Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

518 East Maple Street
Mark K. and Jennifer L. Ulsh to David and Melissa Madara for $215,000.

115 Woodside Court Lot 15
Kimberly A. Houser, Shanna M. Smith to Kimberly A. Houser for $1.

317 West Church Street
Randy L. Porter to Lindsey M. Long for $120,000.

144 West Main Street
Kevin Rowland, Jenna Horting to Yomarys Brens for $187,000.

Bethel Township

127 North Center Street
Tiffany L. and Sean D. J. Bradley to Steven E. Zeigler Jr. for $161,000.

965 Frystown Road Lots 3 and 4
Dorothy L. Shollenberger to Crystal L. Weand, Cindy J. Gettler, Chad W. Shollenberger for $1.

100 Beech Avenue Lot 19
Dale A. and Janine M. Bevans to Lester M. Martin, Lydia J. Summy for $309,000.

130 East Main Street
Deborah E. Heinaman Estate, Patricia Krause to Patricia Krause for $1.

15 Circle Drive Lot 3
Edward P. Root Jr. Estate, Edward Paul Root Jr. Estate, Cindy and Kyle Rivers to Kyle Rivers for $210,000.

612 Mountain Drive Lot 2 Etc.
Earl L. Zellers Jr., Marlene D. Zellers to Dale A. and Janine M. Bevans for $455,000.

(UPI #19-2339827-403202-0000) Lots 29 and 30
Timothy and Rose E. Halteman to Hunter Creek Partners LLC for $100,000.

3008 South Pine Grove Street
George W. Steiner II to Trio Family for $140,000.

9 Horizon Drive Lot 105
Krista E. and Christopher L. Pike to Krista E. and Christopher L. Pike for $1.

118 Beech Avenue
Jeremy L. and Jaime Walborn to Victor J. Macri, Olivia R. Ginder for $281,000.

City of Lebanon

744 North Hanover Street Lot 4
Nathan Gassert to Brandon M. and Joseph P. Renik Jr. for $150,000.

35 Walton Street
MLP to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $39,000.

251 South Tenth Street
Solomon Street to I360 Realty.Com LLC, I360 Realty Com LLC for $51,500.

611 Chestnut Street Quit Claim Deed
Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. to First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon, Church First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon for $1.

104 Guilford Street
George E. Fies Jr. to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $37,500.

1126 Old Cumberland Street
Rong X. Lin, Ji B. Zheng to Keith Coyne for $38,500.

1134 Old Cumberland Street
Richard M. Checket to Hasaun Grigger for $11,000.

440 North 6th Street
Carmen J. Matos to Lauren Frommer for $5,446.

590 Reinoehl Street
Kenneth L. Kreitz Sr., Kenneth L. Kreitz Jr. to Mountainview Trust for $6,341.

131, 133, and 137 South Eighth Street
Align Life Ministries, Church Align Life Ministries to Align Life Ministries, Church Align Life Ministries for $1.

761 Locust Street
Terry L. Hitz Jr., Belinda Hitz to Seoul Properties for $63,000.

209 Mifflin Street
Kim R. Noggle to Beth A. V. Barto, Jodi Checket for $72,500.

709 Lehman Street
James A. and Alison G. Roth to Jorge L. Briones for $120,000.

436 Pershing Avenue
Samuel R. Heller to Roberta R. Humphries for $87,500.

1 Creekside Drive Lot 1
Clay J. and Barbara A. Johnson to Rosa Baez for $425,000.

1015 Chestnut Street
Harold E. Dice to Michael R. and Katie L. Stoltzfus for $140,000.

523 Spruce Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Jancelis S. C. Robles for $125,000.

322 North 9th Street
Terry R. Lerch to Jose L. H. Jurado for $119,900.

322 North 9th Street
Teresa M. A. Sherk to Javier F. Q. Vega, Jessica P. Q. Mautino for $146,000.

23 South Second Street
Lebanon Rentals LLC to Allen Lamkin for $159,900.

302 South Sixth Street
Morrissey Holdings to Soap Stone Laundry for $230,000.

428-430 North 11th Street, 29 Maple Street, 434-436 Spruce Street, etc.
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Rachel B. Turley for $1.

