Editor’s Note: Last year, Michael and Nicole Borrell began reviewing Lebanon Valley’s restaurants and eating attractions as the Lebanon Valley Food Critics. Since then, the couple has aimed to offer unbiased reviews of the eating and drinking establishments the Lebanon Valley has to offer. LebTown is pleased to be partnering with LVFC to share these reviews with our readers. Bon appétit!

We are nearing the end to this long, hot summer. It appears we picked a great summer to have our Ice Cream Wars (anytime is a great time to have one). As we have travelled around the Valley, we were looking for the best spots to grab a cool treat.

We complied our top places based on ice cream, menu, venue, value, our impression. So, without further ado, here is our top 5 of the Lebanon Valley.

#5: Frost Bitz – Jonestown

This location has plenty of room for many folks to gather. And they do. From the little leaguers after a game to the families enjoying an evening out. Portion sizes are big. They have Flavor Burst soft serve and various other treat options.

#4: Annie’s Soft Ice Cream – Campbelltown

This walk-up spot offers simple treats with tasty soft serve and Hershey’s hard ice cream. Enjoy the outdoor seating along the now bustling 322 in the small village. Always a good spot for a cool treat.

Raub’s Twin Kiss – Myerstown

A variety of treats adorn this menu, including some fruitful sweet indulgences. They offer a limited rotation of soft serve flavors. There is a play area for the family to enjoy out back.

#2: The Pretzel Hut – Schaefferstown

A varied rotation of soft serve and a simple menu of sundaes and shakes. And they make a nice soft pretzel. The petting zoo outback is fun for the kiddos. But watch out, as one critic found out, the goats love to eat dresses.

#1: Rainbow Snow – Palmyra

This walk-up spot offers the charm of a small-town dessert hangout. From the ice cream to the frozen ice, you are getting top quality with reasonable prices. Outdoor seating to the back to enjoy your treat.

Below are our recommendations for an Ice Cream stop outside the Valley. If you happen to be driving through the area, or are up for a road trip, you won’t be disappointed by these spots.

Plum Creek Farm Market & Creamery – Bernville. This is not an ice cream spot. This is a destination. There is a reason why we drive 45 minutes to visit. The ice cream is top notch. They rotate 2 different soft serve flavors each month. And they make pineapple soft serve…My absolute favorite. This is the best around!

Fox Meadow Creamery – Clay. This place almost has it all. Homemade ice cream, wide menu, unique frozen treats, a family play area. The only thing not here is soft serve. This is an ice cream destination, which is the place is always busy.

3 Bs Ice Cream – Harrisburg area. Specializing in hard ice cream and frozen treats. The portion sizes are amazing. They have several locations throughout the Harrisburg metro area.

Susquehanna Soft Serve – Liverpool. Monthly rotation of soft serve flavors. This spot along 11/15 is worth it every time. It’s a nice halfway treat on the drive from Lebanon to Williamsport.

Nottingham Inn Kitchen & Creamery – Nottingham. Serving hard ice cream and sundaes, this spot has some creamy delectable treats. And the Herr’s factory is right across the street.

We had fun during the latest “Wars” event. It is soon time for our next one, “Wing Wars” Season Two! Which will begin after our vacation. We are still compiling our entrants for the second season. Who should be competing this season. Email us at lvfoodcritics@outlook.com or message us on Facebook to let know who we should include.

If you have a restaurant you would like us to visit or review, whether a place you like or are nervous to try, please message us on Facebook or email lvfoodcritics@outlook.com and let us know. We thank everyone for the recommendations and the kind words we have received.