We Are Lebanon, Pa is starting a second series of videos to be released on opposite weeks of our Kortne Stouffer interviews.

These pieces feature local nonprofits and charities giving the community an overview of all the amazing things they are doing in the community.

Kenbrook Bible Camp has been waiting patiently for this video to come out. They came in earlier this year and unfortunately it’s taken a bit for their turn in editing to come up.

Joe McFarland kindly came in to our studio and talked to us about all the great things going on at Kenbrook Bible Camp. We had no idea that they function year round as a retreat for all sorts of schools and organizations. They even have hotel style accommodations to go along with the beautiful scenery and lake and ropes course and all sorts of activities that they supply. I hope you’ll watch this video and then check out their website and see all that they have to offer.

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