Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

329 West Church Street
Kevin M. Oshea, Eric B. Brubaker, Oshea & Brubaker Home Renovations Company to David P., Penny E., Jeremiah D., and Paulina M. Harris for $103,000.

334 West Main Street
Brett M. and Kelly M. Travis to Alexander A. and Raegan C. Checket for $146,000.

113 South White Oak Street
Charles E. Wolf Jr., Ruth A. Wolf to First Choice Home Buyers LLC for $150,000.

Bethel Township

145 North Center Street
Frank J. Brown Estate, Jennifer M. Brown to Jennifer M. Brown for $0.

140 Hemlock Drive
Joseph J. Wentling to Guy W. Petersheim, Shania R. Sensenig for $170,000.

136 Laurel Drive Lot 138 Etc.
Susan W. Stichler to Craig A. Boyer for $78,200.

117 2nd Street Lot 45
Scott M. and Kathryn D. Minnich to Coby and Billie J. Booth for $1.

North of Mountain Drive Quit Claim Deed
David H. and Vikki Ritchie to David H. and Vikki Ritchie for $0.

273 West Main Street Lots 44, 45, and 46
Jeanne E. Daubert, Suzanne D. Fox to Christopher C. and Christine Stouffer for $283,000.

54 Tree Line Avenue Lot 36
Robert E. Buckingham II to John E. Gilbert IV, Alexandra M. Gilbert for $382,000.

451 Beagle Road Lot 5
Hubert D. Davis to Jonas L. and Emma R. Peachey for $172,000.

City of Lebanon

115 East Cumberland Street
Troy S. and Tina M. Custer to Christine L. Sholly for $82,500.

701 South 7th Street
David Sharkey, Jamie Matuszkiewicz to Steven F. Velasquez, Linsey Y. Bogantes for $197,000.

425 Crowell Street
Walter M. Elliott to Zachary A. Kissinger for $30,000.

540 Chapel Street
Curtis D. Etzweiler Jr., Billy J. and Stacey J. Davis to Irvin A. and Janet M. Carrero for $40,000.

808 Guilford Street
Harold E. Dice to John L. King Jr. for $40,000.

440 Lehman Street
Mikhail M. and Yelena Pidgorodetskiy to Francisco J. B. Santos, Yvelice R. H. F. De Beato for $145,000.

312 Canal Street
Nathan S. and Megan E. Schickling to Henry M. V. Bermudez for $95,400.

1031 Cornwall Road Lot 61
George C. and Edward J. Gundrum, Mary A. Guerrisi, Esther A. MacKarey to Celestine E. Smith for $180,000.

424 North 6th Avenue
Harry W. and Ruth A. Fenton to Harry W. and Ruth A. Fenton, Mark S. and Katherine L. Tomecek for $19,500.

819 Water Street
Terry R. Lerch to Edwin Navarro for $10.

20 South 2nd Street
Dolores Kostek to Ricardo B. Bernadeau for $160,000.

323 Hornet Street
LMU Lending to Charles W. Black for $1.

820 South Sixth Street
Premier Home Solutions to Ricky L. Hartenstine for $95,000.

441, 442, and 443 Cumberland Street
All That And A Bag Of Chips to Douglas Maguire for $1.

608 Canal Street
Catherine L. Weaver to Melissa Kirst for $25,000.

1131 Mifflin Street
Edwin R. Rodriguez Estate, Jeanette Torres to Jeanette Torres for $1.

806 Hill Street
Nicole C. Sutcliffe to Jeremy M. Diaz for $170,000.

25 East Locust Street
Coyle Living Trust, Lisa A. Crudele, Richard E. and Lynne C. Coyle to Jeiron Munoz for $108,000.

514 North 10th Street
Jordan R. and Jamie R. Ebersole to Jose A. R. Clase, Librado A. Rodriguez for $46,200.

810 Walnut Street
Dale L. Showers to Carlos R. Bedolla for $182,000.

611 Chestnut Street Quit Claim Deed
Nelson A. and Vicki L. Torres to First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon, Church First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon for $1.

