Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

128 Woodside Court
Susan Greenawalt to Ayra S. Tansiking, Harland G. Myers III for $255,000.

129 Station Corner Drive Lot 33
Tyler D. and Lauren E. Fenner to Tek N. Chapagai, Bhumika Timsina for $400,000.

Bethel Township

133 Deer Drive Lot 41
John L. Kuhn to Curly S. M. R. Lopez for $220,000.

City of Lebanon

360 North 9th Street
Gary L. and Nelson W. Royer to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $75,000.

535 Pershing Avenue
Lauri L. Wolfe to CRTH Properties LLC for $115,000.

463 Beechwood Avenue
Bryan S. and Rebecca S. Thomson to Jevon A. Zimmerman for $237,000.

136-138 North 9th Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Judah and Bethany Clapper for $365,000.

334 Lehman Street
Madeline J. Leed Estate, James E. Leed Jr. to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $1.

417 North Gannon Street
Nancy Nguyen to Peaceful Homes LLC for $75,000.

941 Hauck Street
Christopher and Rebecca J. Koehler to Ryan J. Brown for $215,000.

491 East Lehman Street
Benjamin L. and Emily A. Keener to Basilio Lopez, Dominga G. Nunez for $180,000.

1570 Lafayette Street
Mary Ceresini to Marsa Fares for $39,000.

366 North 3rd Street
Adelso L. N. Depena, Jhoanna A. P. Paulino to Jhoanna A. P. Paulino for $1.

1123 Washington Street
Jose A. Vililla to Alvaro P. Ricaurte for $165,000.

531 East Cumberland Street
Citadel Investment Properties LLC to John A. Esh for $158,000.

431 South 12th Street
Margarueite J. Light Estate, Debra J. and Steven P. Leibig to Debra J. and Steven P. Leibig for $0.

305 New Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Matthew and Jessica Hess for $70,000.

240 South Partridge Street
Gary J. Hill to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $100,000.

119 South 5th Avenue
Silvetti Investments LLC to Joseph T. Silvetti for $1.

414 Steitz Street
Patrick B., Jessica, and Sandra Kramer to Branden C. Dye, Breanna L. Hoppes for $250,000.

117 East Weidman Street
Christinzio Real Estate Services LLC to Carlos C. Segundo for $188,000.

30 Hoke Avenue
Angela M. Marchi, Marisa A. Arnold to Anna Roland for $210,000.

3 East Chestnut Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Daniel Baez for $235,000.

440 East Pershing Avenue Lot 18
William W. Umbrell Jr. Estate, Trudi R. Umbrell, Lorralei L. Hoerner to Brian S. Rose for $205,000.

1236 Elm Street
Peter K. and Nancy L. Uhlig Sr. to Benjamin L. and Emily A. Keener for $290,000.

135 East Pershing Avenue
Timothy and Gennifer S. Spangler II to Aram and Ciara M. Salehi for $200,000.

1121 Walton Street
Jal Investments LLC to Keith T. Coyne for $25,000.

711 Guilford Street
Kelly J. Scholtes to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $31,000.

1412 Poplar Street
Barbara A. Serba Estate, John J. Kenny to Gareth Fisher for $126,000.

415 North 2nd Street
Lydia M. Yocum to Skye P. Horton for $142,000.

363 North Prune Street
Delmar E. Wise to Fausto G. P. Batista for $25,000.

312 South Lincoln Avenue
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Monica A. Manzueta for $147,000.

511 South 3rd Street
Russell E. Leibig Estate, Renee L. Boyer, Stacy L. Dusock to Renee L., Austin J., and Alex L. Boyer, Stacy L. Dusock, Michelle L. Lantz for $1.

515 Walnut Street
Kelsea M. Illiano to Maria S. D. Rodriguez for $125,000.

514 Chestnut Street
Michael T. Baez to Melanie A. Fridal for $153,000.

125 North 12th Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Howard F. Wood for $75,000.

Cleona Borough

17 Dogwood Lane
Maribel R. Burgos to Jayden Swann for $162,000.

133 West Walnut Street
Joan M. Readinger Estate, Diane L. Gleim, Kristen L. Livering to Clayton A. and Ashlyn M. Himmelberger for $240,000.

East Hanover Township

10334 Allentown Boulevard
Tarapchak Family Trust, Stephen T. and Kum Y. Tarapchak to Wilmer L. and Emily D. Weaver, Jeremy W. Burkholder for $250,000.

Heidelberg Township

1720 Heidelberg Avenue
Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

1742 Heidelberg Avenue
Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

NS Heidelberg Avenue
Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

1561 Heidelberg Avenue
Samuel H. and Karen Stoltzfus to John F. Ebling for $200,000.

S Of Canaan Grove Road
Homes For America Inc. to Jack L. Keener for $370,000.

126 Michters Road
Galen W. and Martha J. Hoover to Nathan Z. and Janet N. Hoover for $240,000.

SS Oak Street
Margaretann Hatt to Dylan and Emily Gardener for $65,000.

