Myers for $160,000.

204 Karinch Street
Kelly A. Ressler to Norman E. and Else Fenn III for $407,000.

East Hanover Township

1777 North State Route 934
Bryan L. and Barbara M. O. Blatt to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

10620 Jonestown Road
Emrich Farms to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

22 Crooked Road
Mickey S. and Thomas G. Gartlan to Thomas G. Gartlan for $1.

4 Harrison School Road Lot 2 Etc.
Maggie M. Planken to Ricardo A. O. Fuentes, Ana M. I. Madariaga for $220,000.

Heidelberg Township

316 South Lancaster Avenue Lot 9
Matthew J. Moore to Sean D. and Kelli L. Koehler for $225,000.

119 Valley View Road Lot 1
Erna A. Brendel Estate, Erna Adele Brendel Estate, Matthew M. Karinch to Howard R. and Doris F. Moore for $262,000.

3480 South 5th Avenue
John E. and Laurene W. Zimmerman to NCG Holdings for $1.

10 Century Lane Lot 6
Harold D. and Christine L. Malone Jr. to Kevin Zychal for $350,000.

545 Wedgewood Drive Lot 15
Darrel Z. Lehman to Jonathan S. Horning for $250,000.

Jackson Township

501 Stracks Dam Road
Jay M. Weaver, Samantha Gelsinger to Darron E. and Joleen D. Byler for $250,000.

209 West Jackson Avenue
Violet J. Brown to Michael R. Brown for $1.

797 North College Street
Israel S. and Mary G. Esh to Israel S. Esh Revocable Living Trust, Mary G. Esh Revocable Living Trust, Israel S. and Mary G. Esh for $1.

28 Ladybug Lane Lot 1
Jessica R. Hannigan to Justin E. and Jodi L. Hill for $295,000.

35 Arbor Drive Lot 18 Block B
Christine M. Hopple Estate, William C. Hopple to Roman J. and Brenda J. Shahay for $184,900.

42 Arbor Drive Lot 228 Block D
Leander H. and Penny S. B. Anske III to Thomas and Ita Holtmeyer for $198,000.

20 Norma Lane Lot 41
Richard H. and Jacquelyn R. Shanaman III to Merrit M. Jevne for $530,000.

351 Yeagley Road
Jonathan D. and Ashley N. Bissinger to Ashley Bissinger, Lisa M. Stuck for $1.

269 Millardsville Road
Warren G. King Estate, Michelle K. Draughn, Holli A. Cole to Michelle K. Draughn, Holli A. Cole for $1.

20 Garloff Road Lot 1
Brian L. and Jessica S. Fulk to Brian L. and Jessica S. Fulk for $1.

197 North Ramona Road Lot 2
Jonathan S. and Kaitlin E. Kocher to Jonathan S. and Kaitlin E. Kocher for $1.

629 Hilltop Road Lot 22
Melvin W. Sterner, Marilyn A. Knott to Jessica L. Berrier for $237,500.

Millcreek Township

212 West Main Street
Christopher and Jenna Heagy to EasyMoves Com, EasyMoves.Com for $72,500.

111 East Main Street
Rachel M. and Lee A. Randler to Lee A. and Rachel M. Randler for $1.

211 West Main Street Lot 8 and Part of Lot 9
Bobbi J. Kramlich to Dianna J. Deck for $105,000.

16 Progress Drive Lot 65
L. Wesley and Joyce T. Reiff to Christopher J. and Shannon Plush for $241,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

203 Brown Avenue Etc. Lots 195, 196, and 197
James W. and Margaret I. Paul to Travis Morgan for $338,900.

416 Lancaster Avenue Lots 1461, 1462, 1463, 1464, and 1465
Kenneth A. Storck to Frank N. and Lorraine A. Gentile for $460,000.

Myerstown Borough

207 West Main Avenue
Dustin D. and Crystal D. Miller to Snyder Rentals LLC for $200,000.

121 South Broad Street
John W. Lefever Sr. Estate, John W. Lefever Estate, John W. Lefever Jr., Jessica A. Beamesderfer to Alexender J. L. Duvall, Breauna D. Miller for $138,000.

