Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

141 North Moyer Street Lots 100 and 101
Steven C. and Susan M. Zehring to Brenda K. Dodson for $225,000.

352 South Beaver Street
Elizabeth S. Wible to Deborah L. Wible for $1.

436 West Queen Street
James K. Hiles to Francisco D. S. DeJesus for $170,000.

53 Union Crest Drive Lot 24
Eric J. and Autumn A. Kline to Garland J. Monceaux III for $350,000.

441 East Main Street
Bonnie M. and Gordon G. Gerber Jr., Amy J. and Mateo G. Coronado to Lee L. Ngau for $139,900.

742 and 744 East Main Street
Sound Advantage Inc. to Synergy Health Development for $212,000.

Bethel Township

534 Greble Road Lot 8
Robert P. Fourman Jr. Estate, Robert P. Fourman Sr. to South Ramona 100 Real Estate LLC for $47,000.

16 Creek Drive Lot 79
Jennifer M. Shutter to Jennifer M. and Kevin K. Dobson for $1.

132 North Mechanic Street
Sheila D. Gassert, Dianne L. Barcynski to Kordell R. Zimmerman for $87,500.

WS Legionaire Drive Lot 2 Etc.
United States Cold Storage to Bell and Evans Realty II for $6,750,000.

140 Farmers Drive Lot 3
Paul M. and Miriam F. Freed to Freed Family Trust, Paul M. and Miriam F. Freed for $1.

City of Lebanon

234 Chestnut Street
Danielle Walters to Maria Helwig for $120,000.

358 North Harrison Avenue
Paula M. Pesta to Juan C. Sandoval for $69,000.

447 North Third Avenue
Jose C. Garcia, Doris A. Rodriguez to Friendship Apartments and Rentals for $60,000.

418 Walton Street
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Dean R. and Deborah M. Willeman for $64,000.

1320 Oak Street
Abdiel and Kristi Rodriguez to Bioagility for $176,000.

1103 Forest Street
Ronald A. and Michelle M. Trautman to Alex C. Trautman for $120,000.

333 East Mifflin Street
Christopher M. and Joy A. Pastal to Margaret L. Fortna for $75,000.

1544 Oak Street
David K. and Christie L. Johnson to Harrison R. Blauch, Heather R. Davidson for $172,000.

812 Lehman Street
Keysha S. and Michael Scott to Belliard Realty Inc. for $55,500.

374 North Partridge Street
Nicolas and Isabel Causillas to Rafael N. Causillas, Mirna G. O. Ramos for $1.

342 South 6th Street
Mena Rezk to Jasinia and Tasha A. Cruz for $140,000.

124 East Weidman Street
Troy S. and Tina M. Custer to Amanda G. and Jeffrey T. Wolf for $75,000.

211 South 9th Street
Diane R. McKinney to Gabriel Martin for $61,000.

1626 Elm Street Lot 27
Trent A. Peffley to Devan S. Waibel for $180,000.

37 and 41 South 9th Street
S. Manki Corp to S. Manki Corp for $1.

602 Cornwall Road
Stone Real Estate to Joshua T. and Valarie C. Weaber for $200,000.

301 Guilford Street
Starr Property Solutions LLC to Jorge A. R. Mejias for $159,900.

140 South 8th Street
Robert J. Hummelbaugh to Starr War Properties LLC for $20,000.

316 Lehman Street
Roberto M. Vargas, Rosiris D. Garcia to Carmen Pena for $99,000.

118 Pershing Avenue
Starr War Properties to Dylan C. and Kate Evans for $125,000.

1017 Mifflin Street
Mikhail M. Pidgorodetskiy, MPL Home Buyers to Rafael A. C. Cruz for $110,000.

540 North 10th Street
Starr War Properties to Carlos C. B. Gonzalez for $90,000.

209 North Twelfth
Genoveva Toribio to Wilfredo Santiago, Janera Sanchez for $32,500.

1538 Lafayette Street
Steven E. Dice to Zuleyka M. Verges for $159,900.

331 North 11th Street
Jessica L. Finkle, Justin M. Blymier to for $1.

306 Cumberland Street
Howard Asher, Ronald and David Braverman to Nabil Yagoubi, Elsie G. Sanchez for $200,000.

306 East Cumberland Street
William J. Shay Jr. to Brent R. and Emma P. Firestine for $166,500.

104 Lehman Street
MPL Home Buyers to Gareth L. Fisher for $37,500.

23 East Pershing Avenue
Hailey Carangelo to William M. Camacho, Marisol R. Torres for $175,000.

Cleona Borough

420 East Chestnut Street Part of Lots 347 and 348
Cathy and Donald E. Martin, Elaine and Stephen N. Hartman, Marilyn E. Mease to Alexandra E. Davis, Michael Nelson for $205,000.

