Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Bethel Township

ES Lights Church Road Lot 2
Randall G. and Kelly Lake, Leslie W. and Beth Slough to R. Michael and Jocelyn G. Marlowe for $275,000.

120 Laurel Drive
Karen Eichman to Hennick Construction Inc. for $52,000.

(UPI #19-2329901-411097-0000) Lot 1
Jacob I. Mays III, Rebecca A. Mays to Adam R. Moyer for $700,000.

122 North Pine Grove Street
Emma M. Gebhard, Darlene I. Rogers to Stephen P. and Vickie L. Lum for $107,000.

City of Lebanon

429 Willow Street
Kenneth Kleinfelter to Hometown Revival LLC for $118,000.

1150 Old Cumberland Street
Jordan R. and Jamie R. Ebersole to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $105,000.

44 East Locust Street
Eric and Calyn Brewer to Travis and Jill Boyd for $220,000.

1301 Brandywine Street
Edward F. Wilson to Onyx Investments V LLC for $130,000.

1116 Guilford Street
Jordan R. and Jamie R. Ebersole to Ask4Noah – Property Solutions LLC, Ask4Noah-Property Solutions LLC, Ask4Noah Property Solutions LLC for $110,000.

551 East Cumberland Street
Suzanne K. Rueppel to Tracy L. Beard for $10,000.

1116 Guilford Street
Ask4Noah – Property Solutions LLC, Ask4Noah-Property Solutions LLC, Ask4Noah Property Solutions LLC to Daubert Shertzer and Fields Equity LLC for $140,000.

101 Hill Street
Howard F. Wood to Amanda K. Houck for $180,000.

197 Walnut Street
Edwin Ruiz Jr. to Franceska Z. G. Orihuela, Naysha Cauti for $210,000.

508 Shirley Drive
Wayne Shirk to John Griffiths, Molly Tice for $200,000.

25 Hoke Avenue
David Drummond to Conner Waybright, Remy Kirk for $200,000.

415 Walnut Street
Cesar D. Liriano, Cesar D. L. Torres to Elvia V. Orozco for $190,000.

711 Guilford Street
StarrWar Properties LLC to Ramon Frias, Diana E. B. De Frias, Diana E. B. DeFrias for $185,000.

15 Pershing Avenue
Norma Y. M. Mendez to Grant Allwein, Jessica Emerich for $215,750.

360 South 16th Street
Ivan S. and Rosene G. Martin to IRM Investments LLC for $1.

38 Cumberland Street
Michael Prester to Ebony P. White, Ezell Marseille for $10,000.

9 North Fourth Street
Earl H. Brinser Jr. to R & R Investment Properties LLC for $125,000.

941 East Scull Street
Alexander M. Olson to Tearmann Banbhog LLC for $1.

943 East Scull Street
Alexander M. Olson to Tearmann Banbhog LLC for $1.

511 East Cumberland Street
Jeffrey M. Boyer Estate, James D. Boyer Jr. to Gwen L. Boyer for $1.

426 Freeman Street
Hasaun Grigger to Ismael V. Ramos for $45,000.

429 New Street
Mohamed and El Mahfoud Boudriss to Stiven Garcia for $159,000.

315 North Fifth Street
First Choice Home Buyers LLC to Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $55,000.

511 East Cumberland Street
Gwen L. Boyer to James L. Boyer Jr. for $1.

140 South Eighth Street
Michelle R. Wolfe to Judith G. Escobar, Jabrian T. Soto for $221,000.

1120 Walton Street
Fayza A. Nasr to Fayza A. Nasr, Merna H. Aboshusha for $1.

520 Canal Street
Fayza Nasr to Fayza Nasr, Merna H. Aboshusha for $1.

518 Canal Street
Fayza Nasr to Fayza Nasr, Merna H. Aboshusha for $1.

Cleona Borough

254 South Center Street Lot 113
House Cash LLC to Karen A. Dorsey, Troy T. Buckley for $205,000.

104 North Center Street Lots 117 and 118
Michael P. Graby to Miranda L. Burley for $167,000.

Cornwall Borough

1024 Northgate Drive Unit 11
Dennis M. and Anna M. Repino to Barbara and Michael Botak for $420,000.

1039 Alden Way Unit 38
Charlene E. Barton Estate, Debra A. Boyer to Debra A. Boyer for $1.

SS Ironmaster Road
Lee A. Smith Estate, Debra A. Smith, Residuary Trust of the Estate of Lee A. Smith to Debra A. Smith for $1.

