Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

201 West Main Street
Mona and Angelo Mini to Somi Rizal for $435,000.

138 South King Street Quit Claim Deed
Carissa L. Eby to Carissa L. Eby for $1.

51 South Manheim Street
Gale A. Whelan to Hollyn Helsel for $99,000.

Bethel Township

136 North Pine Grove Street Lot 2
PNC Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $10.

120 Farmers Drive
Levi H. and Roseann L. Stoner to Dale S. and Cheryl F. Groff for $485,000.

126 North Center Street
RW Marketing Limited Liability Company to Matthew N. and Sidney N. Leedy for $242,000.

321 Blue Mountain Road
Jeffrey S. and Pamela M. Shirk to Bell and Evans Realty II LLC for $196,000.

City of Lebanon

604 Locust Street
Gumercindo Garcia to Nereida T. Maldonado, Anibal M. Garcia for $75,000.

522 Pershing Avenue
David P. Adams to David A. Lapp for $70,000.

127 Canton Street Lot 1 PL BK 101 PG 119
David Drummond to Kenneth S. Hinkle for $194,000.

1596 Berry Drive Lot 56 Plan for Aspens Plan BK 56 PG 101
Raymond D. Wolfe to Raymond D. Wolfe Jr., Raymond D. Wolfe, Samantha Smith for $1.

333 North 10th Street
Margaret J. Martin Estate, Aimee J. Uhrich to Aimee J. Uhrich, Joseph J. Martin for $1.

334 Lehman Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Howard Wood for $28,000.

622 Maple Street
Michael Amato to Jason C. and Bethany J. Good for $102,000.

1351 Monument Street
Dab Associates LLP to Jason C. and Bethany J. Good for $90,000.

16-18 South Lincoln Avenue
King John S. Enterprises LLC, John S. King Enterprises LLC to J-Mar Homes LLC, J Mar Homes LLC for $429,000.

528 Locust Street
Timothy and Leanne Shank to Cody Jackman for $18,000.

411 East Mifflin Street
Jason VanDenBrand, Jason Van Den Brand to Peaceful Homes LLC for $296,000.

1584 Chestnut Street
Katherine M. Kerns Estate, Glenn H. Wade to Grade A Holdings LLC for $50,000.

1584 Chestnut Street
Grade A Holdings LLC to Hometown Revival LLC for $65,000.

508 North 10th Street
Meson Casas LLC to Nestlink LLC for $159,000.

236 Lehman Street
Robert L. and Ruth L. Hitz to Nestlink LLC for $135,000.

25 East Pershing Avenue
Harold K. and Betty A. Adair Jr. to Flippers & Keepers LLC for $165,000.

133 Cumberland Street
Rigoberto R. Torres to Timothy and Barbara Bixler for $140,000.

1227 Lehman Street
Wells Fargo Bank to Ester N. Fares for $60,002.

412 South 6th Street
Jeffrey H. and Darlene G. Bender to Frank & Stein Construction LLC for $149,900.

223 Walnut Street
Andy A. S. Travieso to Scott Thatcher, Kelsi Bunz for $188,000.

101 Hill Street
Floyd I. ONeal, Floyd I. O Neal to Howard F. Wood for $110,000.

332 North Fifth Street
Julio C. Fernandez to Yirluandy H. Santiago for $160,000.

427 North 6th Street Lots 4 and 5
Justin and Hannah Hilton to Manuel A. H. Velez for $135,000.

624 East Mifflin Street
Gloria Chobanoff to Kathy and David Fitzkee for $1.

621 North 10th Street
621 North 10th Street LLC (Erroneously stated in prior deed as 621 North 10th Street LL) to 621 North 10th Street LLC for $925,000.

425 East Lehman Street
Barbara D. Stahl to Mark Wagner, Madison Peters for $200,000.

18 Woodland Estates Unit 43 Phase “A” Woodland Estates
Elizabeth C. and David B. Flory to Elizabeth C. and David B. Flory for $1.

353 North 14th Street Lot 4
Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez to Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez for $1.