301 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 9
Desiree M. Mauriello, Tyler R. Van Blargan to Austin Martin for $195,000.

117 South Cherry Street
Kyle D. Wenger, Ethan R. Gregorzek to Nathan Long for $119,000.

221 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 6
Mary A. Baiocco to Daniel R. Schellhamer, Tiffany A. Yeiser for $209,000.

North Annville Township

4585 Hill Church Road Lot B-1
Terry L. and Karen L. Smith to Brandon J. and Melissa J. Dennis for $500,000.

North Cornwall Township

102 South 22nd Street Lot 102
Aaron J. and Stephanie L. Barr to White Rose Capital for $105,000.

108 South 22nd Street
Aaron J. and Stephanie L. Barr to White Rose Capital for $105,000.

844 Byler Circle Unit 120
Builder Services Group Inc. to Luke J. Gatti for $184,360.

31 Osk Knoll Circle Lot 41
Ivan A. and Shawn D. Skelly to Ian and Melissa Huffmyer for $350,000.

1800 Chestnut Street Corrective Deed
Aaron J. Kopp to Kopp Properties for $1.

228 South 17th Street Lot 70 Etc.
Roberto and Angela Marti Jr. to William R. and Katrina Albright Jr. for $178,500.

539 Waterside Circle Lot 139
Marc V. and Erin E. Attivo to B & A Partners for $275,000.

(UPI #26-2331580-359416-0000) Lot 62 Corrective Deed
3 Sons Properties LLC, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Brendan and Greta Cawley for $695,205.

836 Byler Circle Unit 124
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Christian J. B. Gonzalez, Angenice C. D. Leon for $206,360.

830 Tudor Lane Lot 41 Etc.
Thomas S. and Stephanie Zimmerer to Gerald Petrozelli, Laura E. Castelli for $750,000.

842 Byler Circle Unit 121
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Seth E. Miller for $184,360.

43 Creekside Drive Lot 38
Narrows Glen to Jaganath Adhikari, Dil M. Kaflay for $407,109.

1555 Colebrook Road Etc.
Irwin M. and Martha L. Nolt to Jason C., Wayne E., and Walter N. Nolt for $1.

840 Byler Circle Unit 122
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to William G. D. Rivera, Coralys M. S. Soto for $184,360.

1630 Center Street
James L. and Loretta J. Schwenk to Manoel G. V. Rullan, Karla D. Falcon for $150,500.

2500 Cumberland Street
CC Lebanon PA to Realty Income Trust 1 for $2,759,458.

873 Wilhelm Avenue Lot 18
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Premier Home Solutions for $120,000.

801 Rex Avenue Lot 45 and Part of Lot 44
John G. and Pamela J. Raytick to David M. and Michelle R. Durocher for $250,000.

2171 Penn Street Lot 229
Kimberly and Kieran Holahan to Ramsey S. Kurban for $172,000.

846 Byler Circle Unit 119
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Daryl E. Burkholder for $206,360.

122 Millview Court Lot 122
Bryan J. Howell to Ryan C. and Stephanie G. Shannon for $150,000.

2016 Acorn Circle Lot 100
Robert J. and Golda I. L. Mersincavage to Delux Um, Darathida Chey for $185,000.

3310 West Oak Street Part of Lot 2, Lot 3
Jessica Berrier to Anna Zarb for $215,000.

North Lebanon Township

2074 Weavertown Road Lot 157
Luis M. Mojica Estate, Tina M. Mojica to Tina M. and Luis M. Mojica Jr. for $1.

1658 Heilmandale Road Lot 1 Etc.
Matt L. and Traci L. Zeller to Matthew A. and Krystal L. Rullo for $324,000.

940 State Route 72 North
Jose Laborde to April L. Henshaw for $297,000.

131 Ginger Court Unit 178
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Robert W. and Linda L. Olsen for $398,842.

410 Orchid Circle Unit 153
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Dana Peckworth Living Trust, Helen K. Peckworth Living Trust, Dana Peckworth for $335,500.