East Hanover Township

28 McGillstown Road
Elsie A. Mutek to Delgiorno Investments LLC for $125,000.

59 Crooked Road
Dale E. Hostetter Estate, Alan D. Hostetter, Brenda M. Wolfe to Ernest E. and Gail Y. Hostetter for $1.

(UPI #21-2301117-391797-0000)
Zook Rentals LLC to 302 Investment Group LLC for $150,000.

Heidelberg Township

308 South Market Street
Reuben J. and Martha K. Stoltzfus to Reuben S. and Suzanne Stoltzfus for $75,000.

Jackson Township

900 Tulpehocken Road
Alex V. and Amy L. Schouten to Cody Moyer, Robert W. Hess for $349,900.

47 South Fairlane Avenue Lot 1
Township of Jackson, Jackson Township to Travis D. and Shari R. Good for $220,000.

8 Cricket Lane Lot 147
Migdalia Torres to John D. High II, Kimberly M. High for $369,900.

151 Krall Road
Esther B. Good to Dale M. and Anna M. Good for $455,000.

120 Country Lane
Kyle D. and Jeffrey Rosengrant to Jeffrey Rosengrant for $1.

30 Grumbine Road Lot 1
Linford R. and Beth L. Musser to Joshua N. and Kaitlin E. Kline for $770,000.

Jonestown Borough

231 South Broad Street Lot S109
Kathryn A. Riss, Frank J. Velez to Brianna E., Rita E., and Daniel E. Boyer for $330,000.

144 Creek View Drive Lot 213
Lisa M. Marko to Jesse D. and Krista N. Kropf for $480,000.

Millcreek Township

317 West Main Street
Alex Gerber to Chris Martin, Equity Trust Company Custodian for $175,000.

121 Stricklerstown Loop Road
Mary G. Sites Estate, Richard C. Sites to Richard C., Kevin S., and Linda G. Sites for $1.

107 Peach Street Lot 4
Joseph L. Pyszka to Thomas E. Geoghan Jr., Anna E. Geoghan for $222,000.

Myerstown Borough

38-40 East Main Avenue
Fred W. Strobel Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel to Timothy A. Krall for $125,000.

125 West Maple Avenue
Kimberly L. Heffner to Kelsie Salem, Seth Noll for $240,000.

43 West Main Avenue
Douglas N. Bahney to Douglas N. and Judy H. Bahney for $1.

359 West Washington Avenue
Kenneth R. Gross, Laura A. Weaver to Tyler Lavalley for $80,000.

North Annville Township

2737 Cedar Run Road
Tri Star 2022 PA LLC to Kevin J. and Esther L. Sherman for $222,500.

1730 Thompson Avenue
Richard I. Hess to Joshua N. Wamble for $222,000.

7135 Bates Drive
Susan A. Celano to Susan A. Celano for $1.

445 Hostetter Lane
Dale E. Hostetter Estate, Alan D. Hostetter, Brenda M. Wolfe to Alan D. and Robin D. Hostetter for $1.

1595 North State Route 934
Dale E. Hostetter Estate, Alan D. Hostetter, Brenda M. Wolfe to Alan D. and Robin D. Hostetter for $1.

North Cornwall Township

112 North Mill Street
George H. Schuckers Jr., Catherine A. Schuckers, Donna L. Klinefelter to Jamison P. Leach, Madison Stevens for $250,000.

105 South 17th Street
Jordan R. and Jamie Ebersole to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $125,000.

220 White Oak Circle Lot 76
David W. and Deborah L. Kauffman to Zanetta Kok, Kenneth Kok Jr. for $498,000.

60 On The Green Drive
Narendra V. and Hansa N. Dhaduk to Dhaduk Family Trust, Narendra V. and Hansa N. Dhaduk for $1.

1409 Cornwall Road
George P. Conn Jr. Estate, George P. Conn Estate, Kathleen A. Fritsche to Kathleen A. and Mark W. Fritsche for $1.