230 East Maple Street Lot 12 and Part of Lot 11
Sheldon and Jennifer I. Habecker to Natalie K. Babich for $146,000.

427 North Twelfth Street
Emma L. Schroff Estate, Alfred D. Schroff, Helen M. Fuhrman to Donald C. and Marsha A. Graby for $72,000.

761 Locust Street
Seoul Properties to Trent Reiff for $92,500.

438 New Street
Gladys Hidalgo to Diogenes Rojas, Agustina Nivar for $61,000.

121 East Weidman Street
Troy and Tina Custer to Shawn M. Custer for $1.

162 South Hanover Street
Starr War Properties, Starrwar Properties to Wendy J. and Bradley E. Remig, Brandi L. Quezada for $125,000.

712 Walnut Street
Integrity First Home Buyers to Cody Marcel for $119,900.

1036 Church Street
Jose J. Ceballos Home Provider to Rosa M. P. Lockward for $1.

609 Chestnut Street
First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon, Church First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon to First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon, Church First Evangelical Congregational Church Of The City Of Lebanon for $1.

333-335 Cumberland Street
James R. Deimler Estate, Daniel O. Snyder to Daniel O. Snyder for $1.

1027 Quentin Road Lot 1
Robert A. Groh Jr., Kathleen K. Groh to Robert A. Groh Jr., Kathleen K. Groh for $1.

1029 Quentin Road Lot 2
Robert A. Groh Jr., Kathleen K. Groh to Robert A. Groh Jr., Kathleen K. Groh for $1.

476 New Street
Christopher R. Martin to Auggreys I. P. Leonardo for $77,000.

939 and 941 Cumberland Street
Starr War Properties, Starrwar Properties to Nakon Maximon LLC for $106,000.

218 East Mifflin Street
Lia Y. Confair, Noah Starry to Paola N. H. Gonzalez for $120,000.

827 Walnut Street
FLR Properties to Jose Benitez for $88,000.

1425 Poplar Street
Patricia A. Wickes, Penny Whary, Kim M. Clements to Zoraida Viera for $145,000.

1011 East Old Cumberland Street
Joseph S. Shiffer to Bobbi J. and Kevin B. Boris for $1.

7 East High Street Lot 209
Jordan M. and Dana Clentimack to Dana Clentimack for $1.

635 East Lehman Street
Jesse J. and Stacey L. Freeman to Blue Sky Daycare LLC for $115,000.

433 New Street
Mariangely Vega, Marisol Martinez to Luke Martin for $70,000.

1501 Rear Lehman Street Lot 63
Aspens Inc. to Kevko Holdings for $500,000.

444 North 4th Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to John B. Krall for $23,167.

365 North Prune Street
Damien S. Good to Timber Ridge Homes for $105,000.

309 Park Avenue
Michael S. and Marsha Landis to Daryl L. Horst for $118,000.

38 and 113 North 12th Street
Iron Stone Group to Jeremiah J. and Lorna J. Zimmerman for $295,000.

538 Lehman Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to Integrity First Home Buyers for $52,000.

537 Weidman Street
Premier Home Solutions to Stephen B. and Annie H. Stoltzfus for $75,000.

25 South 9th Street
Theodore A. and Lois A. Hummel to Hotel Lebanon Corp for $1,200,000.

38 North 12th Street and 113 North 12th Street
Jeremiah J. and Lorna J. Zimmerman to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $1.