221 West Walnut Street
Jeremy T. and Kali A. Reb to Carissa A. Rios, Abigail E. Rosado for $189,900.

231 West Locust Street
Elliott G. Sheriff to Morgan G. Myers for $160,000.

603 East Penn Avenue
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Starr War Properties for $127,000.

20 West Penn Avenue
William and Debra Bering Sr. to James O. and Christine W. Hagan for $162,575.

Cornwall Borough

2548 Cornwall Road
Greg Miller, Kendra J. Parmarter to Carlos A. L. Dominguez, Kenia G. Ricardo for $159,900.

1046 Bell Tower Drive Unit 437
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Robert M. and Susan W. Booth for $311,053.

1070 Alden Way Unit 116
John H. and Michelle A. Paolella to Mario D. and Rosemary Graziano for $427,500.

1620 Bayberry Court
Matthew H. Pflieger to Matthew H. and Cheryl L. Pflieger for $1.

2496 Cornwall Road Lot A 21
David M. Casterline to Ronald J. and Joy E. Shirk for $185,000.

1237 Mosaic Drive Unit 388
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Henry G. S. and Rose M. Schierl for $326,745.

East Hanover Township

10 Sherks Church Road Lot 7A
JAG Construction Services LLC to Sanimir Masic, Lorna E. Saez for $290,000.

Heidelberg Township

2428 South 5th Avenue
Sigmund and Steve A. Shyda Jr., Rose M. and Ralph Breidigan to Joseph M. and Jessie L. Blogovich for $250,000.

101 North Market Street
Matthew R. and Melinda S. Peiffer to F. H. Schaefferstown for $350,000.

107 High Street Lot 6
Patricia A. Kreitzer to William R. and Amy B. Herr for $1.

148 Michters Road
Marshall T. Musser to Marshall T. and Veronica J. Musser for $1.

Jackson Township

496 Kutztown Road
John H. and Bonita L. Deurer to Robert L. Reed, Emma M. Heisler for $140,000.

SS Elco Drive
Laura G. Weaver Estate, Melvin and Paul Weaver to Jonas S. and Katie L. Zook for $1,830,000.

15 Wartluft Road
Laura G. Weaver Estate, Melvin and Paul Weaver to John M. and Naomi J. Lapp for $400,000.

450 Yeagley Road
Esther Z. Yeakley Estate, Shirley Henly, Barbara Stauffer, Linda Craun to Lorraine H. and Kristel R. Keller for $250,000.

24 Oak Tree Lane Lot 5
Joyce I. Grimes Estate, Lisa A. Filter to Schelman Investments LLC for $213,000.

1030 North College Street
Stephanie M. and Jason L. Wagner to Virgil D. Martin for $130,000.

113 Oaken Way Lot 5
James P. and Jennifer Newton to Gregory J. and Megan E. Hanichak for $337,000.

606 East Lincoln Avenue
Karen Hertzog to Philip and Patrice Schaffer for $101,000.

110 Krall Road
Joseph A. Keller to Lorraine H. Keller for $1.

35 Rosemont Drive Lot 317 Block C
Baohong Tai to Romeo J. and Gloria J. Pettinelli for $196,900.

Jonestown Borough

32 East Market Street Lot 130
Charles K. Winklebleck Estate, Kim L. Swoyer to Kim L. and Karl Swoyer for $1.

Millcreek Township

111 North Kalbach Road
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin to Lester M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Esther Z. Martin Revocable Trust, Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $1.

209 South Sheridan Road
Robert E. Sitler to Andrew M. Kirby for $180,000.

28 Meadow Drive Lot 457
Randall W. and Christine L. Conger to John F. and Gail B. Nichols for $230,500.

E of Stricklerstown Road
Leon Sensenig to Benjamin Z. and Miriam S. Lapp for $100,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

NS Lancaster Avenue
John Heilshorn to Gilbert S. Feinberg, Nadeen V. Tuyle for $79,000.