1242 Cornwall Road Lot 12 and Part of Lots 11 and 13
Nadine E. Lowry, Debra Gates to Howard F. Wood for $193,500.

1600 Mill Road Lot 20
Leslie R. and Gloria K. Frey to Jonathan D. Clark, Marta L. Frey for $10.

421 Davis Lane
Ernest W. Boehler Estate, Ernest Walton Boehler Estate, Ruth E. Geist to Ruth E. Geist for $1.

109 South 17th Street
James C. Devert to Grade A Holdings LLC for $25,000.

109 South 17th Street
Grade A Holdings LLC to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $45,000.

1310 Juniper Street
David E. and Paula R. Tull to Paula R. Wancour, Paula R. Tull for $1.

North Lebanon Township

1401 North Eighth Street
Janet L. Kohr Estate, Janet Louise Kohr Estate, Tina M. Banner to Jose R. T. Lopez, Ermy D. T. Baez for $230,000.

155 and 157 Roberts Circle
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Donald R. and Kathryn S. Groff for $500,000.

161 Roberts Circle Lot 45
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to LMC Investments LLC for $245,000.

163-165 Roberts Circle Lots 46 and 47
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Buttonwood Real Estate LLC for $500,000.

159 Roberts Circle Lot 44
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Gary and E. Joyce Sauder for $245,000.

208 Daisy Drive Lot 27
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to Arthur L. and Tracy A. G. Fritz for $85,000.

921 Cypress Lane
Rodney S. Soliday to Thomas M. and Kimberly A. Welsh for $305,000.

1100 Watson Street Lot 46
Gary F. Wallish Jr., Bridget E. Frey to Bridget E. Frey for $1.

980 Harmony Hill Drive
Sidney Izquierdo, Yoliann Nieves to Martha S. I. Sama, Patricia G. D. Abreu for $345,000.

North Londonderry Township

803 Cambridge Court
Sharon K. Sheaffer Estate, Frederick S. Sheaffer to Royce Mader for $160,000.

1638 South Forge Road
Jean A. Bordner Estate, Michael S. Bordner, Karen M. Day to Zook Rentals LLC for $150,000.

13 Lynnwood Drive Lot 16 Section B
Wendy J. and Dane A. Fahnestock to Wendy J. and Dane A. Fahnestock for $1.

116 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 41
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to David W. and Jill S. Ruhl for $143,100.

1602 South Forge Road
Wesley D. Weaver to Wesley D. and Karla J. Weaver for $1.

619 Elm Street Lot 29
Richard K. Behrendt to Casey J. and Dean R. Behrendt, Ashley G. Smales for $1.

456 Stone Gate Boulevard Unit 154
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC, Winding Creek to Rebecca L. Reed for $472,423.

0 Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 27
Robert J. and Brenda L. Phillips to Dhunche LLC for $40,000.

Palmyra Borough

210 North Harrison Street Lot 48 Etc.
Evelyn R. Powell, Dale N. Valentine to Shaun M. Steffen for $260,700.

441 South Lincoln Street
Keith R. and Sherry Klingler to Kris Demascole, Danny L. Robertson for $282,500.

232 East Cherry Street
Tarek Abdelwahed to Victoria R. Higley, Jeffery T. Confair for $220,000.

653 and 655 West Main Street Etc.
Franz J. Singer QTip Trust, Mary E. Hostetter, Doris E. Singer to Lincoln Street Investments LLC for $800,000.

534 North Chestnut Street
Michael W. Gallagher, Sandra L. Matthews to Brian D. Matthews, Beth A. Byers for $155,000.

144 North Chestnut Street
Daniel Stoltzfus to Zook Rentals LLC for $185,000.

South Annville Township

125 Beech Tree Court
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to John Feeman II, Jennifer Feeman for $337,990.

993 Mount Wilson Road
James C. Krouse Estate, Amy J. Krouse to Amy J. Krouse for $65,000.

(UPI #29-2310016-361839-0000)
Aconite Group LLC to Carmany PL LLC for $750,000.