611 Chestnut Street Quit Claim Deed
Edgardo and Helen D. Paz to First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon, Church First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon for $1.

211 North 12th Street
Wilfredo Santiago, Janera Sanchez to Anthony O. Rivera for $120,000.

526 Maple Street
Jason L. and Nicole L. Moyer to Dwayne M. Bickelman for $135,000.

730 Ehrhorn Street
George M. Horn III to Nisandra An for $135,000.

402 South Broad Street
Ricky G. and Linda L. Young to Carmen Ruiz, Javier A. Soeung for $90,000.

237 Mifflin Street
Jose Alvardo, Margarita Rivera to Manuel H. S. Lopez for $138,000.

410 South Lincoln Avenue
Angela B. Strayer to Todd and Jennifer McConnell for $108,000.

1700 Oak Street
Seventh Street Lutheran Church Of Lebanon, Church Seventh Street Lebanon Church Of Lebanon, Messiah Lutheran Church, Church Messiah Lutheran Church to David E. and Elsie B. Neefe for $30,000.

595 Blueberry Lane Lot 2
Wendy J. Barto, David G. Barto Jr. to David E. and Elsie B. Neefe for $162,000.

23 East Elm Street Lot 9
Christian J. R. Vazquez, Sugeily M. Cruz to Christian J. R. Vazquez for $1.

247 South 5th Street
Denise R. Green to Demetrius Thomas for $135,000.

421 North Partridge Street
Premier Home Solutions to Roberto S. Perez for $71,000.

207 East Poplar Street
Janet K. Martin to Thomas L. and Jennifer M. Martin for $110,000.

328 Hornet Street
Thomas V. Conlon to Alvin K. King for $82,000.

1 East Walnut Street
Jose R. Torres to Jose R. Torres, Luis A. Nazario for $1.

4 Canal Street
Richard A. and Ann M. Swope to Sugeily M. Cruz for $140,000.

543 Spruce Street Etc.
FLR Properties to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $425,000.

104 Lehman Street
Josh Snader to Adelfi N. Rodriguez for $180,000.

Cleona Borough

140 East Penn Avenue
Frank J. Harvatine Estate, Lisa K. H. Ingalls to Jose and Erin Serrano for $189,900.

107 South Harris Street
Gilbert E. Condor Jr., Cynthia L. C. Bowman to Edward D. Saterstad, Aldaine R. D. Aphonse for $190,000.

143 South Harris Street Lot 37
David E. and Elsie B. Neefe to Aaron C. and Rebecca M. Feaser for $210,000.

22 South Harris Street
Aaron C. and Rebecca M. Feaser to Sara Lemley for $195,000.

58 Morningside Avenue
Frank C. Auman Jr. to Frank C. Auman Jr., Traci M. Auman for $1.

107 South Harris Street Corrective Deed
Gilbert E. Condor Jr., Cynthia L. B. Condor to Edward D. Saterstad, Aldaine R. D. Aphonse for $190,000.

Cornwall Borough

1018 Stanford Drive Unit 149
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Robert W. and Nancyann Petersen for $395,777.

114 Anthracite Road Lot 3 Block C
Lucas Koser Jr. to Allen Property Holdings for $137,509.

1015 Stanford Drive Unit 191
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Kirby and Kathleen Cyr for $259,648.

131 North Cornwall Road Lot 1
Edward J. and Patricia A. Scheib to Edward J. and Patricia A. Scheib, Melissa L. Hlavacek for $1.

162 Julia Lane Lot 54
Jeffrey R. and Christine P. Laney to Buddhi M. and Jagat B. Gurung for $356,000.

1053 English Drive Unit 367
Linda J. Miller to Dennis L. and Natalie A. Houser for $295,000.

258 Rexmont Road Quit Claim Deed
Greg A. Boyer to Gregory A. Boyer for $1.

NS Douglas Fir Drive Lot 345
Dorothy G. and Steven G. Witmer to John J. and Marilyn M. Mattu for $115,000.

