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Christman’s Funeral Home

Kim H. “Kimmie” (Machamer) Gardner (1955-2021)

Clauser Funeral Home

Ada Z. Martin (1925-2021)

Donald P. Moore (1947-2021)

Mervin S. Brubaker (1946-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Mary Ellen Hackman (1931-2021)

Kevin K. Hostetter (1984-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Angela C. Funk (1975-2021)

Clara L. McElwee (1926-2021)

Edwin D. Tenney (1937-2021)

Maria Sgroi (1931-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Ronald P. Ditzler (1942-2021)

Rothermel-Finkenbinder Funeral Home

Donna Wolfer (1948-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Allen L. Roof (1938-2021)

Emma M. Lawson (1950-2021)

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