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The North Annville Township Board of Supervisors heard public comment about the proposed Clear Spring Road roundabout, read the 2024 preliminary budget and adopted three resolutions to apply for grants on behalf of the Union Water Works and Bellegrove fire companies at Monday’s meeting.

The majority of Monday’s meeting was spent discussing the proposed roundabout at Clear Spring Road and Route 934. Many residents expressed their concerns about the roundabout, such as the steep grade of the hill preventing tractor-trailers from slowing down and the lack of “no trucks” signs on Clear Spring Road.

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Additionally, many residents questioned South Annville Township’s responsibility, since the increase in traffic will likely result from recent warehouse development in South Annville Township.

Regarding the concern for South Annville’s role in the truck traffic, North Annville Township solicitor Paul Bametzreider said, “Under the Second Class Township Code, South Annville’s responsible for South Annville. We don’t have regionalization in this area the way you do in some areas. [South Annville] deals with the traffic within their borders, and once those trucks leave South Annville and enter North Annville, it’s North Annville’s problem.”

Bametzreider also recommended a meeting with the board of supervisors and the engineers developing the roundabout to discuss traffic control. 

When asked if the roundabout will certainly be implemented, board president Randy Leisure said, “I don’t know if we’ve decided yet. We’re hearing a lot of comments tonight.”

Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to begin a sight distance analysis study at Clear Spring Road. The analysis would measure sight and stopping distances, and speed limits would be adjusted accordingly. Township secretary and treasurer Adam D. Wolfe noted that the study results cannot be used to impose truck restrictions.

The analysis will cost approximately $9,500.

The supervisors also read the 2024 preliminary budget. Leisure encouraged residents to review the budget and submit questions or comments to the board.

Additionally, the supervisors unanimously moved to adopt three resolutions to apply for grants to go toward the Union Water Works and Bellegrove fire companies. The supervisors clarified that, if rewarded, the grants would be applicable to the merged fire company.

  • Resolution No. 1-2023 is for a Statewide Local Share Assessment grant of $25,500 from the Commonwealth Financing Agency for a parking lot paving project for Union Water Works Fire Company.
  • Resolution No. 2-2023 is for a Statewide Local Share Assessment grant of $25,250 from the Commonwealth Financing Agency for a parking lot paving project for Bellegrove Fire Company.
  • Resolution No. 3-2023 is for a Statewide Local Share Assessment grant of $998,000 from the Commonwealth Financing for Bellegrove’s fire truck replacement project. 

The supervisors also discussed the following topics:

  • The memorandum of understanding between Union Water Works and Bellegrove fire companies regarding the upcoming merger was unanimously approved.
  • A representative from the Emergency Services Advisory Committee reported that the merger committee plans to meet on the third Monday of each month. The committee plans to address the merged fire company’s governance system, name and finances in the upcoming months. 
  • The fire tax will not be implemented until the merged fire company’s final budget and finances are presented to the supervisors.
  • PennDOT’s letter in response to the speed study that was conducted on route 934, Bellegrove Road and Harrison Drive was read. PennDOT found the proposed speed limit reduction to be not justified. Leisure assured that the township will continue challenging the speed limit.
  • At the annual road inspection on Nov. 4, it was clear that some guard rails along township roads needed repair.
  • The supervisors and Bametzreider reviewed the firing range ordinance draft and reported that the 70 decibel limit will be reinstated. This topic will be voted on next month.
  • Chief Jeffrey J. Farneski of Cleona Borough Police Department warned residents about scam calls. He also provided an update on the newly hired personnel: the new officer will start on Friday.
  • A motion to approve the September meeting minutes was unanimously passed. 
  • A motion to approve the September treasurer’s report was unanimously passed. 
  • A motion to approve the monthly bills was unanimously passed. 

The Board of Supervisors of North Annville Township meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the Union Water Works Social Hall at 2875 Waterworks Way and are open to the public. Next month’s meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 11. 

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