1013 Alden Way Unit 7
Sigurd J. and Jean D. Arnesen to Patricia M. Young for $280,500.

East Hanover Township

10797 Jonestown Road
Stephen M. and Yvonne M. King to Wyatt Beakler, Cortney Hostetter for $245,000.

10395 Jonestown Road
Gerald J. and Nancy M. Brinser to Michael R. and Kristina M. Marks for $1.

Heidelberg Township

SS Gibble Road Lot 8
John E. Zimmerman Jr., Laurene W. Zimmerman to Michael R. and Melissa M. Brubaker for $483,000.

3480 South 5th Avenue
John E. and Laurene W. Zimmerman, NCG Holdings to Jesse R. and Doris J. Ruppert for $1.

3522 Heidelberg Avenue Lots 12, 13, 14, and 15 Section A
Justin D. and Joanne Martin to Elijah J. and Regina B. Brubaker for $341,000.

120 Canaan Grove Road
Frank R. and Anna S. Hurst to David M. and Mary B. Hurst for $250,000.

Jackson Township

43 Springhouse Drive Lot 163 Block C
Bonnie Y. Troutman to Louis B. and Lillian M. Minichino for $200,000.

43 Firefly Drive Lot 43 Etc.
Kirsten Lorditch to Edward A. Harris Jr. for $355,000.

1 Scenic Drive Lot 253
Donna L. Kruppenbach to Michelle M. Remlinger, Frank A. Remlinger Jr. for $189,900.

54 Springhouse Drive Lot 91
Arlene M. Landis to Arlene M., John E., and Brenda J. Landis for $0.

157 Oaken Way Lot 25
Andrew M. and Shannon Dieugenio to Ric G. Wilcher for $457,530.

420 Houtztown Road Lot 2
Douglas B. Shuey to Douglas B. and Bonita J. Shuey for $0.

65 Laurel Drive Lot 76
Drew A. Klopp, Christina Tulumello to North Ninth Rentals for $160,750.

15 Laurel Drive Lot 8
Jessica J. and Adam L. Stauffer to Adam L. Stauffer for $1.

E Of Hilltop Road
Paul E. and Joann B. Steinmetz to Joshua and Ashley Gassert for $30,000.

7 Bradford Circle
Susan K. Downs to Robert W. and Melynda J. Cochran for $160,000.

350 Royers Road
Daniel J. and Regina Hurst to Kendall D. Frey for $200,000.

Jonestown Borough

100 East Queen Street
Jonestown Medical Building Partnership to Pinnacle Health Medical Services for $650,000.

451 Hillcrest Drive Etc. Lot 10 Etc.
Allen J. Grierson to Robert D. Boyer for $235,000.

Millcreek Township

44 Memorial Boulevard
Damien S. and Tiffany J. Good to Karin Applegate for $212,500.

75 North Sheridan Road Lot 3
Stacey A. Moyer to Arthur F. Dillingham Jr., Gloria A. Dillingham for $200,000.

30 South Sheridan Road
David M. Plasterer to Andrew Carrillo for $140,000.

110 South Millbach Road Lot 1
Elam L. and Annie J. Stoltzfus to John Z. Lapp for $403,000.

E Of Stricklerstown Road
Elizabeth J. Horst Living Trust, Elizabeth J. and Marlin R. Horst to Benjamin Z. and Miriam S. Lapp for $70,000.

627 State Route 419
Robert L. Balsbaugh to Michael D. and Ruth A. Metzler for $1.

ES South Sheridan Road
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, Millcreek Township to Millcreek Township, Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk for $1.

76 Cocalico Road
Maurice D. Kintzel, Rebecca S. Brossman to Christopher J. Brossman for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough

112 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 30 and Part of Lot 31
Linda R. Demmy to Edward C. and Regina K. Gliot for $375,000.