418 Yale Avenue Lots 1429 and 1430
Rosemary E. Williams to Susanne M. Bailey, Tracey L. Beck for $238,000.

Myerstown Borough

101 South College Street
Larry R. and Ellen M. Kramer to Tyler M. and Ashley S. Fusner for $172,000.

244 East Main Avenue
Herman F. Hower Jr. to Ryan S. and Brittany N. Risser for $200,000.

209 North Railroad Street
Alan G. Balthaser to Courtney E. and Daniel J. Becker for $174,900.

12 East Maple Avenue
Daniel M. Landis to Emma L. Mathias, William E. Swartz Jr. for $139,999.

220 South Railroad Street
Mark M. and Tammy S. Landis Jr. to Jason A. and Sara E. Shwalm for $430,000.

North Annville Township

3090 Water Works Way
Shawn R. Reigert to Jackie L. Frattaroli for $145,000.

730 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Dennis L. and Jennifer N. Shirk Jr. to Dennis L. and Jennifer N. Shirk Jr. for $0.

1712 Blacks Bridge Road Quit Claim Deed
U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Dwelling Properties IV for $10.

1746 Thompson Avenue
Mark E. and Debra A. Bomgardner to Thomas J. Toolan IV for $219,000.

2766 Cedar Run Road
Vincent J. and Margaret A. Wattai to Edward C. Jorgenson for $299,000.

430 Kauffman Road
Debra J. Daurelio to Lesa M. and Michael D. Kaiser for $235,000.

3855 Hill Church Road
Joan E. Cousins to Keith D. and Faithe M. Wagner for $216,200.

North Cornwall Township

729 Farmwood Lane Unit 75
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Keith E. and Debra J. Stickler for $174,060.

216 South Eighteenth Street
Adam and Angie M. Gonzalez to Edison R. C. Santos, Nataly C. Figueroa for $175,000.

51 South 19th Street
Stephen M. Adams Estate, Kenneth P. Adams to Dane M. Kramer for $114,000.

731 Farmwood Lane Lot 76
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jomar M. R. Marrero, Franchesca A. Quiles for $197,285.

2104 and 2106 Walnut Street
Gary T. and Lucinda A. Matthew to Donald L. and Sandra A. Podjed for $90,000.

800 Rex Avenue Lot 30
Patricia C. Meade to Timothy and Annette L. Zell for $232,000.

409 Davis Lane Lot 43
Sandra L. and Robert W. Cole to Sandra L. Cole for $1.

1536 Wheatfield Lane Lot 33
Muhammad S. and Rakhmat B. Malik to Juan and Maria D. F. D. Suarez for $310,000.

24 Greystone Crossing Lot 98
Narrows Glen Inc. to Brandon M. and Alexandra J. McLean for $296,910.

76 Creekside Drive
Narrows Glen Inc. to Patricia Herschkowitz for $289,598.

118 Blackford Boulevard Lot 23 Corrective Deed
Springwood Development Partnership LP to North Cornwall Commons Apartments LLC for $1.

(UPI #26-2340336-357225-0000) Lot 2 Corrective Deed
Springwood Development Partners to Byler Real Estate Holdings for $1.

426 Millbridge Drive Lot 15
Irma N. Deiderick Estate, Irma Deiderick Estate, Brian L. Deiderick to Heather M. King for $337,000.

North Lebanon Township

859 Marcon Drive Lot 92
Stanford C. Dunk Estate, Barry L. Dunk to Steven C. and Susan M. Zehring for $286,000.

929 Redwood Lane Quit Claim Deed
Kole L. Reist to Kole L. Reist for $10.

125 Troutman Drive Lot 8
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin to Lester M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Esther Z. Martin Revocable Trust, Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $1.

180 Halfway Drive
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin to Lester M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Esther Z. Martin Revocable Trust, Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $1.

85 Grubb Avenue
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin to Lester M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Esther Z. Martin Revocable Trust, Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $1.

215 Grubb Avenue
Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin to Lester M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Esther Z. Martin Revocable Trust, Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $1.

175 Strack Drive
Thomas L. Moody Jr. to Thomas L. Moody Jr. for $1.

16 Creek Drive
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Crossings at Sweetbriar Homeowners Association for $1.

1335 1/2 Sandhill Road
Ralph B. and Marva L. Rhode to Gareth L. Fisher for $80,000.

