The recently-revived Richland Community Swimming Pool Association is seeking letters of support as it shores up its legal framework for revitalizing the site as a community recreational resource.

Under the leadership of President Andrew Kriss, RCSPA has retained attorney Rich Raiders to petition the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the Lebanon County Orphans Court regarding the formal reconstitution of the Board and its new path forward.

The board is comprised of Kriss (President), Daren Ernfield (Vice President), Holly Mulhern (Treasurer), Bevan Allen (Secretary), Craig Gass, Penny Hartman, Rich Mortimer, Brendan Allen, and Jeremy Doster.

As for exactly what that path is, it’s still up in the air, and as we reported last time, with four acres at the 600 E. Linden Ave site, we could end up seeing a few different things there. Ideas besides a pool so far include a dog park, batting cage, community garden, playground, pavilion, basketball courts, etc.

The RCSPA has requested that should community members wish to express their support or, alternatively, provide an objection to the plan, they can contact Raiders directly. RCSPA has also provided this template that can be used to easily endorse the plan being pursued by the Board.

Letter of Support Template
I, (Name), residing at (Address), support the Richland Community Swimming Pool Association, Inc. in its efforts to repurpose the former Richland swimming pool into a community recreational resource.  I support the group which has come together to organize and manage this effort and support the Court of Common Pleas ratifying the Board of Directors who have come together to coordinate this effort.  I understand that the Association will follow the requirements to plan and develop the property into a space for our community to use into the future.

The deadline is 2/26/2019. Letters can be sent by email to [email protected] or via mail to Rich Raiders, Esq., at 321 East Main Street, Annville, PA 17003.