At the former address of a beloved Lebanon restaurant, a new business is under construction: a T-Mobile store.

Contracting work on the site has begun, including the demolition of the original building and clearing of rubble. LebTown reviewed T-Mobile’s plans for the site filed at North Cornwall Township earlier this month.

The telecommunications company did not respond to a request for comment about when the store might be schedule to open.

Pete’s Pizza, named for owner Paolo “Pete” Martorana, shuttered in the spring of 2018 after Martorana’s death months earlier. At the time of its closing, the property had already been sold. Deconstruction of the building began earlier this year.

The plan had been originally to preserve some of the original walls, which stood alone on the property some time before finally being torn down in May. The walls had to be taken down because the footers did not pass current safety regulations, but it seems that the new building will still utilize the original footprint of the restaurant.

View the various states of the building below.

A Google Street View shot of Pete’s Pizza in July 2012. The restaurant had been in operation since 1969.
A Google Street View shot of Pete’s Pizza in August 2018, several months after closing.
The front facade in April of 2019, propped up by supports.
The now-empty lot at 1121 Quentin Road. The only remaining trace of the restaurant is the foundation, which will be reused for the T-Mobile store.

Joshua Groh

Josh is a Cornwall native and freelancer with a love of local history and the outdoors.