Cleona Borough

303 South Wilson Street
Mary L. Matalonis to Leyli J. Figueroa for $187,000.

409 West Penn Avenue
Connor L. Buckingham, Shyanne D. Martin to Ligia T. Gherman, Jeffrey M. Benard for $285,000.

27 West Maple Street Lot 105
Robert M. and Sharon M. Lingle to Jason L. and Nicole L. Moyer for $194,000.

464 West Penn Avenue
Paul D. Peffley III, MLP to Mai Tran for $155,000.

Cornwall Borough

112 Wenger Street
Marian R. Kurtz, Susan K. Pierce to Tiffany L. Bradley for $180,000.

305 Rexmont Road
Michael R. and Michael J. Webster to Matthew J. McCarrick, Camrah K. Blizzard for $158,000.

221 Burd Coleman Road Lot 10 Block J. Etc.
Eleanor L. Howdyshell Estate, Lisa M. Howdyshell to Lisa M. Howdyshell for $144,000.

1020 Riverstone Circle Unit 378
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to John R. and Irene Weaver for $350,859.

138 Julia Lane
Randler & Bolinder Real Estate to Brandy L. Ober for $184,800.

1012 Alden Way Lot 2
Calvania to Harvey J. Turner IV for $340,000.

East Hanover Township

1111 Gravel Hill Road
Jack L. Hobaugh Jr. to Sahar A. Mater for $335,000.

17 Sherks Church Road Lot 7
Linford R. Musser to Nathan P. and Kelly A. Friedman for $98,900.

604 Dairy Lane Lot 4
Gary W. and Diane S. Grumbine to Gary W., Diane S., and Braeden T. Grumbine for $1.

Heidelberg Township

WS Weidman Road Lot 1
Matthew D. and Corissa B. Krall to Scott A. Gering Revocable Trust, Megan A. Foster Revocable Trust for $315,000.

283 Canaan Grove Road
Keith L. and Lori J. Horst to Stevie Z. and Kathryn M. Lapp for $420,000.

3290 South 5th Avenue Lot 2
Elam Z. and Sara A. Stoltzfus to Jay L. and Elaine W. Horst for $750,000.

1508 Heidelberg Avenue
Betty M. Ginder Estate, David M. Ginder to Matthew T. and Briana N. Patches for $189,000.

(UPI #22-2379389-352172-0000) Lot 2
Jay M. Zimmerman to Jay M. Zimmerman for $1.

1500 Laurel Drive
Joy L. Scott to Sunshine And Creation Retreat LLC for $1,195,000.

Jackson Township

873 South Railroad Street Lot 4
Elam J. and Naomi L. Beiler to Elam J. and Naomi L. Beiler for $1.

208 West Grant Avenue Lot 78
Tammy L. Brubaker Estate, Patricia A. Timmins to Holly M. Berger for $186,500.

24 Williams Road Lot 4
Kenrick H. and Casey E. Martin to Leon N. Reiff for $275,000.

155 Oaken Way Lot 24
Joseph P. and Rosa I. McDowall to Charles J. and Misty M. Long for $407,300.

14 Bower Drive Lot 200 Block C
John F. Abel to Carrie and Joseph Kugle for $220,000.

17 Apple Creek Lane Lot 42
Paul E. and Joann B. Steinmetz to Jason A. and Kristan L. Reed for $500,100.

37 Apple Creek Lane Lot 18
Eliott E. Torres, Elliott E. Torres Sr. to Eliott E. Torres Sr., Caitlin Torres for $1.

12 Fernwood Drive
Elizabeth R. Keller to Kervin J. Frey for $280,000.

343 North Locust Street Lot 2
Randall H. and Diana L. Good to Damien S. and Tiffany Good for $265,000.

Jonestown Borough

307 Swatara Creek Drive Lot 184
Zachary J. and Jennifer R. Cassel to Zachary J. Cassel for $1.

Millcreek Township

315 Memorial Boulevard
Michaela J. and Caleb J. Stoltzfoos to Karl H. and Nancy L. Koch for $220,000.

35 Memorial Boulevard Lot 13
Jean L. Eberly to Merlin High for $110,000.

3 Sweetwater Lane Lot 298
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Anthony L. and Sandra J. Pietromonico for $240,500.

