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Compass Mark’s Family Services Advocate Program is committed to serving the unique needs that a child faces when a parent becomes incarcerated. Research tells us that a child with a parent in prison serves a sentence with the parent that has its own consequences. Parent incarceration is recognized as an adverse childhood experience; one that can impact the very health of a child throughout their life. Data from our program indicates that over half of the adults incarcerated in our county prisons are themselves adult children of incarcerated parents. It is a troubling cycle.

For children, witnessing an arrest or losing a parent to incarceration can have long lasting impacts, as it is often sudden and unexpected. A primary goal of this program is to deliver services and supports to a child as soon as we can after a parent’s incarceration. We know that the longer a caregiver or family member is unexpectedly caring for an additional child the harder it becomes to manage. The strains on personal resources (time, energy, emotions, and finances, too) takes a toll on everyone. Children of the incarcerated often feel those strains plus the pain of loss: loss of a parent, loss of security, loss of possessions or even the place they called home. The Family Services Advocate (FSA) assists caregivers and families in a supportive, non-judgmental way.

The FSA program is proven to reduce the negative impacts a child has after losing a parent or guardian to incarceration. Through working with the caregivers or families as well as the child, we can help navigate community resources, identify supports and healthy activities for the child, ensuring their overall needs are met. When appropriate and desired, the FSA will help support existing parent-child relationships by guiding productive visitations and healthy communication while the parent is incarcerated.

The Family Services Advocate program is offered through Compass Mark, a local non-profit organization that specializes in addiction prevention. Any child residing in Lebanon can utilize this program and anyone can make a referral. Do you know of a child who could benefit from these services? Consider reaching out. We would be glad to help.
Compass Mark’s Lebanon County FSA, Sarah Nauman, can be reached at (717) 205-5832 or by email at

You can also access program referral forms on our website.

The Family Services Advocate Program is funded by the Lebanon County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse