Obituaries are published at no charge to local funeral homes. Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

Christman’s Funeral Home

Eleanor S. (Stellar) Shiner (1931-2020)

Joseph F. “Slick” Massar (1950-2020)

Sandra E. (Klohr) Smith (1943-2020)

Florence M. (Moyer) Gettle (1931-2020)

Norman J. McGuire, Jr. (1950-2020)

Michael A. Shay, Sr. (1959-2020)

Clauser Funeral Home

Eva Z. Brubaker (1929-2020)

Charles S. Sheaffer (1955-2020)

Julia M. Martin (1970-2020)

Peter S. Lehman (1934-2020)

Aaron K. Lantz (1944-2020)

Grose Funeral Home

Paul E. Garrison (1930-2020)

Arthur J. Pond (1941-2020)

Elsie M. Brightbill (1932-2020)

Lillian Dingeldein (1931-2020)

Stephen Scott Spangler (1962-2020)

Winifred E. Powell (1930-2020)

Isabel L. Heim (1931-2020)

Robert M. “Bob” Bensing, Sr. (1931-2020)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Harry (“Lee”) Schrum, Jr. (1935-2020)

Elizabeth M. Streicher (1927-2020)

Janet M. “Sis” Werner (1937-2020)

Paul W. Hitz, Jr. (1951-2020)

Anna Mary Dusman (1927-2020)

Richard L. Schriver (1931-2020)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Clara E. Zimmers (1934-2020)

Lottie W. Oponski (1921-2020)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bohr (1933-2020)

Margaret E. “Peggy” Tobias (1926-2020)

Mary Ellen Stauffer (1944-2020)

Elizabeth M. Streicher (1927-2020)

Marilyn J. Snyder (1955-2020)

Rohland Funeral Home

Clarence E. “Butch” Fidler (1942-2020)


Herbert W. Fogleman, Jr. (1961-2020)

Bette Jane Taraschi (1951-2020)

Alzina M. (Treible) Butler (1938-2020)

Augustine E. Scheier (1944-2020)

Thompson Funeral Home

Ann T. Kury (1920-2020)

Jonathan Valcourt-Irizarry (1982-2020)

Susan Lynn Rodriquez (1950-2020)

Harry L. Weddle, Jr. (1947-2020)

Akiko Vardzik (1934-2020)

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