2001 East Cumberland Street
B. Kathryn Ladd to Hargobind Inc. for $95,000.

925 Kochenderfer Road
Alice B. Rittle to Brandon S. Pavalonis for $166,440.

1769 State Route 72 North
Isadore L., Loretta R., and Lenore Ollar to Denyse M. and Thomas P. Mohn, Davin K. Haupt for $600,000.

1104 East Lehman Street
Joan D. Barber Estate, Lisa M. Dreibelbis, Leon A. Barber III to Jay B. and Joannie Arenas for $145,000.

1144 Alpha Avenue Lot 37
Diana G. and Brian Klees to Diana G. Kless for $1.

2061 Mallard Lane Lot 39
Derrick and Melissa Kreiser to Jason P. and Larissa C. Mays for $355,000.

2181 Cloverfield Drive Lot 38
Mary M. Hitz Estate, Gregory A. Hitz to Victor A. L. Perez for $180,000.

1141 Cappa Avenue Lot 110
Darwin P. and Nancy G. Miller to Jacqueline D. and Gregory T. Mease for $238,000.

2729 Tunnel Hill Road
Elsie M. Kleinfelter Estate, David E. Kleinfelter to Jennifer L. Zeigler for $178,900.

1137 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 103
Scott M. and Patricia M. Watson to Shawn P. and Alexandria L. Neiman for $282,000.

708 North Eight Avenue
Mark S. and Natalie K. Schott to Matthew and Nichole L. Byczkowski for $221,000.

1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, and 1109 Woodlea Avenue Lots 47, 48, 49, and 50
to MCN Holdings for $215,000.

2581 Emma Road Quit Claim Deed
Hawryluk Family Trust, Anthony M. Hawryluk to Anthony and Kelly R. Hawryluk, Kaitlyn R. Thursby, Allex M. S. Streifel for $1.

1350 Old Hickory Lane Lot 27
Millpond Properties to Hector L. S. Luciano, Anais B. Ortiz for $296,995.

924 Cypress Lane Lot 12
Jeffrey A. and Jean L. Redinger to Elicia M. Rexrode for $286,000.

North Londonderry Township

1401 Cambridge Court
Susan C. Garrison to Susan C. Garrison Irrevocable Trust, Lennard C. Sheriff, Lorri L. Diller for $1.

