Obituaries are published at no charge to local funeral homes. Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

Christman’s Funeral Home

Isabelle Alice (Scherb) Luciotti Ebur (1922-2020)

Avis A. (Zimmerman) Noll (1941-2020)

Clauser Funeral Home

Fanny K. Stolzfus (1927-2020)

Tylan Scott Brubaker (2017-2020)

Grose Funeral Home

Mary L. Werth (1921-2020)

Joshua Allen Gerhart (1989-2020)

Nancy A. Smith (1941-2020)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Loraine “Lorraine” Irma Schell (1941-2020)

Martha J. Beard (1919-2020)

Joseph G. Bogan, Jr. (1938-2020)

Dorothea M. Long (1922-2020)

Joyce M. “Billy” Gensemer (1926-2020)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

James R. Hitz (1944-2020)

Barbara M. Gower (1929-2020)

Dorothy M. Wise (1938-2020)

Barry D. Hearn (1969-2020)

Rohland Funeral Home

David D. Sharp (1965-2020)

Lawrence A. Heilman (19452020)

Tina M. Miller (1962-2020)


John William Naugle (1940-2020)

Weide Zhu (1939-2020)

Estina O.V. Luke (1945-2020)

Thompson Funeral Home

Gloria A. Reider (19362020)

Carol L. Page (1969-2020)

Virginia A. Spitler (1938-2020)

Cynthia L. Brown (1956-2020)

Paul J. Kotkas (1964-2020)

Samuel M. Samsel, Sr. (1959-2020)

Leon John Skillman (1928-2020)

Judith A. Souders (1943-2020)

Obituaries published in partnership with local funeral homes. If you are interested in having a loved one’s obituary run for free on this website, please ask the funeral director to contact us at


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