Myerstown Borough

12 East Center Avenue
Amanda Winter to Cory Spatz, Kayla Klinger for $185,000.

15 East Bahney Avenue
Leroy P. Marderness Jr., Denise M. Marderness to J. Elvin and Verna Horst for $115,000.

216 West Carpenter Avenue Lot 2
Andrew R. and Jennifer N. Sohn to Amos L. Zook for $107,000.

208 East Main Avenue
Roy C. Krow Jr. to Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties for $72,500.

North Annville Township

1712 Blacks Bridge Road
Chestnut Equity Partners LLC to Robert E. Armstrong for $61,500.

North Cornwall Township

822 Byler Circle Unit 131
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Michael J. Light II, Kathryn E. Light for $212,360.

820 Byler Circle Unit 132
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Alfredo Maldonado, Isaret O. Quintana for $190,360.

35 Creekside Drive Lot 34
Narrows Glen Inc. to Debra and Scott Strickler for $371,985.

553 West Locust Street
Paige E. Sites, Kyle D. Wehrman to Cinnomin L. Keener for $195,900.

814 Byler Circle Unit 135
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Matthew and Lauren Dodson for $190,360.

1801 Carlton Drive Lot A-6
Michael and Karen Gerhart to Reynaldo and Doreen Soria for $175,000.

812 Byler Circle Unit 136
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Leonard Sensenig for $212,360.

30 Creekside Drive Lot 86
Narrows Glen Inc. to Phillip G. and Camille C. Todd for $380,759.

52 Creekside Drive Lot 97
Narrows Glen Inc. to James M. and Jenny M. Sushinski for $370,505.

515 Byler Circle
Nicole R. Garman to Andrew M. Ebersole for $205,000.

231 Springwood Drive
Renee D. Knoll to Matthew T. and Raisa A. Bellamy for $190,000.

904 Meadowood Circle
Donald Auker to Frederick and Camille G. Murriel for $610,000.

318 Bricker Lane Lot 2
Joseph J. Smith III Estate, Joanne S. Kreider to Virginia M. and Steven M. Dyke for $177,500.

North Lebanon Township

11 Aspen Way Lot 10
Thad M. Sholly, Trina M. Lambert to Thad and Trina M. Sholly for $0.

945 Snapdragon Court Unit 45
Monica M. Koons, Stephen W. McKenzie to Monica M. and Stephen W. McKenzie for $1.

1142 Kochenderfer Road Lot 7
Patricia L. and Darrell D. Cover to Cover Family Trust, Darrell D. and Patricia L. Cover for $1.

1139 Alpha Avenue Lot 27
Lester R. C. Aguirre, Kayla M. Long to Kayla M. Long for $1.

1699 Heilmandale Road
Russell F. Heller Jr., La Von L. Heller to Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority for $160,000.

803 Marcon Drive
Kevin L. and Cinnomin L. Keener to William M. and Madeline M. Foltz for $351,000.

935 Weavertown Road Lot 79
Daniel R. and Mary A. Reich to Reymo M. and Arlenys F. Rodriguez for $180,000.

1520 Sandhill Road Lot 104
Tyler J. Snook to Tyler J. Snook, Kaitlin M. Aponte for $1.

847 Walnut Crest Drive Lot 41 Fiduciary Deed
Joseph E. Lewczak Estate, Joseph Lewczak Estate, Shirley M. Lewczak to Shirley M. Lewczak for $1.

158 Cedar Lane Lot 1
Robert E. and Linda R. Johnson, Jeffrey N. and Susanne L. Stern to Lennox E. and Gayle M. Alexander for $275,000.

North Londonderry Township

732 South Lincoln Street Lots 12, 13, and 14
Snowshoe Properties to Lisa C. McGuire for $195,000.

732 South Lincoln Street Lots 12, 13, and 14
Lisa C. McGuire to Snowshoe Properties for $195,000.

1222 Duke Street Lot 102B and Part of Lot 102
Salvatore Mannino Estate, Maria Wamsher, Maria and Anthony Mannino to Maria Mannino for $1.

