Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

37 North Long Street
Gregory R. and Stacy J. Tremper to Oppo LLC for $285,000.

Bethel Township

109 Fredericksburg Road
James S. Martin to Bell & Evans Realty II LLC for $2,560,000.

City of Lebanon

130 Walnut Street
St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church to Paloma School, School Paloma School for $420,000.

1550 Woodland Street Lot 49
Pamela A. Weiss, John L. Heaton to Hunter Creek Partners LLC for $85,000.

604 Cornwall Road
Brian T. and Jean M. O Donnell, Brian T. and Jean M. ODonnell to Andrew B. and Erin S. O Donnell, Andrew B. and Erin S. ODonnell for $156,000.

516 North 11th Street
Pablo Gonzalez, Yudith Delatorre to Steve and Brittany Hershey for $65,000.

205 East Maple Street
FHG92 LLC to Ronald M. Rivas for $198,000.

1345 Monument Street
Amos and Cheryl Martin Jr. to Amos and Nancy L. Smucker for $70,000.

1347 Monument Street
Amos and Cheryl L. Martin Jr. to Amos and Nancy L. Smucker for $70,000.

493 New Street
Keith T. Coyne, Christine J. Maxwell to Matthew and Jessica Hess for $90,500.

1100 Victor Street
Eusebio Arroyo, Eusebio A. Tirado to Paul J. and Deana Marakowski for $181,000.

358 North 11th Street
Keim Brothers LLC to Elpidio and Sebastiana Suarez for $95,500.

300 North 4th Street
ARB Holdings to Store Master Funding XVII LLC for $10.

235 South Partridge Street
David L. Wagaman to Jeremiah Zimmerman for $20,000.

458 Beechwood Avenue
Lydia Villafane to Ryan Roth for $220,000.

366 North 7th Street
Lucira V. Carrasquillo to Roberto Cruz Jr. for $1.

750 Guilford Street
Deborah A. Ekstrom to Frandia E. C. Perez for $80,000.

1329 Brandywine Street
Mario and Aileen Gerena to TK Enterprises LLC for $105,000.

241 South 8th Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Keith T. Coyne for $125,000.

36 Weidman Street
E Z Stor Company, E-Z Stor Company to MLP LLC for $1,250,000.

1134 Lehman Street
Homesteadz LLC, Homestedz LLC to Homestedz LLC for $1.

301 Willow Street
Bob Hoch Service Center Inc. to Major Holdings LLC for $275,000.

412 North Jones Street
Jose and Margarita Roman to Jose Roman for $1.

444 Elm Street
Sambo and Salan Pich to Joseph M. Sholly for $100,000.

Cleona Borough

14 Natalie Lane
E. Marie and Robert Rausch to Steven M. Demmy for $160,000.

Cornwall Borough

1001 Great Hall Drive
Rose M. Leedy Estate, Michael K. Leedy to Carol A. and Andrew R. Langhuber for $1.

618 Aspen Lane
Daniel J. Alfaro, James C. Schmitt to James C. and Sharlyn Schmitt for $10.

1005 English Drive
Kay L. Diebus to Diebus Family Irrevocable Trust, Michael A. and Mark A. Diebus for $1.

1004 English Drive
George E. and Jeanne M. Trump to Paul H. and Iris M. Cunningham for $268,000.

East Hanover Township

10454 Mountain Road
Wilma M. Smith, James M. Millhouse to Thomas C. and Stephanie D. Millhouse for $1.

1025 School House Road
J & J Remarketing LLC to Adam C. and Elizabeth A. Willey for $325,000.

10620 and 10604 Jonestown Road
Emrich Farms to Michael D. and Jennifer L. Rittel for $1,000,000.

N of Appalachian Drive Lot 4
Andrew Mark Foust Estate, Andrew M. Foust Estate, Robin R. and Alexandra Foust to James J. Sinnerard for $72,500.

Jackson Township

221 East Mill Avenue
David L. and Bethany A. Hoover to David L. and Timothy J. Hoover for $1.

25 Stonehouse Drive Lot 154
Hasaun Grigger, Nahla Alidelnar to Stephan W. and Debra A. Kowalczyk for $215,000.

46 Scenic Drive Lot 324
Elaine McGrath to George and Cynthia Roberts for $230,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

416 West Yale Avenue
Dress Blues LLC to Christopher P. and Wendy M. Mayo for $385,000.

203 Brown Avenue Lots 195, 196, and 197
Travis Morgan to Travis Allen Morgan Trust, Frank Morgan for $10.

Myerstown Borough

204 North Railroad Street
Adam B. and Kathy M. Heisey Jr. to Jeffrey S. and Julie M. Nelsen for $230,000.

123 Juniper Alley
Donald L. Stoltz Estate, Donald Lee Stoltz Estate, Carol A. Stoltz to Carol A. Stoltz for $1.

North Annville Township

695 North State Route 934
Anna M. Wagner Estate, Mervin L. Wagner to Cassidy R. Ritchie for $130,000.

543 North State Route 934 Lot 4
Gerald J. and Tara N. Fraleigh Jr. to Gerald J. Fraleigh Jr. for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1410 Cornwall Road
Shane M. and Joelle M. Thomas to Commonwealth of PA Dept of State, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

900 Tuck Street
Well PM Properties LLC to 900 Tuck Street PA Owner LLC for $1.

262 Gardenia Lane Lot 37
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Javier and Mercenia S. Canales for $404,030.