355 North 14th Street Lot 3
Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez to Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez for $1.

357 North 14th Street Lot 2
Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez to Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez for $1.

359 North 14th Street Lot 1
Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez to Hector L. and Genoveva Rodriguez for $1.

1105 Lehman Street
James D. Villarreal, Tegte M. D. Olmeda to Hometown Revival LLC for $75,000.

816 East Guilford Street
Judith C. Klahr Estate, Janelle C. Klahr, Unknown Heirs, Executors Administrators Devisees to Millpond Properties LLC for $100,000.

306 South 10th Street
William M. Pence Jr. to U S Bank Trust for $67,020.

Cleona Borough

31 Morningside Avenue
Sylvia A. and Joseph P. Krall to Sylvia A. and Joseph P. Krall for $1.

29 Walnut Mill Lane Lot 61
Kristi M. Lavine to Wendy J. Sherman for $150,000.

231 West Locust Street
Morgan G. Myers, Skyler Eiceman to Joshua R. and Cynthia A. Wagner for $226,000.

5 West Chestnut Street Lots 93A and 94
David A. and Staci L. Wenger to Scout Home Solutions LLC for $175,000.

323 East Walnut Street Lot 8
John L. Sando Jr. to Zachary J. and Dana N. Beidler for $265,000.

Cornwall Borough

208 Iron Valley Drive Lot 40 Plan BK 58 PG 100
Dirk and Vickie Hainbach to Robert and Susan Conter for $689,000.

1007 Percy Lane Unit 200
Rosalyn M. Walsh to Bradley Fye for $315,000.

1200 Mosaic Drive Lot 408
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Pasquale and Addolorata Emanato for $468,645.

152 Forge Drive Lot 14
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Stephen V. and Susan O. Kalman for $138,100.

1054 Percy Lane Unit 142
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Douglas S. and Debra K. Dillner for $416,514.

East Hanover Township

87 Race Horse Drive Lots 1 and 2 Plan for N Standord Miller
Dolores A. Habecker to Michael S. Habecker for $1.

10373 Allentown Boulevard
Randy A. Yordy to David G. and Tina M. Banner for $125,000.

10848 Jonestown Road
Alta T. Bomberger to Nathaniel M. and Alissa D. Frey for $365,000.

10486 Allentown Boulevard
Justin A. and Brooke M. Soulier to Daniel P. Meyer, Marissa S. Parker for $449,900.

10406 Jonestown Road
F. Robert Witmer Sr. Estate, F. Robert Witmer Jr. to Joseph L. and Amy B. Witmer for $110,000.

Heidelberg Township

2172 Heidelberg Avenue
Thomas R. and Connie J. Ulrich, Judith Gillen to Wests Stoney Acres LLC for $1,050,000.

S of Heidelberg Avenue
Thomas R. and Connie J. Ulrich, Judith Gillen to Wests Stoney Acres LLC for $1.

150 Sinclair Road
Rodney S. and Jerrita L. Burkholder to Matthew R. and Anna M. Stoltzfus for $435,000.

760 North Market Street
James S. and Karen W. Zimmerman to Nathan and Amy Zimmerman for $1.

Jackson Township

466 East Main Avenue Lot 3
Clayton L. and Amy L. Rathman to Justin Ball, Briana Snelick for $344,000.

2 Maple Lane Lot 1 Northgate Heights Plan BK 26 PG 83
Dale R. and Nichole A. Kohr to Nichole A. Kohr for $1.

551 Stracks Dam Road Lot 9
Marvin S. and Verna K. Lantz to Verna K. and Marvin S. Lantz for $1.

Jonestown Borough

228 South Broad Street Lot S87
Ramon and Heidy Arroyo to Ramon Arroyo for $1.

204-206 West Market Street
Rockin G Property Group LLC to Esh Estates LLC for $250,000.

Millcreek Township

312 West Main Street
Gregory T. Keeney to Curt and Bethley Snyder for $160,000.

16 Meadow Drive Lot 451 Newburg Village Plan BK 69 PG 171
Dan E. and Pamela L. McGhee to Tyler D. and Anna C. Shanaman for $340,000.

