LebTown features a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week’s pet is Aspen, owned by Natasha Nolt.

Aspen is a 2-year-old miniature Rottweiler, and Natasha says they’ve been together for most of Aspen’s life. She got the pup from a Lancaster County breeder who specializes in mini rotties.

“She comes in at 45 (pounds) but has the growl like a full grown rottie,” Natasha says. “Don’t let that fool you. Bark back at her and she runs. When someone new comes to our house, the hair on the back of her neck stands up but she hides behind my leg.”

Small-sized animals seems to be a specialty for Natasha, who says she also owns five miniature horses. This one, though, has special house privileges.

“She lays in our front window like she is a cat!” Natasha says. And, she adds, Aspen “is the biggest whiner! You should never ask her if she wants to go bye bye till you are ready to leave. She whines the entire time till you get her in the car!”

She also has a mischievous side, her owner notes.

“She chewed our sofa and recliner to the point of having to replace both,” Natasha writes. “She’s destroyed 3 pairs of glasses and anything else her daddy leaves sit at his sink area. She loves to rip and tear paper as well.”

But it’s hard to stay mad, she says.

“She is very attached to mommy’s hip!” she says. “Aspen is very motivated with snacks. She likes to run around the yard with her other dogs from the family! She likes to herd up the horses for feeding but they pay no mind to her otherwise! She loves walks and swimming in the pool with her friends.”

Be sure to say hi to Aspen if you see her … she’ll be the one herding tiny horses!


Looking for a pet? Check out available adoptions at the Humane Society of Lebanon County.

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