2005 Acorn Drive
Cynthia I. A. Rivas to Hector Garcia for $10.

North Lebanon Township

440 Rebecca Street
Forever Media Inc. to Seven Mountains Media Family LLC for $325,000.

1290 State Route 72 North FKA 102 Old Ebenezer Road
William C. Haldeman to Philip C. Haldeman for $1.

1840 Oakridge Court
Bruce J. and Ann M. L. Lightner to Bruce J. Lightner for $1.

1840 Oakridge Court
Bruce J. Lightner to Jean M. Roberts, Bruce J. Lightner for $1.

945 Snapdragon Court Unit 45
Stephen W. and Monica M. McKenzie to McKenzie Family Living Trust, Mc Kenzie Family Living Trust, Stephen W. and Monica M. McKenzie, Stephen W. and Monica M. Mc Kenzie for $1.

308 Gary Avenue Part of Lots 63 and 64
John J. Miller to Daniel T. Michael for $225,000.

800 Maple Lane
Hunter G. Mellott, Brittany Y. Gladfelter to Brittany Y. Gladfelter for $1.

739 Sallyann Drive
23 Property Group LLC to Vicente V. Velez for $225,000.

North Londonderry Township

862 Buttonwood Street
Timothy R. Krupko to Nicholas P. and Lauren A. Petrone Jr. for $349,900.

723 Gravel Hill Road Lot 2
Barry D. and Kerry A. Bieler to John A. Madilia, Kendra R. Mase for $399,999.

211 Grand Summit Drive Unit 29
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC, Winding Creek to Anthony D. and Mary L. Pavone for $135,700.

101 Kenmar Drive
Earl J. Gibson, Earl J. Gibson Sr. to Quinn J. Gibson for $1.

134 Lynnwood Drive Lot 100
Debra A. Williams Estate, Amanda M. Poindexter to Amanda M. Poindexter for $1.

Palmyra Borough

118 South Lingle Avenue
Sylvia S. Shultz to Tamie S. Michaud for $1.

740 West Main Street
Dale A. Weaver to D D Hurst Properties II LLC for $250,000.

125-127 East Main Street
Timothy S. and Lori L. Wagner to Wright & Jones LLC for $365,000.

300 South Grant Street
Jessica L. and Bryan Lambert to Bryan Lambert for $1.

South Annville Township

NS Killinger Road Lot 2
MFS Inc., Eastern Land & Resources Company to Daryl Reiff for $1,222,500.

South Lebanon Township

428 East Evergreen Road
Marian C. Dorward Estate, John S. Dorward to John S. Dorward, Kristin A. Schmidt for $1.

385 Acorn Circle Lot 90
Diego and Jasmine Yandoc to Joshua Bidwell for $225,000.

516 East Walnut Street
Daniel C. Souders Estate, Angelina M. Souders to Angelina M. Souders for $1.

South Londonderry Township

1586 Mount Wilson Road
Frank D. and Gretchen M. Landis to Kyle C. Gettle for $127,320.

209 Valley Road
David J. and Carol S. Brightbill to Carol S. Brightbill for $1.

22 Raven Lane
Lester K. and Charleen Breidenstine Jr. to Francisco Ramirez for $50,000.

26 Raven Lane
Crystal L. Breidenstine to Francisco Ramirez for $25,000.

Swatara Township

1825 Grace Avenue
Breezy Properties LLC, Middle Creek Investments LLC to Gavin A. and Jessica R. Witmeyer for $625,000.

102 Dead End Road
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Linford R., Audrey R., and Colleen F. Snyder for $1.

4 Ivy Lane
Ronald and Gale D. Senseman to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

38 White Birch Lane
Lawrence R. Conrad to Lawrence R. Conrad Revocable Living Trust, Lawrence R. Conrad, Mary F. McAteer, Mary F. Mc Ateer for $1.

292 Cindy Drive Lot 110
Heather M. Kaufmann to Levi T. Fleck for $200,000.

Union Township

2 Penny Lane Lot 1
Isadore L. and Loretta R. Ollar to Savana Ulrich for $130,000.

24 Nature’s Lane
Kyle A. and Tamara J. Boltz to Blue Coast Capital LLC for $50,000.

West Cornwall Township

18 Locust Lane
Shirley A. and Joseph A. Karinch, Denise D. Bollard to Sarah C. and Kyle J. Tice for $319,000.

1 Park Street
Gary and Cynthia Dunsworth to Cynthia and Gary Dunsworth, Cynthia and Gary Dunsworth Living Trust for $1.

109 3rd Street Lots 9 and 11
David C. and Matthew F. Der to Andrew and Kelly Goodman for $320,000.

611 1st Street
Carmen Bianco, Maureen Garrity to Karin M. Guerrini Revocable Trust, Karin M. Guerrini for $350,000.

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