933 Texter Mountain Road
Hubert P. and Linda E. Beck to Hurbert P. Beck Living Revocable Trust, Linda E. Beck Living Revocable Trust, Hurbert P. and Linda E. Beck for $1.

Myerstown Borough

209 West Park Avenue
Lee C., Mary E., Larissa L., and Andrew L. Smith to Colin B. Yoder, Alyssa J. Weaver for $240,000.

107 East Mill Avenue
Mildred Doris Estate, Stephanie A. Conklin to Tyrel B. and Jiana L. Martin for $16,000.

109 East Mill Avenue Etc.
Mildred Doris Estate, Stephanie A. Conklin to Tyrel B. and Jiana L. Martin for $139,000.

214 East Carpenter Avenue Lot 30
Jerry C. Morris Estate, Dawn M. and Calvin R. Austin Jr., Gerald S. Morris to Lois R. and Robert E. Young for $290,000.

12 East Maple Avenue
Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon to Ryan E. Ebling for $150,000.

207 East Main Avenue
Benjamin S. Moyer to Leon M. and Kayla L. Hoover for $288,000.

North Annville Township

1350 North State Route 934 Corrective Deed
Travis J. and Sherry A. Starner to Travis J. and Sherry A. Starner for $1.

North Cornwall Township

2153 Colebrook Road Lot 12
Carol A. Sensenig to Michael T. and Lori Sensenig for $400,000.

2193 Walnut Street
Jeffrey J. and Sandra J. Snyder to Joel C. Bachman for $190,000.

1927 Carlton Drive Lot B8 PL BK 31 PG 62
Jovanie R. Luciano to Michele B. Bankus for $190,000.

9 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 31
Kenneth L. and Kathleen M. Dunk to Matthew S. and Kelsey D. S. Conrad for $423,000.

402 Lavender Lane Lot 67
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Cynthia and Nelson Walter for $420,180.

1540 Cornwall Road
John D. and Joanne P. Reinbold Jr. to Joanne P. Reinbold for $1.

North Lebanon Township

1811 Janet Avenue Lot 157 Plan for Lakeview
Randall R. Ream to Christopher G. Conrad, Ashton L. Truby for $280,500.

203 Daisy Drive Lot 30
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC, S. Gerald Musser Builder LLC, Musser S. Gerald Builder LLC to Mohan Kafley, Kaushila Mishra for $698,865.

3227 Joyce Street
Patrick E. and Susan M. Wyrick to Jovanie R. Luciano for $310,000.

2588 Long Lane Lot 4
Ricky R. and Sandra K. Neidlinger to Rachel L. and Brandon M. Behney for $1.

212 Heffelfinger Road
James J. Tobias Sr. to James J. and Jenifer K. Tobias Sr. for $1.

935 East Maple Street Lot 18
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mt. Pleasant Ventures L L C, Mount Pleasant Ventures L L C to David and Carol Mino for $93,000.

1716 North 7th Street
Wayne J. Crawley Estate, Brenda L. Barnhart to Richard L. Kreiser for $239,000.

1754 State Route 72 North Lot 2
IVC Realty LLC to IVC Realty LLC for $10.

1754 State Route 72 North Lot 1
IVC Realty LLC to Robert M. and Sharon M. Lingle for $10.

1125 Garden Avenue Lot 7 on Sun Dial Heights Plan
Janell L. Ensminger to Brett R. and Joan M. French for $220,000.

924 Lantern Drive Lot 87
Clifford R. Carney, Pamela A. Flowers to Boyser 2021 Revocable Living Trust, Clifford R. Carney, Pamela A. Flowers for $1.

ES Grace Avenue Lots 1, 2, and 3
Shirley A. Hower to Samantha and Blake Hoyer for $90,000.

2175 Cloverfield Drive Lot 40 Woodcrest
PNC Bank to Bernell Herr, Nickolas Knott, Daniel Good for $185,000.

North Londonderry Township

118 Bradley Road Lot 28 Plan for Palmyra Industries
Joseph T. and Margaret A. Serba to James Almer Jr., Lori Yiengst for $359,000.

