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We understand that grief can become all consuming when a loved one is lost. As time passes, the toll it takes on you physically can be detrimental to your long-term health.

Should this be your experience, we recommend that you take the time to consult with a physician, health-care provider, or mental health professional. Your loved one would not want to see you run yourself down. And neither would we.

Based on our research and experience, here are a few areas you should address to help take care of yourself –

  • Stay hydrated – Keep a bottle of water handy and consume water throughout the day. Avoid alcohol, which can dehydrate your body.
  • Exercise – Find a small amount of time each day and devote it to modest exercise. Perhaps you had a routine previously. Think about starting up again.
  • Watch your diet – We understand that eating “normally” can be difficult under the circumstances. Perhaps try some smaller, healthy meals. Your health is important, and the foods you eat are connected to your overall health.
  • Rest – It is very likely that grief has disrupted your normal sleep pattern. But it will be worth the effort to develop a nighttime routine that helps you get a good night’s sleep. Its caffeine affects you, do not drink caffeinated beverages for 3 or more hours each night.

Stay in touch with the family members and friends who were part of your loved one’s life. You are not alone. It is ok to lean on others as you focus on your health.

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