820 Miller Street Lot 222
Edith G. Lanemann, Tina Ford to Molly Rose for $268,000.

510 Buttonwood Street Lot 77
Nathan C. and Amanda D. Pasterer to Nicole L. Kochel, Ryan E. Weaber for $345,600.

26 Shady Lane Unit 1 Building 2
Elizabeth M. Erickson to Amanda D. Plasterer for $194,000.

26 Killinger Road
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Justin D. and Kathryn A. Snyder for $230,000.

1003 East Walnut Street Lots 8, 9, and 10
R9 Holdings to Angelo Karagiannis for $1.

10 Lewis Road
David E. and Tracey L. Sattazahn to Aaron T. and Emily H. Domoto for $780,000.

1141 South Green Street Lot 94 Section C
Elaine A. Thompson to David G. and Elaine A. Thompson for $1.

1340 South Prince Street Lot 134
Shawn M. and Billy J. Eltz to Eric R. Flick, Olivia C. Gross for $230,000.

872 Buttonwood Street Lot 1
Joel A. and Deanna M. Gamon to Bishnu M. and Puskar Dhungana for $351,700.

707 South Franklin Street
Yvette T. C. Pascua to Kortney and Mason Yost for $287,000.

1069 South Green Street Lot 5
Alicia D. and Kingsley U. Agamegwa to Alicia D. Hoover for $1.

1644 South Forge Road
Joshua E. and Lisa S. Russek to Jennifer L. Baughman for $205,000.

196 Lewis Road
Robert C. Snavely to Bradley D. Shearer for $207,000.

3 Jean Drive Lot 189
Donald J. and Gale A. Gibson to Joel A. and Deanna M. Gamon for $335,000.

26 Barley Lane Lot 186
Russell E. and Amy E. Hewitt to Krishna P. and Bindu Kuikel for $667,100.

Palmyra Borough

121 South Green Street Corrective Deed
Chad C. Mazzocca, Melissa L. and Andrew W. Ditzler to Nicole R. Barnes for $1.

697 South Franklin Street
Shawn T. Peterson to Jennifer M. Marques, Joseph E. Murphy for $255,000.

210 North Chestnut Street
Mukesh V. and Neeta M. Patel to Mukesh V. Patel for $10.

101 East Maple Street
Aftosmes Family Trust, Peter E. Aftosmes to Michelle R. and Anthony D. Miller for $285,000.

114 West Ridge Road
Andrew J. Welker to Grassy Mountain Realty for $275,000.

242, 243, 244, 245, 246 West Cherry Street Lots 1, 2, and 3
Norman A. and Andrea S. Martin to Sawyer L. Martin for $380,000.

36 Cortland Crossing Lot 64
Weaver H R Building Systems Inc. to Jason N. and Melissa L. Klipa for $225,390.

39 North Grant Street
Amber R. Gordon, Sean Salisbury to Amber R. Salisbury for $1.

937 East Maple Street Lot 58G
Brian K. Nowotnik to Yolanda Alberto for $179,000.

25 South Lingle Avenue
Brandi L. Levenduski to Rupal Patel for $205,000.

30 North Railroad Street Lot 2
Addie P. Sheppard Revocable Trust, Steven and Lisa S. Hackman to JVM Real Estate for $135,750.

Richland Borough

23 East Main Street
Sally A. Zug Estate, Joel W. and Peter J. Zug to Jace M. and Darla L. Schware for $220,000.

201 East Main Street
Dash Management Group LLC to Andrew D. Beegle, Adrienne E. Mundis for $210,000.

14 Walnut Street Lot 2
Derrick M. and Becky L. Hershey to Edna A. Good for $290,000.

South Annville Township

765 South Lancaster Street Lot 56
Anthony Di Caprio Jr., Audrey Wentling to Juan L. Santizo, Claudia Hurtarte for $480,000.

520 Fieldstone Drive Lot 53
Gardel, Pine Hill at Lebanon to Lauren Noce for $466,800.

(UPI #29-2311912-363164-0000) Unit 32 Building 16
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Lucas J. and Emily A. Row for $251,333.

South Lebanon Township

WS South Lincoln Avenue
William W. and Nancy J. Smeltzer Jr. to Strathford Meadows for $2,850,000.

71 Moravian Street
Lois and Betty A. Schlegel to Ronald and Shara Bell for $106,000.

725 South 4th Avenue Lot 98
Walter F. and Loretta M. Brown to David J. and Brenda R. Garrett Sr. for $199,500.

1245 Birch Road Lot 2
Heather W. Buffington to Shea L. and William R. Barlett for $259,300.

2606 East Cumberland Street
Elijah Hershey to Esther L. Moyer for $165,000.

(UPI #30-2342564-360089-0000) Lot 106 Corrective Deed
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon to Michael T. and Lori A. Sensenig for $386,645.

1645 Cambridge Drive
William E. and Sharon K. Fleischer to Derrick and Melissa Kreiser for $528,400.

608 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 26
Kelli R. Braightmeyer to Owen E. and Ezzat A. Hanna for $227,174.