312 Eisenhower Road
Pamela J. Soghomonian to Walter A. and Hope D. C. Peters for $250,000.

841 Victoria Lane Lot 26
Mark Hughes, Beth Gatesman to John P. and Rebecca K. Boehmer for $385,000.

16 Shady Lane
Scott A. and Krista H. Rownd to Danielle M. Taylor, Marjorie E. Snyder for $201,000.

207 Barrington Court Plot 169
W. Scott and Coralee A. Wilkerson to Michael P. M. Copley for $257,000.

960 South Harrison Street
Earl H. Wagner Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Anna L. Wagner Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Earl H. Wagner to Earl H. Wagner for $1.

33 Augusta Drive
Gerald L. Dilks III, Tracey A. Dilks to Mukti N., Hema D., and Hari M. Siwakoti for $555,000.

16 Hickory Street Lot 104
Jennifer A. Musko to George J. and Susan E. Mootz for $275,500.

Palmyra Borough

754 North Railroad Street Rear
Anna M. Groves Living Trust, William L. and Kenneth L. Groves to Kim Lightner for $0.

810 North Railroad Street Rear Lot 144 and Part of Lot 145
Anna M. Groves Living Trust, William L. and Kenneth L. Groves to William L. Groves for $0.

165 West Pine Street Lots 466, 467, 468, 469, and Part of Lot 465
Eleanor M. Bair Estate, Curtis L. Martin to Daryl and Melissa Kline for $246,000.

37 North Grant Street Part of Lot 9
Chad A. and Melanie L. Jarrett to Sanjeev Ramroop for $146,000.

985 East Maple Street
Timothy E. and Michelle L. Schreckengast to Ashlee Homer for $185,000.

149 North Lincoln Street Lot 48
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Michael S. Farvder, Sheena Newswanger for $155,000.

406 West Maple Street Lots 113, 114, 115, and Part of Lot 116
Andrew C. and Johanna M. Candido to Dennis J. Rhen Jr., Lisa M. Rhen for $230,000.

812 East Maple Street Lot 143 and Part of Lots 142 and 144
Scott and Wendy Sentgeorge to Cody M. and Katlyn J. Keller for $254,000.

46 Braeburn Way
Matthew J. and Samantha Fuhrman to Matthew J. Fuhrman for $1.

414 West Main Street
Eric C. Kilhefner, Krystal J. Kieffer to Eric C. Kilhefner for $10.

333 and 335 West Main Street Quit Claim Deed
Alicia Anderson to Roland Ward for $1.

988 East Maple Street Part of Lot 45
Robert J. Martin to Alicia M. Chappel for $169,900.

Richland Borough

5 South Race Street
Carl M. and Mae G. Zimmerman to Horst Homestead Properties for $285,000.

97 Walnut Street Lot 1
Peggy J. Beck to David M. Pasterer for $224,900.

107 North Race Street
Castle Stone to Carl M. and Mae G. Zimmerman for $100,000.

602 Elm Street
Jody Wolfe, June Boyer to Cleason and Lisa Nolt for $160,000.

South Annville Township

1252 Royal Road Lot 1
Evelyn J. Bomgardner to William R. and Valerie J. Lutz for $220,000.

(UPI #29-2311832-363503-0000) Unit 83 Building 13
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Kristen M. Marshall for $301,508.

997 Horsehoe Pike
Helen B. Heagy Estate, Jean E. Funk, Carol E. Lentz, Eleanor F. Imhof to Tarek Abdelwahed, Mohamed Aly for $160,000.

South Lebanon Township

522 East Cumberland Street
Dwayne Bickelman, Danielle Leeper to David Sharkey, Jamie Matuszkiewicz for $150,000.

3100 State Drive Consolidation Deed
Excel Inc., DHL Supply Chain (USA), DHL Supply Chain USA, Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Excel Inc., DHL Supply Chain (USA), DHL Supply Chain USA for $1.

