Lebanon County real estate transfers (June 16 to June 30)

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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township


152 South Beaver Street
Richard A. and Susan S. Graby to Michael P. Graby for $1.

44 South White Oak Street
Caitlin M. Ensminger to Micheal L. and Laiken P. Keck for $105,000.

Bethel Township

631 Greble Road Lots 5 and 6
Anthony L. Smith, Judy L. Lerch to Anthony L. Smith for $1.

309 Chestnut Hill Road Lot 2
Paul Bauer, Samantha Grube to Jon B. and Lori A. Worley for $319,900.

283 Beagle Road Lot 3
Mary A. Zombro to Mary A. Zombro, Billie J. Binkley, and Samantha M. Herto for $1.


City of Lebanon

310 Guilford Street
Kirk J. and Dawn R. VanWinkle to Kirk J. and Dawn R. VanWinkle for $1.

597 Blueberry Lane Lot 3
Ralph E. Firestone Estate, Margaret A. Binner to Ralph E. Firestone Estate, Margaret A. Binner for $1.

1109 Willow Street
Jorge M. Casillas to Mileihka C. Arroyo for $45,000.

107 East Pershing Avenue Lots 623, 624, and Part of Lot 625
Margaret L. Zerbe to Joshua A. Mahaffrey, Lauren A. Bock for $175,000.

35 North Fifth Street
Vassilios E. Haitos Estate, Nick V. Haitos to Nick V. and Emmanuel V. Haitos for $1.

340 South 6th Street
Nicholas G. and Barbara A. Adams Jr. to CR Property Group for $37,500.

638 Walton Street
Terry R. Lerch to Starrwar Properties for $31,500.

117 Mifflin Street
Christopher R. Martin to Edwin C. Soler for $84,500.

344 North 7th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Michael J. Pidgorodetskiy for $1.

313 Lehman Street
Eric L. and Barbara A. Moyer to Amos L. Zook for $40,000.

331 North 14th Street
Margarita Serrano to Gumercindo Garcia for $6,000.

701 South 7th Street
David K. McNaughton to Renew Homes for $100,000.

521 North 7th Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman to Jacob K. King for $50,000.

202 Chestnut Street
David G. and Lesley A. Vail to Lydia House LLC for $88,000.

128 East Weidman Street
Wayne P. and Wendy L. Hoffman to Pauline Modica for $69,000.

597 Blueberry Lane Lot 3
Sharon L. Firestone Estate, Margaret A. Binner to Diane L. Martin for $146,000.

339-345 South 9th Street and 910 Elizabeth Street
Albert K. and Patricia A. Kehler to Patricia A. Kehler for $1.

1017 and 1019 Church Street
Steven R. and Julie Gibble to Herman G. Hollingshead for $47,000.

1638 Robin Road
Marjorie J. Beard Estate, Lori A. Wert to John W. and Karen M. Schlagel Jr. for $155,000.

537 North 11th Street
Beatrice M. and Roberta J. Evans to Starr Property Solutions for $31,000.

540 North 10th Street
Zonia B. F. Ortiz, Joan Meisenhelter to Starrwar Properties for $23,000.

118 South 4th Street
To A Higher Standard to Michael L. and Amber J. Weaver for $74,500.

1017 Chestnut Street
Peggy L. Stegall to Heisey Brothers Properties LLC for $58,000.

518 Light Avenue
Robyn, Keith H., and Robin Volker, Anke Irmscher to EStreet Properties LLC for $21,250.

224 Walnut Street
Kurtz Battle Properties to Deborah J. Isenberg for $148,000.

527 Locust Street
Roy D. and Gail L. Craig to Luis A. Arroyo Jr. for $64,800.

Cleona Borough


31 Willow Avenue
Stephen J. and Kay M. Drahovsky to Scott Haight for $205,000.

304 East Maple Street Lot 29
U.S. Bank National Association, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Mostafa and Shaimaa S. A. Mansour for $130,000.

15 Walnut Mill Lane Lot 54
Promise Land to Patrick J. Elliott, Sabrina L. Ray for $118,900.

228 South Mill Street
Michael Gleason to Rebecca and Thomas M. Phillips for $143,000.

237 East Chestnut Street
Rachel M. Geist, Jose V. Ceballos to Joshua D. Gates for $186,000.

Cornwall Borough

Quitclaim Deed 25 Freeman Drive
Manuel D. and Stephanie R. Espinal to Stephanie R. Espinal for $0.

113 Spruce Street Lots 77 and 18
Ronald L. Gingrich to Ronald L. Gingrich for $1.

1231 Mosaic Drive Unit 391
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to David S. and Annamarie Behm for $344,343.


East Hanover Township

15 Bullfrog Road
John M. and Chris Graybeal to Jonathan C. and Elizabeth L. Yeager for $215,000.

SS Blacks Bridge Road
Thomas J. Carney to Anthony R. Alvarez for $37,000.

