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I had a vision of getting the Lebanon County Brewers around a big table to sit and talk about their craft, while sharing their beverages and a great charcuterie board. (The Charcuterie board was easy, just call The Timeless Café and Dwayne will put something together for you; it was fabulous.) 

Then I reached out to five different brewers to discuss the creation of the Lebanon Valley Libations Trail. Rotunda Brewing Company, Mount Gretna Craft Brewery, Snitz Creek Brewery, Under the Bridge Hard Cider and coming soon, the new Lebanon Valley Craft Brewery. 

The minute they walked in the door, there was an immediate camaraderie among them; a brotherhood of sorts. They want everyone to succeed and they don’t consider each other competition, but more like an invitation to explore all of the great products being produced and created in the Lebanon Valley.

Check out our Brewers Video. It’s an insider’s peek into the business of brewing.

With an obvious passion for beer, they are perfecting their craft with creative choices and combinations that will keep you coming back for more. It’s an art form, and these brewers feature the smallest nuances of flavors trending in their products. It was fascinating to observe them sitting all around the table; talking and laughing together. And yes, they all get along and seem extremely supportive of each other. They were sampling and enjoying each other’s products as well.

We decided to include some of the best restaurants in the Lebanon Valley on the trail, the ones that support our local brewers by offering their products. Restaurants on the Trail include The Rising Sun Bar and Kitchen of Campbelltown, Funck’s Restaurant of Palmyra, The Quentin Tavern, The Mt. Gretna Hideaway, and The Gin Mill of Lebanon. 

Here is your chance to support these local brewers and restaurants. The Lebanon Valley Libations Trail is going on through Nov. 20, 2021; so there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun. We gathered this passionate group of brewers to highlight their exceptional efforts. This truly is a local craft trail that is perfect for those who seek adventure. Make sure you know what your hometown brewers have created for your enjoyment.

Brad Kleinfelter of Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery said it best, “The local market is not so saturated with brewers here in the Lebanon Valley. As a group of brewers, its impressive what we have accomplished.” Simply put, “ We are really good at what we do.”

So who is up for the challenge? Get your free digital pass on the Visit Lebanon Valley Libations Page, for those over 21. Then simply check in to participating locations. The first 200 people that check into eight different locations on the trail, win a free Lebanon Valley Libations Trail T-shirt. It’s fun to Check in, Drink Local, and Get rewards. Please be responsible.

Jennifer Kuzo
President of Visit Lebanon Valley

Let’s All Raise a Glass to the Craft!