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I am Dr. Calvin Clements, often called Doc, I am a veterinary practitioner and corporate practice owner of thirty-five years. I was the founding CEO and established practices in Schuylkill, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties. My facilities provided care to many of your family members.

I grew up in upstate NY. My life started on a dairy farm for the first five years but  that was altered as the result  of my dad’s automobile accident that  left him incapacitated to continue farm life and hold employment again. He was driving home at night from a second job that he had to maintain to prevent the loss of the farm and fell asleep behind the wheel. Older farmers can recant the travesty of Eisenhour removing milk price support on family farms. Until I left the family home at seventeen, welfare and government food was our lifeline. A story I rarely tell. I was set to enter Naval ROTC for jet aviation training when a work related accident and injuries disqualified my application. I utilized school loans and work to acquire my education that culminated in a degree in veterinary medicine. 

I believe we must change the narrative of politics in Pennsylvania. I want politics to return to a level of civility that we can tolerate. I have heard so many of you say the same. We must replace the agendas division and hate with compromise and true human values. Constructive compromise was the common path that has led us to greatest. We can be both adversarial and good friends. We are one people all related to the common goal of what is good for Pennsylvanian and America. The current discourse of hate, suspicion and contrived news leads to major discontent and social unrest. The current battleground tactics of politics disrupt the peace and harmony of our lives.

I want to return the bipartisan politics that we enjoyed. I believe that if we work together we can solve the serious problems that are looking to destroy our state. We can get our state and schools open quickly and safely so the level of danger is low and no lives are lost. We can ensure that everyone has the right to vote freely and with ease and without fraudulent activity. Our voting districts should  not be drawn in back rooms but by transparent bipartisan commissions. We can work together to  find solutions to the large fiscal crisis that is on the immediate horizon that will collapse our state economy and cause millions to suffer. We can and must  make our lives better

I have children and grandchildren that live in PA. I believe it is our responsibility to leave them in a state that is in excellent repair. We are currently not doing a very good job achieving that goal. Regardless of your beliefs I suspect we all realize that it is our God given responsibility to safeguard the planet we have been given for generations to come.

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