915 King Street Lot 23 Plan BK 9 PG 100
Dennis F. and Karen L. Wolgemuth to Lynn R. Peters for $377,108.

320 Hemlock Street
Tara M. Davis, Johnny and Rachel Mateo to Johnny Mateo for $1.

1530 Cambridge Court Lot 211 Rockledge Plan BK 34 PG 33
Janet B. Glatfelter to JSW Ventures LLC for $190,000.

36 Lindbergh Drive Lot 2
Warren Kleinfelter to Susan Winters, Warren Kleinfelter for $1.

1001 Hetrick Avenue Lot 74 Wheatstone PH Quit Claim Deed
Edward T. and Stacey D. McGroarty to Edward T. McGroarty for $114,610.

199 Oxford Road Lot 68
Adam P. and Amanda J. Derosier to Billy R. and Nikkie Sierra for $469,900.

14 Abbey Lane
Daniel S. and Karie D. Bogrette to Jennie M. and Nicholas J. Seaton for $447,000.

Palmyra Borough

802 West Maple Street Lot 17 Plan for Hampton Tract PL BK 2 PG 46
Lisa Cali to Michael Frick for $255,000.

226-228 East Main Street
AVHS LLC to Vanny and Lee Nhim for $387,000.

303 North Railroad Street
HHB Real Estate LLC to Lorraine H. Scudder for $339,000.

420 South Franklin Street
Linda K. Yoder, Michael W. Logan Jr. to Michael Logan Sr., Linda K. Yoder, Michael W. Logan Jr. for $10.

518 South Railroad Street
Corey and Katrin E. Stayner to Katrin E. Stayner for $1.

112 East Front Street F/K/A 107 East Front Street
Gerald L. and Michelle L. Achey Jr. to Jacob D. Achey for $40,000.

43-45 East Maple Street
James & Light Enterprise to Elizabeth Ziegler for $375,000.

Richland Borough

215 East Main Street
Laura E. Edris Estate, Laura B. Edris Estate, Shirley J. Dove, Linda M. Leonard to Wanita J. Snyder for $177,000.

South Annville Township

600 Fieldstone Drive Lot 57 Meadows at Bachman Run Final Subdivision Plan
Gabriel T. and Lauren N. Wertz to Christopher and Lina Ramos for $530,000.

South Lebanon Township

1311 Jill Ann Drive Lot 105
Larry D. Tannehill to Ahmed E. Hassan for $291,001.

17 Briar Road Lot 39 Land Plan for Juliada Manor Plan BK 8 PG 125
Brian K. Eisenhour to Lovella E. Merkey for $359,900.

2016 South 5th Avenue Lot 32 Plan BK 8 PG 13
Sarah M. and David A. Krumbine to David A. Krumbine for $1.

2016 South 5th Avenue Lot 53 Plan for Royal Palm Heights
Sarah M. and David A. Krumbine to David A. Krumbine for $1.

1142 East Old Cumberland Street
Richard Ross Estate, Richard V. Ross Jr. Estate, Spencer Proud to Roth & Brader Furniture LLC for $96,500.

720 South Broad Street
Ricky L. Snyder Jr. to Michael J. Snyder for $145,500.

38-40 Folmer Street
Chasity T. Wiemann to Silvetti Investments L L C, Silvetti Investments LLC for $63,500.

502 Byler Circle Lot 8
Strathford Meadows LLC to Robert B. and Valerie A. Biddle for $560,813.

231 Homestead Drive
Andrew Snyder, Cassandra L. Ritchey to Aaron P. Yunger, Paige M. Frederick for $425,000.

1314 Birch Road
Tonya Gadel to Paul J. and Tonya Gadel for $1.

456 Charles Street East Evergreen Estates Phase IV Lot 119
Charles L. and Jane M. Ilyes to Christopher and April Harmuth for $390,000.

