In an extraordinary tale of unwavering dedication and lasting impact, Jerry Higley, the Executive Director of True Life Youth Ministries, formerly known as Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ (YFC), has been transforming the lives of countless young people for an incredible 45 years. We invite you to delve into the captivating story of Jerry Higley, a seasoned youth minister, and his enduring passion for the next generation.

Since 1978, one man’s unwavering dedication has been shaping the lives of countless young people in the Lebanon Valley. Meet Jerry Higley, the passionate Executive Director of True Life Youth Ministries, formerly known as Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ (YFC). Jerry’s remarkable story takes us on a journey from a dairy farm in Potter County to becoming a seasoned youth minister with an enduring commitment to the next generation.

Jerry’s love for working with young people was sparked during his family’s move to Virginia, where they served at a children’s camp during his 9th-grade year. Those summers spent at various camps in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even Alaska further solidified his calling to youth ministry. After completing his education at Lancaster Bible College and Talbot Theological Seminary, Jerry’s journey as the executive director of Lebanon Valley YFC began. Humorously, he recalls starting at the top with just a part-time secretary as his staff.

Under Jerry’s leadership, True Life has blossomed into a significant youth ministry that impacts hundreds of kids in the Lebanon Valley. But Jerry remains humble, attributing the growth not to his skills alone but to the conscious decision of the leadership team to follow biblical principles and seek God’s guidance. This approach has led to God’s blessings and remarkable expansion.

Throughout the past 45 years, Jerry has been a witness to countless “God things” unfolding within True Life. Lives transformed, miraculous events, and the ministry’s growth have surpassed his wildest imaginations. His love for kids and youth ministry remains undiminished, as he continues to be moved by their stories, their struggles, and their need for Jesus. Jerry’s dedication to youth ministry goes beyond a job; it’s his profound calling.

Surprisingly, Jerry’s dedication doesn’t end with youth ministry alone. At the age of 60, he discovered a love for running. This newfound passion mirrors the grit, dedication, and faith that have characterized his lifelong career. In the past eight years, Jerry has qualified for the Boston Marathon eight times and completed the marathon three times – a testament to his tenacity and determination.

Behind every great man is a great woman, and Jerry acknowledges the incredible support he receives from his dear wife, Karen. Her wisdom and encouragement have played a pivotal role in Jerry’s journey, making their partnership a true pillar of strength.

As True Life continues to grow, its latest endeavor, the True Life Youth Center, stands as a testament to its ambitious vision. Thanks to a generous gift from the congregation of Christ Presbyterian Church, the historic 150-year-old building near the entrance to Coleman’s Park in Lebanon will soon be transformed into a haven for the community’s youth. Designed to cater to the needs of today’s young people, the center will provide a safe space for them to connect, build relationships, and discover their potential through Jesus.

However, to turn this vision into reality, support from the community is vital. With a goal of $2.1 million for the True Life Youth Center, every effort, prayer, and dollar invested will have a profound impact on the lives of the youth in the community. The capital campaign has already reached an impressive 74.5% of its goal, with the aim of moving into the True Life Youth Center debt-free by the end of September.

As Jerry reflects on his journey, he sees God’s hand at every turn. His unshakable faith in God’s abilities and his love for Jesus and the kids he serves continue to inspire. Now, as True Life embarks on this transformative project, Jerry extends an invitation to the community to be part of this beautiful story. Every contribution, big or small, has the power to build hope in the lives of young people and shape the future of the community.

The True Life team, under Jerry’s guidance, is committed to creating a legacy of hope that will impact generations to come. Their mission is to build a community of young lives changed by Jesus Christ. The journey may have been long, but Jerry Higley’s dedication serves as an inspiration to us all. Together, let us invest in the future of our youth and continue to build a community where young lives are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

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