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Veteran’s Day is celebrated this week. It is a holiday that reminds us that many of our loved ones over the years have fought and died for the freedom we all enjoy. Never take this for granted.

Some remembrance suggestions:

  • If you display a flag on your property, fly it at half-staff until noon, to honor our fallen heroes.
  • Create your own “Moment of Remembrance” all week. Whatever you are doing at 3 pm each day, ask everyone around you to stop for a moment of silent prayer to honor our fallen heroes.

Our thanks go out the military families in our area we have been privileged to serve over our years in business.

We always handle all the details of funeral services with full military honors and make all the arrangements for interment at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, or arrange for full military honors at other locations.

It’s the least we can do for our American heroes.