1605 Jody Avenue Lot 2
Heidi F. and Daniel G. Berg to Alexander R. Dragon for $135,000.

1504 Rolling Meadow Road
Michael T. Greenawalt to Brett S. and Jennifer L. Young for $334,900.

906 Kimmerlings Road
MTW Partners to Wagner Apartments LLC for $430,000.

14 Brookfield Drive Lot 69
Donald D. and Cynthia R. Shiner to Robert M. and Elizabeth A. Daubert for $255,000.

1460 Old Hickory Lane Lot 7
Central Penn Capital Management LLC to Justin R. Stamm for $197,500.

1971 Water Street
Frederick C. Laurenzo to Roman and Urszula Maleszewski for $465,000.

1523 North 7th Street
Tina A. Ling to Frank W. and Denise Schweser for $176,000.

204 Heffelfinger Road
Nicole M. Krum to Shaun E. and Karen E. Buch for $180,000.

1690 Heilmandale Road
Rhoda K. Lauver to Michael A. and Sherri L. Blouch for $310,000.

1208 Lochwood Drive Lot 131
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Michael G. and June M. Sakelarides for $58,900.

1149 Cappa Avenue
Jeremiah Zimmerman to Brandon M. Whitman, Amanda K. Quinn for $255,000.

North Londonderry Township

1404 Cambridge Court Plot 269
Charlene N. Dardaris to Paul and Tammy Friendshuh for $173,000.

1005 Cambridge Court Plot 314
Araxie K. College Estate, Sue Lehmer to Charles C. College for $1.

220 Cambridge Court Plot 29
Joseph V. Morton Revocable Living Trust, Marie E. Morton Revocable Living Trust, Joseph V. Morton Marital Trust, Marie E. Morton Marital Trust, Joseph V. Morton Family Trust, Marie E. Morton Family Trust, Rebbeca A. Pottmeyer to Jacob E. Lewis for $185,000.

26 Shady Lane Building 2 Unit 1
Robert J. and Stacey Slagan to Elizabeth M. Erickson for $167,000.

1271 South Prince Street Lot 50
Larry J. and Jennifer J. Keener to Jennifer J. Keener for $1.

500 Plaza Drive
Wilbur C. Kreiser Revocable Living Trust, Rena F. Kreiser Revocable Living Trust, David W. and Daniel W. Kreiser, Diane K. Zorn to Aaron D. and Erin M. Wachter for $194,500.

48 Waterford Lane
Anna and Kent Kelley to Lawrence D. and Alexandra Fol for $429,900.

442 Gravel Hill Road Corrective Deed
Charles E., Dennis J., and Miriam A. Runkle to Roy D. and Beverly A. Shirk for $147,000.

1078 South Prince Street Lot 14
Gregory S. and Mary M. McQuinn to Nanci J. B. Carpenter for $175,000.

52 Brunswick Lane Lot 77
Joshua S. and Scott Nye to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $155,000.

1230 East Main Street
1230 East Main LLC to PDC Property Holdings One for $395,000.

60 Shady Lane Building 14 Unit 2
Margaret A. Conforti to Peter J. Hansson for $155,000.

210 Oxford Road Lot 54
Patrick C. and Kristin M. Sweeney to Prabhakar and Pranesh Kadariya for $360,000.

125 Pickwick Circle Lot 60 Quit Claim Deed
Kristy J. Schultz, Scott Werkheiser to Scott D. and Kristy J. Werkheiser for $1.

712 Pajabon Drive Lot 26
Brian C. Krause, Cynthia R. Nye to Christopher B. and Amanda M. Irvin for $305,577.

112 Clover Lane Lot 39
Parag C. Pendharkar to Parag Pendharkar Living Trust for $1.

Palmyra Borough

329 North College Street
Maria R. Whitman to Megan Grunden for $139,000.

37 West Cherry Street
Clay T. and Paige E. Rice to Michael G. and Sara A. Miller for $220,000.

63 Corland Xing Lot 18
Weaver H. R. Building Systems Inc. to Vijaykumar M. and Shilpabahen V. Patel for $232,431.

126, 127, and 128 East Maple Street Part of Lots 12 and 14
Phillip J. and Merry A. Civello to Andrew J. and Ashley M. Shearer for $329,000.

200 East Ridge Road Lot 95 and Part of Lot 94
Alan L. Jackson to Casey E. McCloskey, Michaela L. Nauman for $157,000.

952 East Maple Street Lot 50
BD Investment Group to Carsten Management for $1,000,000.

2 Sycamore Lane Lot 38
Linda J. Goodhart to Mark A. Smith for $220,000.

155 Winesap Lane Lot 25
Rebecca C. Sheriff to Frederick D. and Angela N. Dietz for $319,500.

413, 414, 415, and 415A Rear West Main Street
Benjamin S. and Summer A. Miller to RW Marketing Limited Liability Company for $230,000.