Jackson Township

30 Arbor Drive Lot 210
William H. Hart Estate, S. Diane McConnell to Jack and Joanne Harvey Jr. for $260,000.

43 Beverly Drive Lot 75
Gale Edge to Gale Edge Revocable Living Trust for $1.

382 North Locust Street
Ronald W. Wise Estate, Donna M. Borgnis to Richard D. Katz, Lorena Afanador for $350,000.

1110 Hilltop Road Corrective Deed
Jeane H. Wolfe, Barbara Lafrance to Kelsey I. Shewmaker for $1.

220 Royers Road
Cleason R. and Lorissa D. Hurst to Laura B. Hurst for $230,000.

63 Gable Drive Lot 25
Thomas M. and Emily R. Malloy Jr. to Thomas M. and Emily R. Malloy Jr. for $1.

44 Wartluft Road
Greg A. and Kristi J. Fields to Leon M. and Kathryn Stoltzfus for $430,000.

Jonestown Borough

99 West Chestnut Street
Sally Muldoon to Jarrid S. Smith for $100,000.

Millcreek Township

33 Treeline Drive
James and Regina E. Habblett to Eric D. MacKnight III, Eric D. Mac Knight III for $280,000.

7 Evergreen Way
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk to Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk for $1.

30 Village Drive Lot 37
Charlotte G. Wright to Walter E. and Deborah L. Schwarz for $296,015.

27 Treeline Drive Lot 86
Edward Bellina to Derek W. Price, Samantha R. Jewell for $295,000.

116 West Main Street
Michelle M. and Ashley Heimbach to Casey Jack, Caitlin Crespo for $180,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

7 Muhlenberg Avenue
Jay H. and Ann L. Kopp to Jayanna K. Yeakle for $1.

North Annville Township

1334 North State Route 934
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, South Bellegrove Cemetery Association to International New Life Church, Church International New Life for $1.

North Cornwall Township

981 Daffodil Drive Lot 981 Lots of Blossom Acres
John C. Hewitt to Bradley J. and Debra A. Brandt for $310,000.

2003 Acorn Drive Lot 77
Arturo Q. Velazquez, Ana L. O. Soto to Bikram S. and Sukhjeet K. Kamboj for $215,000.

1500 Quentin Road
United Methodist Church of the Good Shephard, Church United Methodist Church of the Good Shephard to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

100 Bricker Lane
James C. and Frances F. Arnold to Greg A. Fields for $315,500.

2165 Walnut Street
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Gilberto G. Lozada for $160,000.

North Lebanon Township

2178 Cloverfield Drive Lot 30
John R. Swisher Estate, Jodi L. Swisher, Debra A. Radina to Carl G. Lex, Joanne C. Kenney for $272,000.

1834 Martin Drive Lot 23
Richard K. Arnold Jr. to Alexander J. and Morgan C. Baker for $290,000.

768 North 32nd Street Lot 2
Michael Anthony Skutlin Estate, Michael A. Skutlin Estate, Kathryn E. Shutt to Kuanfang and Pi Y. Cheng for $280,000.

1153 Kochenderfer Road
Donna L. Derfler to Dana C. and Britny L. Nettles for $100,000.

1126 Garden Avenue
Christine A. Smith Estate, Leann T. Moore to Ashley and Michelle Heimbach for $313,600.

2701 East Cumberland Street
Michael S. and Carol H. Ingram to Michael S. and Carol H. Ingram for $1.

855 Water Edge Court
Mujsce Living Trust, Anthony M. and Marilyn A. Mujsce to Robert E. Howard Jr. for $421,000.

785 Halfway Drive Lot 1
Douglas G. and Colleen M. Peters to Douglas G., Colleen M., Kelly J., and Nicole M. Peters for $1.

1120 Harvest Drive
James E. and Rebecca Ruoss to Ignacio Perez for $371,000.

2601 Tunnel Hill Road Quit Claim Deed
Jose L. and Jay J. Romero to Jay J. Romero for $1.

North Londonderry Township

282 Sweetwater Drive Lot 193
Nichole E. Hartman to Parshu and Geeta Pokhrel for $534,000.

705 Sunset Boulevard Unit 19
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Adam and Kimberly Becker for $163,600.

448 Stone Gate Boulevard Unit 156
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC, Winding Creek to Brian A. and Anita H. Bohr for $141,100.

1138 South Green Street Part of Lots 108 and 109
Timothy M. and Kathleen S. Eberhart to Paul T. and Karen L. Mathias for $312,900.

717 Cambridge Court Lot 50
Wendy A. Walters to Atled Alliance LLC for $211,000.

1329 Old Forge Road
Debra L. Llewellyn to Jessica L. Robinson for $375,000.

517 Breezewood Lane
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Robert C. Burke, Jessica M. Zebrowski for $166,900.