329 Memorial Boulevard Lot 1
Daniel B. Fox to Daniel B. and Vanessa J. Fox for $1.

50 East Texter Mission Road
Katherine E. Bricker to Devon L. and Jolene Zimmerman for $460,000.

Myerstown Borough

214 West Carpenter Avenue
Jason A. Reed to Levi Marrero Jr., Jamie Marrero for $217,800.

530 South Cherry Street
Daniel M. and Ashley L. Landis to Erin E. McHenry for $146,000.

5 East Maple Avenue
Justin R. and Candace R. Good to Justin R. Good for $1.

302 South College Street
Jason and Sara E. Schwalm to Zook Rentals LLC for $115,000.

19 East Center Avenue and 415 South Cherry Street
Jason A. and Sara E. Schwalm to Zook Rentals LLC for $460,000.

300 South College Street Lot 1
Jason A. and Sara E. Schwalm to Zook Rentals LLC for $115,000.

215 South Cherry Street Lot 28
Michael H. and Barbara J. Blatt to Mason A. Cox for $115,000.

1 West Jefferson Avenue Plot 23
Cole S. Martin, Angela C. Shirk to Cole S. and Angela S. Martin for $1.

8-10 South Cherry Street
John E. Dubbs to Travis L. Brubaker, Marlin R. Brubaker Jr. for $186,000.

209 West Main Avenue
Russell L. and Priscilla J. Kahl to Bradley R. and Barbara J. Kahl for $179,000.

106 South Railroad Street
Judith A. and W. Derek Fulk to Stickler Acquisitions for $90,000.

48 East Main Avenue
Judith A. Fulk to W. Derek Fulk for $1.

25 South College Street
Christ Community Church, Church Christ Community Church, Myerstown Zion Evangelical Congregational Church, Church Myerstown Zion Evangelical Congregational Church, First Lebanon E. C. Church, Church First Lebanon E. C. Church to Living Christian Church Ministries, Church Living Christian Church Ministries for $185,000.

710 South College Street
Mark G. and Cheryl Newswanger to Matthew K. and Selena N. Stoner for $145,000.

North Annville Township

1732 Thompson Avenue
Central PA Express to Vincent P. Delagrange III, Mary S. Delagrange for $198,000.

485 North Weaber Street
Lane D. and Margaret P. Kintigh to Kelly A. Spangler for $335,000.

North Cornwall Township

265 South 21st Street
Arlene A. Boger Estate, Linda M. Boger, H. William Boger III to Hector R. Gomez for $195,000.

32 Creekside Drive
Narrows Glen Inc. to Irvin and Janet Carrero for $374,059.

1824 Center Street, 816-818 Church Street, 521 Walnut Street, 134 South 6th Street, Etc.
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Aaron H. Donnachie for $1.

810 Byler Circle Unit 137
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Le Vaughn D. Westbrook for $215,360.

1311 Nowlen Street Statement of Adverse Possession
Unknown Owner or Owners to Linda S. and Paul L. Wolford for $0.

3081 West Oak Street
Aaron H. Donnachie to Nicholas Rambler, Marissa Manning for $245,000.

504 Stonebridge Drive Lot 17 Phase II
Sean A. and Delia M. Dudek to Nathan B. Shanaman for $421,000.

1926 Carlton Drive (FKA 1862 Carlton Drive)
John J. and Margaret E. Gross to WBXB for $120,000.

1900 West Cumberland Street Etc.
Randall I. and Dawn M. Ebersole, Eight E Limited Partnership to Bennett Lebanon Holdings for $7,160,000.