406 South Railroad Street
Vincenzo and Susan Lobello to Leon Mireles, Alejandra M. R. Jimenez for $225,000.

125 South Hetrick Avenue Lots 70, 71, and 72
John J. and James F. McHale Jr. to Joshua and Emily Weidman for $185,000.

Richland Borough

1 Chestnut Street
Shaun and Kristina Stover to Shaun Stover, Ashli L. Kupp for $1.

South Annville Township

551 Old Mount Gretna Road
Sage G. S. Reed to Sarah J. and Elaine M. Mason, Ashton M. Hess for $290,000.

46 Blue Jay Way Lot 50
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossings, Landmark Builders Inc. to Adam E. Penn, Ambili A. Prasad for $400,000.

649 Fieldstone Drive Lot 87
Gardel, Pine Hill at Lebanon to Christopher and Lisa A. Morelli for $394,000.

779 Palm Avenue
David B. Hott to Jeremy Rehm for $90,000.

958 Mount Wilson Road
Ray B. and Vivian M. Mayopoulos Jr. to Dominic J. Mattis for $195,000.

(UPI #29-2311947-363076-0000) Unit 34
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Darlene Schuck for $228,007.

464 Fieldstone Drive Lot 49
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Adam D. and Caitlin H. Garrison for $389,990.

South Lebanon Township

588 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 21
Hess Home Builders Inc. to Sabri K. Elsayed, Eslam Eltanbari for $175,000.

918 Noble Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Edshyel Y. L. Martinez for $155,000.

550 East High Street
Matthew D. and Lindsey A. Montano to Matthew D. Montano for $10.

290 Homestead Drive Lot 27
Amber R. and Brian C. Horn to Brian C. Horn for $1.

106 East Poplar Street
Brent R. Firestine, Emma Pacheco to Harold B. and Denise P. Fravel III for $200,000.

12 Wheatstone Lane Lot 49
Joshua D. and Samantha Koch to Meneleo Y. Canete for $160,000.

1 Werni Drive Lot 110
Mark and Erica Noll to Gregory and Michelle R. C. Moyer for $199,000.

South Londonderry Township

280 Lyndel Drive Lot 116
Natasha K. and James C. Miller to Robert E. and Kelly S. S. Kulp for $344,000.

650 Springbrook Drive Unit 37
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Andrew L. and Diane E. Marsala for $364,046.

277 Coachman Lane Lot 104
Travis L. Goebel to Matthew T. Swulius, Debrah P. McKinney for $317,500.

22 Stafford Drive Lot 31
Daniel J. Morgan, Josee Guindon to Daniel J. Morgan for $1.

1901 and 1901A South Forge Road Lot 47
Nancy L. and Richard C. Gates to LCSheriff Inc. for $32,000.

109 South Village Circle Unit 169
Springbrook Farms Inc., Brookwood Drive Associates, E. G. Stoltzfus Homes to James H. Nguyen for $294,556.

132 Barnwell Lane
Benjamin E. and Debra L. Miller to Brian K. Nowotnik for $430,000.

63 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 61
Jeanne M. Mangin to Emily R. and Timothy A. Mee for $207,000.

177 Lawn Road
Chad D. and Erin Nolan to Dalton R. Tonkin, Laura K. Dupler for $225,000.

Swatara Township

329 Cindy Drive Lot 82
Keith E. and Debra J. Stickler to Brandon A. Mays, Emily A. Varela for $159,000.

(UPI #32-2324511-394193-0000)
Henry J. and Mildred I. Arnold Jr. to Sharon L. Wartluft for $1.

150 Lighthouse Drive Lot 14
Robert W. Bradford to Robert W. Bradford, Molly E. Poticher for $153,672.

75 Wildflower Circle Lot 113
Andrew C. and Shannon L. Fink to Anthony W. and Kristyn E. Demsko for $380,000.

309 Lighthouse Drive Lot 27
Matilda S. Phillippy to Thomas E. and Robin L. Weekley for $155,000.

Union Township

470 Jonestown Road Corrective Deed
Jerome E. Hutter Jr. to V. Harikrishna Inc. for $1.

(UPI #33-2316720-395445-0000) Lot 1
Ray E. and Joyce A. Lausch to Lebanon Federal Credit Union for $300,000.

West Cornwall Township

WS Quentin Road
Cody Gosch to Daniel Morrissey for $72,600.

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