205 Adam Drive Lot 17
Berdyne D. Shank Living Trust, Florence G. Shank Living Trust, Gayle Haring, Loren A. Schrum to Dash Management Group LLC for $137,000.

178 Valley View Place Lot 63
Sandra Dundore Estate, Zachary R. Dundore to Zachary R. Dundore for $1.

78 Falcon Circle Lot 25
Tyler Larsen to Jose A. Alvarado Jr., Margarita Rivera for $389,900.

37 Horst Avenue
Barry I. and Joyce M. Borrell to Ahn M. Priest, Barry I. and Joyce M. Borrell for $0.

580 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 19
Seth P. Reedy to Ramon Collazo, Evelyn Navarro for $227,500.

16 Folmer Street
Michael A. Clemens, Clara Salvador to Rene X. N. Moya for $185,000.

South Londonderry Township

1949 South Forge Road
Ashley M. Freeman to Brian and Ashley Bott for $1.

2731 Horseshoe Pike
Donald L. and Carmen J. Kinser to Matthew B. Day for $200,000.

161 Schoolhouse Road Lot 64
Kassie L. Swope to Kevin and Allyson Cunningham for $285,000.

396 Margaret Lane Lot 6
Shane D. and Julie M. Prutznal to Brian and Veronica Patton for $325,050.

147 Woodridge Drive Lot 32
Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin to Algerdale Real Estate LLC for $150,000.

Swatara Township

572 Lickdale Road
Mahlon K. Weaver to Scott A. and Kathy S. Fry for $120,000.

445 Mountville Drive
Harvey Wise Estate, Nelson Ebersole to Rockin G Property Group, Rockin’G Property Group for $117,000.

15 Applewood Court Lot 78
Matthew J. Heisler Jr., Melissa M. Heisler to Jeffrey D. and Amy L. Bateman for $301,000.

440 Cindy Drive Lot 64
Joanne M. Sieja to Bryce J. and Heidi J. Fisher for $350,000.

7 Wunderlichs Lane
Andrew Loy to Dale L. Showers, Christopher Tarver for $180,000.

2397 Quarry Road
Robert C. and Lena M. Blauch to Integrity First Home Buyers for $54,700.

5 North McKinley Avenue
Lillian M. Rutter Estate, Verna L. Rutter to Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel for $57,000.

404 Mountville Drive Etc. Lot 1 Etc.
Elmer E., Esther, Mary E., and Bruce King, Sharon Wilbers to Joshua M. Sadler for $176,000.

46 Frog Hollow Drive
Bruce S. Gross to Justin M. and Tiffany L. Zipp for $123,500.

Union Township

20 Colonial Drive Lot 72
Carol A. Bicher, Wayne E. Klick to Amanda Winter, Ashley N. Rivera for $270,000.

11 Wolf Drive Lot 1
Eugene I. and Caroline K. Mease to Mohamed M. Kenz for $177,000.

215 Shepherd Street Lot 136
Nicholas J. and Shannon M. Blair to Nicholas J. Blair for $0.

West Cornwall Township

16 North Zinns Mill Road
Cody M. and Katlyn J. Keller to Justin B. D. and Aleesha M. D. Carney for $182,000.

16 Kauffman Avenue
Inn At Mount Gretna LLC to Donald A. Dale III, Cynthia A., Ryan C., and Catherine M. Dale for $620,000.

42 Locust Lane Lot 8
James P., John T., and Andrew R. Gibbons, Diane M. Mastellis to Michael S. Smith Sr., Nancy Smith for $230,000.

West Lebanon Township

1934 Church Street
Terrance P. Breidenstine to Jarred S. and Katelyn E. Daski for $110,000.

2322 Mifflin Street
Timothy R. and Angela M. Springborn to Tiffany C. Cessna, Graham A. Heagy for $206,000.

NS Lehman Street
Aspens Inc. to Tylerhunt, Linter Group for $1.

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