509 Byler Circle Unit 23
Leigh A. and Anthony J. Burke to Mary F. Bender for $215,000.

47 Creekside Drive Lot 40
Tina Auker, Narrows Glen Inc. to Chelsea Eckerd, Brian Beltz for $376,858.

2014 Greystone Drive Lot 149
William D. Orr Jr. Estate, Glenn E. Orr to Susan O. Rajchel for $1.

North Lebanon Township

301 Light Street Lots 124, 125, 126, and 127
Rhonda L. Firestone, Brian P. Yost to Cameron Batz for $165,000.

815 North 3rd Avenue
Fern E. Sellard to Mountainview Trust for $33,000.

ES Mount Zion Road
Jeffrey G. and Emily R. Musser to Jere D. and Joanne L. Bomgardner for $200,000.

848 Mount Zion Road
Kenneth Sheaffer to Elliott D. Hain, Taylor A. French for $260,000.

345 East Maple Street
Michael J. and Joann S. Webster to Jarrod R. and Tasha M. Lerch for $75,000.

316 Sunset Lane Lot 20
Alex G. and Alanna R. Rojas to David A. and Kelly A. Shutt for $269,500.

844 Mount Zion Road Etc.
Jere D. and Joanne L. Bomgardner to Jere D. and Joanne L. Bomgardner for $1.

700 Halfway Drive Lot 5
Suzanne Hostetter to Alexander R. and TIsha A. Garman for $205,000.

1303 East Cumberland Street
Daniel T. Gassert, Juliana M. Kendrick to Daniel S. Burkey, Juliana M. Kendrick for $39,000.

1147 Harvest Drive Lot 82
John S. Sweigart Estate, Joseph M. Sweigart to John G. and Pamela J. Raytick for $297,500.

310 Light Street
Linda L. Rohland Estate, Marc A. Rohland to Marc A. Rohland for $1.

1434 Jody Avenue Quit Claim Deed
Michael S. Fox to Michael S. and Pamela D. Fox for $10.

111 Ginger Court Unit 188
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Susan P. Briskie for $464,629.

3705 Hill Church Road Lot 3
Barry D. and Patricia B. Leader to Arlong Properties LLC for $350,000.

1399 Sholly Avenue Lot 1
Sharon C. M. Lutz to Lillian P. Martinez for $194,000.

430 Orchid Circle Unit 158
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to John Stadter Family Trust, Maureen Stadter Family Trust, John and Maureen F. Stadter for $369,236.

North Londonderry Township

92 Naftzinger Road Lot 4
Judy A. Snover to Brian M. Snover for $165,000.

519 Sweetwater Drive Lot 25
Mallory V. and Tyler J. Savakinas to Tyler J. and Mallory V. Savakinas for $1.

1054 South Green Street
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to David E. and Teresa M. Shaak for $190,000.

61 Fairfax Lane Lot 105
Christopher and Pamela J. Pierce to Douglas R. and Julie L. Cheyney for $350,000.

199 Lewis Road Lot 1
Doreen M. Longenecker to Scott R. and Erin D. Longenecker for $75,000.

87 Edison Road Lot 2
Leila T. Tchelebi to Wesley B. and Heidi M. Schrock for $685,000.

951 Hoffer Road
Barbara A. Leibfried to Anna M. Beatty for $280,000.

Palmyra Borough

116 North Railroad Street
Fred A. Lehman Estate, Debra A. McDaniels to Jennifer L. Baughman, Justin R. McDaniels for $1.

205 West Cherry Street
Donald O. and Miriam Bowman to Mountainview Trust for $54,000.

128 East Main Street Units 1-4
SFRP to SFRentals LLC for $0.

235 East Cherry Street Lot B
Susan R. Winters to Andrew Schmid for $183,500.

194 Braeburn Way Lot 30
Joseph C. and Carrie A. Kugle to Davidson J. Francois for $270,000.

45 North Lincoln Street
Brian and Lori Williamson to Brian and Lori Williamson for $1.

404 South Lincoln Street Lot 30
Estrubhar Properties LLC to Samnang Loeung, Vinh Ly for $274,000.

658 West Cherry Street
John G. and Carol A. Salick to Seth Kleinfelter, Alison Blouch for $115,000.

47 North Lincoln Street
Brian and Lori Williamson to Brian and Lori Williamson for $1.

220 East Maple Street Lot 26 and Part of Lot 28
Margaret A. Doss to Beck S. Moore, Ashley J. Bulley for $246,000.

8 West Main Street
West Main Properties to JRE Seven LLC for $475,000.

359, 707, 423, 421, 417 North Railroad Street Etc.
Wagner Dwight Family Limited Partnership II to Shadowstone MHC Holdings for $18,124,000.