Heidelberg Township

128 Fawn Hollow Road
Justin D. Marinkov to Jason B. and Laurie A. Snavely for $675,500.

W of Michters Road
Patricia E. Krall to Paul D. and Joy A. Weidman for $15,000.

WS Stiegel Pike, 3875 Stiegel Pike
Plains LPG Services to Crestwood Services LLC for $10.

156 West Reistville Road Lot 1
Amos D. and Bena F. Stoltzfus to John E. and Sadie F. Stoltzfus for $780,000.

120 Horst Road
John L. and Sadie G. Zook to Isaac L. and Ida L. Zook for $425,000.

Quitclaim Deed 340 South Market Street
David and Kathy Horst to Micah Horst for $1.


Jackson Township

924 Houtztown Road
Joyce A. Daub to Samuel Z. and Martha M. Stoltzfus for $335,000.

(UPI #23-2360168-399293-0000)
Emanuel S. and Katie S. Kauffman to Samuel Z. and Martha M. Stoltzfus for $50,000.

422 Gulf Road lot 45
Jeffrey O. and Jalena E. Zeiset to Clyde Z. Martin for $210,000.

54 East Rosebud Road
Joyce A. Stauffer to Isaac and Geneva M. Martin for $200,000.

7 Northgate Avenue Lot 20
Raymond W. and Patricia W. Spohn to Matthew and Melissa Schmidt, Jessica N. Steigerwalt for $197,000.

150 Millardsville Road Lot 9
Bryan Burkholder to Jessica A. Chase for $190,000.

503 West Main Avenue
Carl M. and Mae G. Zimmerman to Angel J. and Jennifer Rodriguez for $155,000.

Jonestown Borough


5 East Market Street
Ernest and Cindy L. Getz Jr. to Cindy L. Getz for $1.

Millcreek Township

112 Sweetwater Lane Lot 389
M. Roderic and Jamie MacCallum to M. Roderic and Jamie MacCallum for $1.

214 South Millbach Road
Daniel L. and Edna M. Peachey to Mary E. Zimmerman for $535,260.

18 Evergreen Way Lot 307
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk to Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk for $1.

North Cornwall Township


10 Greystone Crossing Lot 79
Narrows Glen Inc. to Jessica Ames, Trevor Jose for $278,800.

1325 Greiner Street
Marie Boehler Estate, Kim L. Shay to Jason R. and Hillary J. Leedy Sr., Nora S. Kreiser for $173,000.

22 Stoneleigh Drive
Stuart B. and Stephanie F. Hanford Jr. to Stuart B. and Stephanie F. Hanford Jr. for $1.

2128 Acorn Court Lot 44
Manjit Singh, Baljit Kaur to Roselyn Boahene for $140,000.

628 Pondside Lane Lot 188
Matthew D. and Amy S. Stohrer to Lori A. and Douglas L. Corcoran for $258,000.

68 Creekside Drive Lot 100
Narrows Glen Inc. to Odette A. G. Ramos, Pedro O. R. Rodriguez for $287,226.

110 Tiverton Court
Sara L. Autenrieth to Kasey M. Daley for $239,500.

North Lebanon Township

721 Weavertown Road
Jamison R. and Crystal L. Wiles to Jamison R. Wiles for $1.

2607 East Cumberland Street
Natalie P. Showers to Ryan L. and Janissa N. Stauffer for $70,000.

910 Poplar Lane
Keith S. MacGregor Estate, Jennifer D. MacGregor to Adam and Angie Gonzalez for $240,000.

2934 Tunnel Hill Road and 3002 Tunnel Hill Road Lot Addition
Seth and Shavhan Weaver to Matthew D. and Jennifer L. Creter for $18,000.

2934 Tunnel Hill Road
Seth and Shavhan Weaver to Seth and Shavhan Weaver for $1.

1597 Colonial Circle Lot 20
Jeffrey L. and Amanda L. Arnold to Kenyatta and Tatiana Young for $299,900.

1792 Ashton Drive
Patricia A. and Herman W. Dundore to Yokelys P. Susana, Leydi D. J. A. D. Paulino for $199,900.

9119 Sweetbay Lane Unit 15
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Landmark Builders Inc., Landmark Homes to Victor D. and Yvette Flores for $288,700.

411 Orchid Circle Unit 147
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to John G. and Paula S. Pacelli for $74,400.