1007 South Lincoln Avenue
William F. and Jasmine Metz Jr. to Wendy S. Strauser for $195,000.

149 Cobblestone Drive
Michael D. and Kristina Marisi to Khagendra Bhandari for $460,000.

114 Palm Lane Lot 42
Todd Yancey to Nobin Kafley, Chandra Kaflay for $150,000.

404 Clays Crossing Lot 21
Robert G. and Lindsay K. Werz Jr. to Vincent M. Garcia, Adrianne Barton for $425,000.

26 Pine Avenue
Joshua J. Risser to Sherry L. Adams for $205,000.

1 Southfield Road Lot 33
Richard E. and Linda C. Bennett to Janet L. Saddel for $285,900.

1115 South Lincoln Avenue
Timothy A. and Patricia M. Siegrist to Michael Sze, Bernard Pare for $687,500.

146 Ashford Drive
Jason S. and Louisa M. Arnt to Aihua Chen, Jiyi Lin for $460,000.

261 Homestead Drive Lot 2
Thomas L. Adams Revocable Living Trust, Thomas L. Adams to Mary E. Lamantia for $345,000.

601 Rockledge Drive Lot 39
Charles B. Ziegler Jr. to William B. and Kathy D. Allwein for $200,000.

562 East Cumberland Street
Lucy L. Mase to Lucy L. and Michael C. Mase for $1.

717 State Drive
Michael D. Root to Sonia G. and Anthony Rodriguez for $200,000.

South Londonderry Township

112 North Village Circle Unit 88
Brian R. and Deborah D. ODay to Daniel Weaber for $220,000.

800 Beech Street Lots 205, 206, and 207 Quit Claim Deed
Barbara S. and Grafton D. Stine to Barbara S. Stine for $10.

2722 Horseshoe Pike Lots 11, 12, and 13
David G. Thompson to David G. and Elain for $1.

247 Lawn Road Lot 4
Rowena C. Lerch to Kevin T. and Inese Roth for $399,900.

633 Springbrook Drive Unit 61
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfriend Construction Company to Deborah S. Nestico for $416,779.

NS West Patrick Road
Longs Excavating Inc., Long Excavating Inc. to Seth A. and Kelly A. Arnold for $145,000.

Swatara Township

244 Greble Road
Jesse R. and Melinda B. Burkholder to Terry L. and Patricia A. Cave for $239,000.

7 Willowcreek Avenue Lot 42
Joshua D. Brubaker to Troy C. and Leslie A. Martin for $235,000.

321 Lighthouse Drive Lot 31
Troy C. and Leslie A. Martin to Letha C. Klein for $179,000.

315 Lighthouse Drive Lot 28
Lori D. Shults to Hector R. V. Dominguez, Carrie Velazquez for $172,000.

11 Sweetbriar Lane Lot 6
Nathan E. and Stacy M. Baum to David V. and Cheri L. Bupp for $332,500.

Union Township

515 Shepherd Street Lot 43
Christopher L. and Jessica L. Blouch to Christopher L. Blouch for $0.

172 Campmeeting Road
Steven L. and Katrina N. Dubendorf to Andrew J. and Erin L. Trovinger for $440,000.

436-448 Jonestown Road
Douglas A., Jennifer M., and Cheri J. Wright to MWF Ventures LLC for $530,000.

21 Plymouth Drive Lot 53
Laura Silsbee to Laura Silsbee, Thomas Wheeler for $1.

West Cornwall Township

188 Riders Way Lot 71
Alex D. Gamble to Caleb E. and Elizabeth E. Cagno for $196,000.

SS State Route 117 Lot 247 Etc.
John R. Kratzer Estate, Rita H. Kratzer to Jon M. and Janet L. Green for $92,500.

372 Old Mine Road Lots 9, 10, and 11
Paul D. and Mary E. Eaby, Michelle L. E.Berrios to Shawn M. Ansel, Sandra A. Nunemaker for $250,000.

ES First Street
Mt. Gretna Campmeeting Association of the United Brethren in Christ, Church Mt. Gretna Campmeeting Association of the United Brethren in Christ, Mount Gretna Campmeeting Aossication Inc. Church Mount Gretna Campmeeting Association Inc. to John W. Barton for $1.

ES 1st Street Lot 26 and Part of Lot 27
John W. Barton to Mount Gretna Campmeeting Association Inc. Church Mount Gretna Campmeeting Association Inc. for $7,500.

431 South Butler Road
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Daehong Kim for $115,000.

376 Arnold Court Lots 13 and 15
Ray E. and Patricia A. Bachman to Joshua J. and Stephanie J. Fleck for $350,000.

67 Locust Avenue Lot 2
Joan M. Zercher to Paul W. Shearer III Joint Revocable Trust, Marp P. Van House Joint Revocable Trust, Paul W. Shearer III, Mary P. Van House for $324,000.

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