500 Breezewood Lane
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Joseph M. and Alyssa Cioccio for $164,500.

Palmyra Borough

230 North Harrison Street
Glenn D. Orehek to Glenn D. and Dustin M. Orehek for $1.

405 South Green Street
Louis F. Borgatta to Roy A. and Janice C. Smith for $351,000.

237 West Walnut Street Lots 287 and 288, Part of Lots 286 and 289
Debra L. Shifflett to Daniel R. Roesch for $225,000.

500 North Railroad Street
Ryan J. and Kristina M. Sweitzer to Ryan J. Sweitzer for $1.

20 Sycamore Lane
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Felicia E. N. and Paul V. Piazza for $350,000.

41 West Cherry Street
Peggy C. Coldren to Zachary Peffer, Rebecca E. Lapasnick for $290,000.

60 Sandalwood Drive Lot 19
Paul and Sharon L. Williams Jr. to Jeffrey D. Barrows, Amanda L. Sterner for $435,000.

320 North Railroad Street
Franz J. Singer QTip Trust, Doris E. Singer, Mary E. S. Hostetter to Jose M. Vega Jr. for $174,900.

617 East Pine Street
Jaxon Management Partners LLC to Jack Yengo, Hannah Donachy for $234,900.

520 East Pine Street Part of Lots 283 and 284
Dawn and Curtis Smith to Daniel Brantner, Traci L. Long for $310,000.

Richland Borough

307 Chestnut Street
Richard A. and Judith A. Bohn to William D. and Michelle M. Wolf II for $267,000.

South Annville Township

1210 South White Oak Street Lot 4 Quit Claim Deed
Michael R. and Cheri M. Anspach to Anspach Family Trust, Michael R. and Cheri M. Anspach for $1.

NS Quittie Park Drive Unit 122 Corrective Deed
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Zachary D. and Kristen Strauss for $321,501.

NS Quittie Park Drive Unit 91 Building 17
Garman Builders at Mayapple to Nathan D. Phelps for $330,555.

818 Sylvan Lane
Deborah A. Zipp Estate, Deborah Zipp Estate, John Schick to John Schick for $1.

South Lebanon Township

343 East Evergreen Road
Ronald H. and Michelle M. Miller to Lonnie D. and Kelly D. Burkholder for $284,900.

5 Ridge Avenue
Yamaira J. Diaz to Orlando Mercado Sr., Karen Sanchez for $231,500.

1006 South 3rd Avenue Lot 153
Gloria M. Kettering Howard Estate, Brian P. Kettering to Rita M. Haag for $1.

12 Keller Drive Lot 3
Keith E. and Rhoda M. Martin to James and Rosalyn Martin for $575,000.

15 Southfield Road Lot 40
Rita H. Banko Estate, Matthew T. Banko to Benjamin S. and Meredith J. French for $412,000.

54 Moravian Street
Charlotte A. Stoner Estate, Jessica Weaver to Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon for $142,900.

2017 South Lincoln Avenue
Denise M. and Edward R. Bollard to Amy L. Kristovensky for $250,000.

WS South Lincoln Avenue Lot 128
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Mark A. and Barbara B. Grandusky for $577,851.

South Londonderry Township

2933 Horseshoe Pike
Shiva K. and Sita Ghimire to Waywar LLC for $350,000.

651 Lawn Road
All In Realty LLC to Daryl and Bethany Shirk for $255,000.

2735 Horseshoe Pike
Anna M. Tschudy to Dwight E. Kauffman for $225,000.

5224 Elizabethtown Road Lot 14
Thomas J. and Dianne Mozer to Richard D. and Jennifer L. Hummer for $451,000.

49 Palmyra Road Lot 46 and Part of Lot 47
Daniel Brantner, Traci Long to Ideal Property Investments LLC for $145,000.

868 South Mount Pleasant Road
Ralph R. Hetrick Estate, Lisa A. Sonder, Jessie M. Hank to Roland E. and Lisa A. Sonder for $1.

2824 Horseshoe Pike
HSSH LLC to Sikotar Mataji LLC for $750,000.

575 Royal Road Lot 2
Christine Mau to Mukesh and Rashmika Patel for $407,000.

Swatara Township

1783 Grace Avenue
Diane L. Minnich to Conner L. Burger, Amanda N. Weaver for $302,000.

2373 Quarry Road
Kathleen A. and Randall Byers to Nereida Torres for $195,000.

191 Monroe Valley Drive Lot 3
David M. and Bonnie K. Alexander to David M. and Bonnie K. Alexander for $1.

Union Township

506 Jonestown Road
Ned E. and Jean C. Bomgardner to Jonestown Real Estate LLC for $955,000.

165 Awol Road Lot 23
Siegrist Family Trust, Joanne L. Siegrist to Annette L. Darkes, Brenda K. Miller, Kristen M. Marshall for $1.

191 Fort Swatara Road
Forrest C. Hoffert to Hannah B. Hoffert, Nicholas T. Ruth for $250,000.

100 White Tail Lane
William E. Swonger to Douglas Swonger for $1.

West Cornwall Township

100 South Zinns Mill Road
Quentin Water Company to West Cornwall Township Municipal Authority, Township of West Cornwall Municipal Authority for $95,900.

275 Old Mine Road Lots 36 and 37
Melvin R. Denlinger Jr. Estate, Darrell C. Denlinger to Frank Tomecek Jr., Kristine Warner for $190,000.

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