North Londonderry Township


1019 King Street Lot 20
Craig J. and Kayla Leiberher to Timothy F. Fitzpatrick for $224,900.

2 Westford Drive Lot 194
Susan and Vincenzo Lobello to Basu and Sushila Dhakal for $520,000.

96 Lewis Road
Glen E. and Constance M. Sweinhart to Glen E. Sweinhart for $1.

1 Jan Dale Drive Lot 12
Wendy A. DAgostino to Christopher M. Emlet for $219,000.

105 Barrington Court Plot 128
Jacqueline M. Dando to Lesley A. and Michael B. Rollins Jr. for $145,000.

52 Lexington Drive Lot 134
Jesse D. Markle, Julie M. Tobias to Jesse D. and Julie M. Markle for $1.

818 West Elm Street Lot 37
Michael R. and Shannon M. Patterson to Ranga L. and Sumitra Humagain for $276,000.

15 Augusta Drive Lot 9
Edward C. and Michele Graff to Hemil Maniar, Neha Sinha for $383,000.

301 Cambridge Court Plot 105
Wallace R. and Phyllis A. Conway to Wallace R., Phyllis A., and G. Scot Conway for $1.

1043 East Maple Street Lot 29 Section E
Sheri A. and Laura A. Rhoads to Sheri A. Rhoads for $1.

1039 East Cherry Street
Maureen L. Casey to Maureen Sweeney for $1.

48 Brunswick Lane Lot 76
Myra J. Hostetler Estate, Donna L. Brightbill to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $163,000.

Palmyra Borough

950 East Maple Street Lot 53 F
Jason and Anastasia M. Stancil to Landon K. Musser, Kendra M. Sheaffer for $140,000.

126 Braeburn Way Lot 40
Lori A. and Douglas L. Corcoran to Chanju Fritch for $200,000.

63 Bartlett Circle Lot 105
Matthew D. and Ashley R. Grams to Thomas M. Blazi, Christine M. Rhodes for $325,000.

623 West Pine Street
Wallace R. and Phyllis A. Conway to Wallace R., Phyllis A., and G. Scot Conway for $1.

230 North Railroad Street
David Wagner to Michael Wagner, Elizabeth Dreibelbis for $0.

131 College Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertelli to Jeffrey Kennedy for $75,000.

South Annville Township


328 Quittie Park Drive Lot 76
Richard M. and Kaitlin L. Feldenzer to Stephen J. and Katrina A. Medvidik for $249,995.

Lot 3 (UPI #29-2312580-363128-0000)
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $216,331.

Lot 4 (UPI #29-2312559-363117-0000)
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $210,737.

1229 Royal Road
Joseph and Nancy Harrison to Mark Kearney for $95,000.

420 Smith Lane Lot 3
Matthew S. and Susan M. Umbenhauer to Matthew S. Umbenhauer for $1.

(UPI #29-2302638-360295-0000)
MFS Inc. to Hershey Company for $9,269,000.

South Lebanon Township

811 South 1st Avenue Lot 15
Adam D. and Rachel M. Ulrich to Tori B. and Miles Dissinger for $199,900.

1011 South First Avenue
Albert K. and Patricia A. Kehler to Patricia A. Kehler for $1.

1011 South First Avenue
Patricia A. Kehler to Randall L., Timothy S., and Bruce A. Kehler for $1.

1626 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Luis D. and Diana Hernandez for $617,518.

109 Fox Road Lot 4
Lavon B. and Rachel F. Hoover to Kendall S. Weaver for $200,000.

2102 Allegheny Avenue Lot 5
Everbank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $10.

1630 Cambridge Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to James H. and Christine B. Everett for $383,129.

29 Evergreen Road
G & S Investments to Steven W. Stein for $120,000.

505 Adam Drive
Seth M. and Carolyn M. Reifsnyder to Randy M. Ferree, Jessica A. Kloiber for $194,900.

South Londonderry Township


2430 South Forge Road
Matthew Epler to Craig J. and Kayla Leiberher for $200,000.

609 Springbrook Drive Unit 59
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Jeffry W. and Mary J. Walls for $407,551.

9 North Village Circle Unit 134
Quinn and Lindsay Gable to Siravuth Kim for $204,500.

8001 Colebrook Road
Bryon L. and Julia M. Beaver to Aaron and Amy Dripps for $369,900.

459 Graystone Court Lot 94
Randy J. and Tonya R. Blazina to Randy J. Blazina for $0.

349 Stone Harvest Way Lot 38
Winston L. and Elsie M. Heisey to Amanda M. and Debra K. Farese for $1.

87 Harvest Hill Lane Unit 56
Christine M. Rhodes to Emily Scicchitano for $185,000.

19 Manor Circle Lot 34 Block C
Nathan J. and Courtney C. Zechman to Troy D. and McKenzie K. Murphey for $300,000.

Union Township

16 Marsanna Lane
Star Hotel to V Tree Hospitality LLC for $4,000,000.

29 Plymouth Drive Lot 57
Darrell Houser to Darrell C. and Wendy S. Houser for $1.

West Cornwall Township


301 Bell Avenue Lot 12
Fred D. and Valerie E. Swarr to Kenneth A. Storck for $370,000.

43 North Lebanon Street Lot 23
Jo Ann Beard to Alison M. Beard for $112,000.

101 Pine Avenue Lot 53 and Part of Lot 54
Rachel Adams, Brent Hodge to Joshua G. and Deena R. Golgowski for $220,000.

501 State Route 117
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Edward J. Daniels, William B. Dingeldein for $235,000.

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