With 18,000 acres of timber to draw from, Fort Indiantown Gap is turning its excess wood this winter into funding for the PA National Guard by selling firewood and wood chips to the public.

Hardwood species available include oak, yellow poplar, hickory, and ash, which is available in large quantities due to tree deaths from the Emerald ash borer.

To participate in the program, a registration form (PDF) must first be submitted to the Environmental Office in Building 0-1.

Proceeds benefit the State Armory Trust Fund, which maintains Pennsylvania National Guard readiness centers across the commonwealth.

Firewood supply at the wood yard will fluctuate and availability is not guaranteed. There is no daily or annual maximum for wood purchases.

Firewood is in log form in 8 to 12-foot lengths. Customers will be responsible for cutting and loading their own firewood. The yard is located in Area 19 off Johnson Trail and is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. apart from holidays. Weekends are appointment only and dependent on availability of department personnel.

Log splitters are allowed in the yard, but no other mechanized equipment such as skid steers, tractors etc. will be permitted. All sales are cash-only and exact change is recommended. Additionally, sales of the firewood and chips are for personal use only.

Current fees are as follows:

  • Full size pick-up truck w/8-foot bed: $30
  • Full size pick-up truck/SUV with a bed/cargo area between 5.5′ and 8′: $25
  • Small pick-up truck/SUV with a bed/cargo area 5.5′ or less : $20
  • Trailers and truck beds larger than 8′ in length will be charged accordingly:
  • Trailers and truck beds larger than 8′ in length will be charged accordingly:
    • Up to 10′: $45
    • Up to 14′: $65
    • Up to 18′: $120
    • >18′: $150
  • Current fees collected for chips are $10 per load. (Chip customers are responsible for loading their own chips by hand.)

The Environmental Office can be reached at 717-861-8181 with additional questions.