The second annual Mount Gretna Summer Kickoff will be held May 25, 2024, from 3 to 6 p.m., on the grounds of the Hall of Philosophy in Mount Gretna. The woods come alive with a preview of the 2024 “YEAR OF THE ARTS” in Mount Gretna: 

  • Visit tables of the local organizations to explore their summer offerings
  • Enjoy food and drinks from a variety of food vendors
  • Watch entertainment on the porch of the Hall of Philosophy. Fred McNaughton , otherwise known as Pfredd (Bible Festival), will be followed by Richie Raggs Rangalia (Summer Concerts), Gretna Music, Cicada’s Bronx Wanderers CD, and songs performed by the actresses of The Greatest Love of All, Whitney Huston show

The Summer Kickoff event is sponsored by the Mount Gretna Arts Council and will include a fundraising auction to help support the cost of the extremely popular summer calendar booklet which lists all events in Mount Gretna. 

Mount Gretna is known as a hub for artistic and musical endeavors. The 50th Mount Gretna Art Show will be held Aug. 17-18, but you do not have to wait all summer to enjoy beautiful art. A “Year of the Arts” installation on Pennsylvania Ave. at the Mount Gretna Playhouse which will be unveiled on May 25, and will be maintained all summer to enjoy. Special commemorative banners will be for sale at the Art Show table. 

The 2024 Summer Calendar will feature work by local artist Kathy Lindert on the cover. The original oil painting will be a highlight of the live auction at 5:30 p.m. 

The Gretna Playhouse and Tabernacle are filled with music and theatre productions all summer. Gretna Theatre, Gretna Music, the Original Mount Gretna Cicada Festival, The Summer Concert series, The Bible Festival and The Heritage Festival will all be on hand to introduce their summer entertainment schedules. Ever wonder why the Hall of Philosophy is so busy? The Mount Gretna Chautauqua Summer programs will be on hand to show you all they will be doing this year. 

Mount Gretna has so much to do: learn the area’s history in the Mount Gretna Historical Society cottage, visit the lake, hike the numerous trails in the woods. Special local interest groups will also be available to explain how you can join or volunteer for them. Visit Lebanon County will be on hand as the “Year of the Arts” is county wide. Come and learn about how much Lebanon County has to offer for visitors and local residents alike.   

Safety is important. The Fire Company will be showing their new rescue vehicle, and the Cornwall Police will be on hand with a vehicle especially useful in the Mount Gretna area. Stephen Zimmerman from Myerstown First Aid and Safety will teach Hands Only CPR. It only takes a few minutes to learn, and you may be able to save a life – 436,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. Gretna Music will provide free tickets to their first concert of the summer (Black Oak Ensemble) for anyone who stops by to learn bystander CPR. 

All this activity will be sure to make you hungry. The Jigger Shop will be open during the event and joined by the Porch And Pantry, Mocha Motion Coffee, the Taco RV, Holy Roller Rolls and Bowls, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and the Lebanon Valley Craft Brewery. 

Start your summer in Mount Gretna on May 25 and come back often! Check out the calendar at to plan your summer fun. 

Summer Kickoff

Mount Gretna Fun in the Year of the Arts!

Come to the grounds of the Hall of Philosophy in Mount Gretna.

Meet our organizations and find out all about this summer’s events while strolling along the paths under the trees.

See the brand new Fire Company Rescue truck!


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