580 Mount Pleasant Road
Aconite Group LLC to Aconite Group LLC for $1.

South Lebanon Township

705 Smith Avenue
Frederick M. and Louise K. Goudy to Aaron M. Shenk for $288,000.

2606 East Cumberland Street
Kevin and Esther L. Sherman to Daryl L. Smith Jr., Stacy L. Smith for $195,000.

602 Meadow Drive Lot 156
David M. and Sharon E. Bally to Daniel J. Neuin for $217,500.

9 Manor Drive Lot 35
Jeffrey A. and Susan E. Reedy to Jodi and Kenneth Memery for $397,500.

1013 South First Avenue
Dawn Z. Stickler to Mason Hepner for $235,000.

1330 Harding Lane
Legacy Cash Offer LLC, Legacy Cash Offer to Tyler S. and Lauren E. Henry for $247,900.

145 Princeton Place Lot 90
Strathford Meadows LLC to Thomas and Mary F. McManimon, Thomas and Mary F. Mc Manimon for $606,455.

1015 South First Avenue
Keith and Amy Donnachie to Alicia M. Cartagena for $275,000.

637 Progress Avenue Lot 95
Carol R. Beachley to Michael C. and Diane M. Fry for $343,000.

710 South Second Street
Helena M. Zelinka to Carson Perlaki, Emily Manicini for $245,000.

671 Rexmont Road
Samuel R. Behney Jr. to Wenger Land Holdings LLC for $280,000.

ES State Drive
Abe Harounzadeh, George E. Christianson to BRK Oakwood Properties LLC for $735,000.

106 Stone Hedge Court
Eric T. and Heather C. Y. Long to Eric T. Long, Heather C. Y. Long for $1.

2111 East Pennsylvania Avenue Lots 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 Block C
John J. Blauch Estate, Joseph E. Blauch to Brian Eisenhour for $85,000.

204 Adam Drive
Joan R. Landis Estate, George F. Landis III, Michael S. Landis to Sean Sellers, Whitney Trout for $270,000.

26 Horst Avenue
Nicole E. and Eric J. Smith to George and Stephanie N. Rodriquez for $300,000.

South Londonderry Township

49 Palmyra Road
Ideal Property Investments LLC to Timothy P. and Anna M. Stine for $189,000.

5 Westbrook Court Lot 98
Dilli R. and Randata Ghimirey to Zhanyu Weng, Xiumei Chen for $510,000.

134 Schoolhouse Road
Maxwell D. Long to Jose M. P. Otero for $205,000.

Swatara Township

10 New Bunkerhill Street Lot 5
Jonathan and Shauna R. Adams to Devin T. Adams for $210,000.

174 Old State Road
Datra LLC to Lauren K. Sattazahn for $156,000.

1997 Grace Avenue
Lawrence L. and Dale A. Kratz to Gabriel Smith for $15,000.

47 Wildflower Circle Lot 101
Jose P. Otero, Kayla Perez to Bajir S. and Suk R. Tamang for $360,000.

Union Township

198 Camp Meeting Road
Michelle L. Fortna to Nathan G. Lentz for $1.

3031 State Route 72
Joe L. May Estate, Joe L. May Sr. Estate, Joe L. May Jr., Melodie E. Favinger to Joe L. May Jr., Melodie E. Favinger for $0.

N of Fisher Avenue
Narendra V. and Hansa N. Dhaduk to Dhaduk Family Trust, Narendra V. and Hansa N. Dhaduk for $1.

2415 State Route 72
Mildred M. Schriver to Darrell W. Reis for $1.

SS of Old Jonestown Road a.k.a. Jonestown Road
Louis B. and Marylou E. Colyer to Stephen P. and Vickie L. Lum for $765,000.

16 Colonial Drive Lot 3
LSF9 Master Participation Trust, Hudson Homes Management LLC, U.S. Bank Trust to Jason D. and Trudi A. Shaeffer for $305,000.

3377 State Route 72
Bradley V. and Kacie A. Bachman to Joshua and Bethany E. Williams for $489,900.

West Cornwall Township

207 Scenic Ridge Boulevard
HES Family Trust, Dolores R. Smith to HES Family Trust, Harold E. Smith Sr. for $0.

409 First Street Lot 57 Etc.
James W. and Linda A. Schlenker to James W. Schlenker Revocable Trust, Linda A. Schlenker Revocable Trust, James W. and Linda A. Schlenker for $1.

43 Locust Lane
Kyle M. Ganse, Nicole Wraback to David Castillo, Britney Blose for $299,990.

West Lebanon Township

312 North 23rd Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Nathaniel S. King for $126,000.