Mariner East 1 is currently shut down across the state in the wake of a Chester County sinkhole that exposed sections of the pipe.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is investigating the site of the sinkhole in West Whiteland, Chester County. The commission’s Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement will have the final say on when the pipeline can resume operation.

Mariner East 1 is a 1930s-era pipeline that crosses Lebanon County. Construction of a second pipeline, Mariner East 2, was completed this past summer.


There has been no impact to the Mariner East 2 pipeline, as the section of Mariner East 2 that uses the 1930s-era pipeline is not located in the area of the sinkhole.

As a safety precuation, the pipeline was purged of product from Berks County to Delaware County and the line was filled with nitrogen (which is essentially an inert gas).

The testing process is expected to take several days, according to a report by the Daily Local.