246 Fonderwhite Road Lot 21 Revised Plan for Meadowview Estates
Christopher A. and April L. Harmuth to Brandon D. Brown, Paige L. Greenawalt for $271,500.

124 Linda Way
Clifford R. Carney, Pamela A. Flowers to Boyser 2021 Revocable Living Trust, Clifford R. Carney, Pamela A. Flowers for $1.

132 South Fifth Avenue
MBA Huff LLC to John R. Stoltzfoos for $235,000.

655 Henry Houck Lane
Shawn M. Rowe to Abigail M. Watson, Christopher K. Kreider for $180,000.

1904 Allegheny Avenue Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 Section G
Ramon P. Ballester to Alexis E. Velazquez for $195,000.

South Londonderry Township

15 North Village Circle Unit 133
Lori A. Yiengst to Alberto M. Dominguez for $278,000.

311 Chestnut Hill Road Lot 2
LC Sheriff Inc. to Lennard C. and Pamela J. Sheriff for $335,000.

44 West Market Street
Bradley J. Coleman Estate, Barbara J. Koch to Lloyd Associates LLC for $100,000.

1426 Mount Wilson Road
Lauren K. Sattazahn to Damian DiAngelis, Damian Di Angelis for $65,000.

2719 Horseshoe Pike
Linda E. Fleck Estate, Matthew J. Wiest to Scott and Martha J. Dyre for $190,000.

N of South Forge Road
Edward Rehrer Estate, William Fitterer Jr., Loria K. Smith to Robert L. Brubaker Jr., Andrea R., Nicholas R., and Hunter C. Brubaker for $120,000.

131 Lakeview Drive Lot 73
Vivian Narehood Estate, Rachel N. Austin to Carmel A. Elliott for $474,000.

350 Gold Finch Drive
James A. and Laura L. Albus to Joseph and Lindsey Gandolfo for $460,000.

7 Behrens Drive Lot 140
John J. Miller to Brittany Jacoby for $410,000.

212 Lawn Road
Kurt M. Yordy to Kate L. Hess for $150,000.

134 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 37
Kenneth A. Rouse III, Caitlin A. Basile to Timothy A. Mee for $250,000.

Swatara Township

167 Lighthouse Drive Lot 79
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Manuel Ricart for $159,000.

167 Lighthouse Drive Lot 79
Manuel Ricart to Manuel Ricart, Jayko R. Abreu for $1.

301 Old Route 22 Lot 5 Corrective Deed
Maryann H. Martin to Gerald and Regina Putt for $350,000.

445 Mountville Drive
Rockin G Property Group LLC to Windfall Farm Properties LLC for $235,000.

Union Township

115 Silvertown Road
Gerald J. and Lori D. Eckert to Travis J. Adams for $84,000.

136 Huckleberry Road
Eugene I. Mease to AJS Property Group LLC for $310,000.

1525 Suedberg Road Lot 1 Plan for Randall L. Schwalm
Todd R. Schwalm to Todd R. and Lori A. Schwalm for $1.

West Cornwall Township

212 Boehm Avenue Lot 12
Chester W. N. and Emily Johns to Kenneth M. Stoltzfus, Barbara K. Martin for $380,000.

505 Mills Avenue Lot 81
Donald A. and Cynthia A. Dale III to Steve W. and Lydia P. Cochran for $250,000.

206 and 208 Riders Way Lots 80 and 81 Plan Quentin Hunt
Sunnyside R E Enterprise LLC, Sunnyside R.E. Enterprise LLC to Roger Hursh for $300,000.

67 Locust Avenue
Paul W. Shearer III Joint Revocable Trust, Paul W. Shearer III, Mary P. Van House Joint Revocable Trust to Mark Schwartz for $390,000.

145 West Main Street
Rose M. Eckert, Sarah M. Windish to Tunnel Hill Road LLC for $254,000.

166 Riders Way Lot 60
Ashley Kiscadden to Michael N. Sherk for $225,000.

West Lebanon Township

375 North 24th Street
Kenneth S. Hinkle to Aaron Long for $155,000.