630 South Forge Road
Justin L. and Amy L. Harriman to Justin L. Harriman for $1.

Richland Borough

208 Walnut Street
R. Hart Beaver, Britt B. Saitta to Becky A. and Joseph D. Zaleski for $418,000.

113 South Race Street
Kelley A. Spangler to Faustino M. Cepeda for $190,000.

307 Poplar Street
Deanne R. Stover, Sharon A. Seldomridge to Natalie Rechenberg for $211,500.

114 South Race Street Lot 2
Lowell D. Hartzell to Miriam M. Wentzel, Terry L. Wentzel Jr. for $99,800.

South Annville Township

548 Horseshoe Trail Drive Lot 56
Timothy J. Boyer to Gary L. and Jeanette M. Fitzgerald for $327,100.

South Lebanon Township

117 Wheatstone Lane Lot 66
Michelle A. Lewis to Amberlea M. Lymaster for $193,000.

609 South 4th Street
Kenneth L. Kreitz Jr. to Mountainview Trust for $65,000.

433 Olde Meadow Lane Lot 131
Vincent T. and Angela M. Reigle to Daniel E. Steiner for $415,000.

WS Keystone Drive Lot 6
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Lotus Land for $350,000.

WS Keystone Drive Lot 6
William, Sharon, and Nathaniel Witwer to Nathaniel E. Witwer, Kiersten L. Kearney for $1.

590 South Lincoln Avenue Lots 4 and 5
Arthur J. Coble Jr., Robert A. Coble to Hunter Creek Partners for $130,000.

24 Moravian Street
James Halkias to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $130,000.

135 Linda Way Lot 25
Narrows Glen Inc. to Michelle Levengood for $450,500.

1065 South Third Street
Daniel J. and Marcia R. Murray to Sarah E. and Hannah A. Fischer for $210,000.

1500 Old East Cumberland Street Etc.
Randall I. and Dawn M. Ebersole, Eight E Limited Partnership to Bennett Lebanon Holdings for $2,250,000.

113 Wheatstone Lane Lot 65
Anthony, Maria, Vito, and Salvatore Mannino to Antonella Mannino for $1.

109 Wheatstone Lane Lot 64
Antonella Mannino to Anthony, Maria, Vito, and Salvatore Mannino for $1.

29 Evergreen Road
Steven W. Stein to Nathan A. and Meghan Hare for $255,000.

715 Smith Avenue
Michael R. and Stephanie J. Hamersky to Aubrey L. Bowman for $178,000.

South Londonderry Township

98 Stafford Drive Lot 100
Jack S. and Joan M. Albright to Erin Murdoch for $377,500.

ES Stanley Drive Lot 20A
Alecxih Realty to Craig W. and Tamara J. Adams for $190,000.

140 Brookwood Drive Quit Claim Deed
Joseph R. and Deborah A. Stouffer to Joseph R., Deborah A., and John R. Stouffer, Michelle L. Bennett for $0.

57 Chesterfield Drive Lot 22
David J. and Natalie D. Curry to Michael D. and Paige A. Datres for $422,000.

657 Springbrook Drive Unit 63
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to William R. and Susan B. Hicks for $451,810.

2 Royal Road Lot 91
John R. and Irene Weaver to Carl J. and Barbara R. Franzetti for $317,500.

5 Conewago Hills Road
Carol A. Mather to Christie and Danny Chacon for $355,000.

2412 South Forge Road
Bertha M. Carbaugh Estate, Darrell F. Baldwin to Jose E. V. Guzman for $158,000.

669 Springbrook Drive Unit 64
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Carol L. Lehr for $403,477.

106 Windermere Drive Unit 29
Carol K. Lamborn to Robert S. Kost for $1.

2022 South Forge Road
Douglas R. and Julie L. Cheyney to Chad L. and Stacy M. Hellenthal for $565,000.

681 Springbrook Drive Unit 65
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Kenneth R. Epler, Ann E. Espenshade for $418,372.

(UPI #31-22933356-335090-0000) Corrective Deed
Ritha Leber to Ritha Leber for $1.

6040 Colebrook Road Lot 1-W
James E. and Pamela M. Noll to Leon L. and Anna P. King for $1,900,000.

Swatara Township

2387 Quarry Road
Hunter Creek Partners LLC to Jonathan A. Oretga, Marline Ortiz for $246,000.

2245 Quarry Road Lot A
Brad A. Strubhar to Gavin G. Smith for $155,000.

402 Donna Drive Lot 64
Gregory A. and Leah M. Peltz to Casey L. Thompson for $154,900.

35 Monroe Avenue Lots 146, 147, 148, 149, 163, and 164 Quit Claim Deed
Elsie M. Seifert, Lydia Dominguez to Elsie M. Seifert, Lydia Dominguez for $10.

305 Lighthouse Drive Lot 25
David J. Krissinger to Julio Colon for $186,500.

Union Township

20 Cherry Lane
Steven E. Zeigler Jr., Amanda E. Zeigler to Ashley J. Keen for $246,000.

501 Old Forge Road
78-81 Owner, 78 81 Owner to WSRE CP 501 OFR Investors for $1.

3382 State Route 72
Harold L. and Carol D. Spatz to Ryan S. Miller for $170,000.

19 Huckleberry Road Lot 4
Miller Family Irrevocable Trust, Darryl G. Miller to Marlin D. and Gloria J. Champ for $250,000.

426 Jonestown Road
Moriah L. Turck, Premier Home Solutions to Jarrad M. and Elizabeth A. Hartranft for $136,000.

2342 State Route 72
Joseph M. and Melody Beneito to John D. Heck Jr. for $257,500.

60 Bordnersville Road
Damian T. and Alexander Bernstein to David J. Krissinger for $190,000.

415 Jonestown Road
Marvin E. Dehart Revocable Trust, Darlene D. and Rex A. Kidder, Marvin E. De Hart Revocable Trust to Lion Secure Holdings LLC for $160,000.

3 Lambs Lane Lot 2
Ravinder S. Sahra, Neelam Kaur to Juan M. and Juana Sandoval for $245,000.

West Cornwall Township

187 Riders Way
Ryan M. and Ashley E. Britt to K&K Fairview Properties LLC for $180,000.

203 Boehm Avenue
William L. Routson to Jenna Dicarlo for $103,500.

206 Castle Avenue Lots 6, 8, 11, and 13
Michelle L. and Terry N. Wiley, Allison E. and Matthew J. Schlegelmilch to Austin A. and Jennifer Henry for $326,000.

39 Walnut Lane
Herman C. Stumpf Estate, Sally A. Dugan to Janneta C. Klink for $150,000.

91 West Main Street
Adam S. Montgomery to Joshua J. and Dorothy I. Thompson for $280,000.

West Lebanon Township

2320 Mifflin Street, 352 Mountville Drive, 577 Reinoehl Street, Etc.
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie for $1.

502 North 23rd Street
Brayham and Kassandra Mejia to JRHeller.Com LLC, JRHeller Com LLC for $50,000.

502 North 23rd Street
JRHeller.Com LLC, JRHeller Com LLC to Manuel Ricart, Jayko R. Abreu for $60,500.

2101 West Cumberland Street
RE & AE, RE & AE LLC to Bennett Lebanon Holdings for $2,080,000.

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